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Capital punishment should not be abolished essay - Death Penalty Should Not Be Abolished Free Essays

Nobody has the right or the authority to determine the death of somebody, only God has given us the life, so he is the only one who can take it away. For The biggest flaw of capital punishment is motivation! As one can plainly see, the benefits financially to a state that outlaws the death penalty seem to far outweigh the reasons for keeping this outdated, extreme form of punishment. This way, we might bring up a generation or two of disciplined people who might not need the threat of execution to deter them from committing the most serious crimes. Therefore it should be not be completely abolished. Second, it seems reprehensible that the state should commit the same crime a person has committed. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I, too, believe that we are all capable of good and evil, no matter what racial or ethnic group we belong to, and the conclusion I draw from the statistics is not that these groups commit more crimes, but that we are more likely to convict people in these groups.

In conclusion, capital punishment should not be abolished as it is effective in reducing crimes and giving lighter sentence to murderers such as lifetime imprisonment cost the taxpayers alot of money to keep the convicts.

The death penalty will set an example for other criminals and will keep a check on crime rate. Death penalty should continue in order to eliminate the garbage of our society. 1 Violence will never be the right solution to the rising criminality.

There s ample evidence that the criminal justice system makes errors in judging capital crimes.

Capital punishment, Capital punishment in the United States, Crime 1678 Words 5 Pages Should the Death Penalty be Abolished? This issue continuously creates tension in today s society whether it serves as a justified or valid form of punishment. It acts as a manifestation of social values and society s stand against certain heinous crimes. This can influence the effectiveness of deterrence because punishments that are carried out swiftly are better examples to others. This paper intends to shine some light on the death penalty in order to help the reader understand what issues face the system today and what problems can be corrected. To deter the particular offender from offending again specific deterrence 4. In this context, Report of Law Commission India setup in 1967, said that Having regard to the conditions in India, to the variety of the social upbringing of its inhabitants, to the disparity in the level of morality and education in the country, to the vastness of its area, to the diversity of its population and to the paramount need for maintaining law and order in the country at the present juncture, India cannot risk the experiment of abolition of capital punishment. states authorize the death penalty, although few of them actually use it.

There has been much fighting and argument over whether or not capital punishment should be abolished in the United States or not and supports of both sides of the issues have a few truly valid points Connors 26, 35, 38 Henningfeld 34.

Can the police, the courts, and the system generally be trusted to get things right on every occasion? But as, former Chief Justice of Supreme Court of S. As a world leader, the United States has an obligation to set a standard that the rest of the world can aspire towards. And Article 21 states, No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law.

For some nations, it was a broader understanding of human rights. I argued for a specific stance to be taken on the issue of the death penalty. Shifting public opinion makes it easier for judges and legislators to train a skeptical eye on a dysfunctional system of punishment.

It is in every area of law from civil to criminal.

Now, coming to my opinion on abolition of from India is concerned, I am in favour of abolition.

From a peak of 40 executions in 2000, the Lone Star State put 10 prisoners to death last year and seven so far in 2015. These are just some examples of how the outlawing of the death penalty can be quite beneficial to a state and the nation as a whole.

It can be extremely devastating for the families.

Capital punishment has not been proved a deterrent in any study worldwide Nobody has cited any credible study which conclusively proves that death penalty is not a deterrent. The main reason for abolishing capital punishment is that it is irreversible.

Most people in support of the death penalty are blinded by vengeance, however when one takes into account morality the punishment does. In conclusion, there are many reasons why death penalty has to be abolished. org Stewart points out that death penalty cases are held to a much higher standard. Among the more popular and frequently used methods were a Beheading b Strangulation c Stoning d Hanging e Crucifixion f Pouring on molten lead g Starving h Tearing to death by red-hot pincers i Drawing j Quartering k Flogging l Burning alive m Burying alive n Spearing alive o Throat slitting p Boiling to death q Shooting r Drowning.

Careful analysis of the situation in Britain between 1900 and the outbreak of the second World War in 1939 seems to point to the death penalty being a strong deterrent to what one might call criminal murders, i. So, he will live his remaining life in largish and facilitate jails without any hard imprisonment. Who are we though to commit a crime against one who committed the wrongful crime?

It is a fallacy to think that one killing can be avenged with another. Notification E-mail ID private confidential Confirm password Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

But even in India there has been a decline in the frequency of such punishment.

Besides this, capital punishment, as is generally supposed, is not deterrent. On top of all that, there s plain old human error. That is probably as it should be, for such a question forces us to weigh the value we attach to human life against the horror in which we hold a heinous and horrendous crime. But Capital punishment should be continue for those who commit rare of the rarest crimes such as child rape, group rape, terrorism and etc. According to Amnesty International, every day, prisoners men, women, even children face execution. I still hesitate in conceding to the fact that Death Penalty should be abolished. One cause of the death of innocents is because of the false information given by witnesses. Moreover, the arguments laid out show that the death penalty is not viable by addressing three major areas morality, deterrence, and economics.

An eye for eye makes everybody blind It is just a highly philosophical statement which doesn t hold much practical ground. In some states, including Alabama, the death penalty has helped them lower the rate of violent crimes.

For the overwhelming majority of condemned prisoners, the final step that last short march with the strap-down team will never be taken.

, The imminent extinction of a sentient life endowed with thought and memory, linked intimately to the lives of others, is a fearsome thing. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. These theories of capital punishment and punishment in general are 1.

The facts are irrefutable, and the logic is clear.

The Innocence Project in the United States a national litigation and public policy organisation dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals through DNA testing and reforming the criminal justice system has found, on the other hand, several cases where innocent people were given the death sentence.

Death penalty should continue in order to eliminate the garbage of our society. The death penalty can be an extremely useful tool in sentencing criminals that have committed some of the worst crimes known to society.

For those crimes, that are not premeditated a person does not stop to consider what the ramifications of the crime might be. Retrieved 19 43, November 03, 2017, from MegaEssays, Death penalty should not be abolished.

deserves death sentence but once again take a look at our process of law, you commit a crime today, first judgement comes in say 2 years, although Kasab s case was an exception to be reckon as the fastest trial of such intensity, but every day is not Sunday, and next comes in another few years, then to the apex court and last but not the least mercy petition for which we have very genuine example of Afzal guru. The United Nations began urging worldwide abolition on the grounds that, every human has an inherent right to life. state my stand I do not agree with abolishing death penalty. Capital punishment is a last resort for these criminals who have no fear whatsoever.

A person, who stole bread from a grocery store, definitely does not deserve death penalty. Helps to ensure that the public feels safe with the laws of the countries. In conclusion, there are many reasons why death penalty has to be abolished. The other states that retribution does not demand committing an equivalent act on the offender, as is suggested by the eye for an eye philosophy mirror punishment. Further, the Supreme Court held that the aggravating circumstances which result in special reasons as per the Criminal Procedure Code must be considered to be sentenced to death. Singapore used to kill a similar proportion of its citizens as China, but the rate has dropped recently. On the one hand, neither criminologists nor law enforces can quickly agree that the existence of capital punishment discourages capital crimes. For example Criminal Law Amendment Act 2013, introduced several new provisions into IPC, including section 376A, which allowed for the death penalty to be imposed in cases where rape led to death of the victim, or left her in a persistent vegetative state and 376E that allowed for death penalty for certain repeated offenders. And they can infect other people with the similar. If there is a bias propping up today s death penalty, it is one of. and this will make him realize the pain felt by the poor girl and can change him. There has been a steady drop since then and there have been no firearms offences since 2007. The audience for this essay is the opinion section of the Sunday New York Times.

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