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Literature review on service quality - Service Quality Literature Review

Though there have been a number of studies that have found the presence of service quality and customer satisfaction inconsistency and attributed different reasons for service quality and customer satisfaction of foreign and public banks however no study have been able to resolve this issue. Moreover, the perception is that whatever research has been conducted is fragmented, very specific in nature and specialised. However, there is no unanimity on the possible source of service quality and customer satisfaction. Although they state the scale may be useful, it will still cause the fitness centre problems as customer expectations always seem to be higher than their perception. But they also affirm that clear definitions, solid conceptual work, and empirical studies in multiple settings have been scarce, suggesting that we are still in the early stages within this field of research.

Consumers always want the best therefore the managers of fitness centres will have difficulty in improving these scores and providing the perfect service for each customer.

Wani, Haq, Ul, Nassir, Taneja, Kanchan, Adlakha, Nidhi, 2013, Health System in India Opportunities and Challenges for Enhancements, IOSR Journal of Business and Management IOSR- JBM, Volume 9 2, pp 74-82.

The paper further identifies the healthcare quality dimensions and models for HCEs. This research contributes to the existing literature on the service quality and MCDM. Backman and Veldkamp 1995 tested the REQUAL scale and found that the scale was a valid tool of measurement in the recreational field. The research outputs are valuable to academics scholars and leaders of organisations and industries in the field of service quality evaluation. Brief about causation of diseases and problems of utilisation of health agencies by elderly persons in urban community. After two stages of purification, the SERVQUAL scale was adapted from a model with ten dimensions to five tangibles, reliability, assurance and empathy Parasuraman et al, 1988.

A solution for this problem was to use the SERVQUAL scale and identify the areas where expected customer service level is not achieved in each of the five dimensions Gagliano and Hathcote, 1994. 27, Ring Road, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi 110067, India. The study explained the concept of customer satisfaction, beginning from basic principles. Ma Z 2012 Assessing service ability and reliability to affect customer satisfaction of internet banking. Empirical evidence has shown that SERVQUAL has good trait validity and a reliability of between.

Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction with Banks situated in India A Review of Literature The literature review prepared for this study on service quality and satisfaction of customers in all banks both public and private situated in India reflects the findings of various professionals based on their studies. This study reviewed a total of 79 articles from 51 journals, published from 2001 to 2015.

Methodological issues in cross-cultural marketing research A review. On the grounds that research performed by Parasuraman et al 1985 was conducted in four different service sectors it is expected that this service tool will successfully act as a template to highlight areas of focus for companies in order to attract and retain customers.

2004, Quality of Service of Primary Health Centres Insights from a Field Study, VIKALPA, Vol.

Constructs such as reliability, fulfillment, privacy and security have a significant association towards the customer satisfaction in internet banking.

International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology 4 3073-3077. Cudjoe AG, Anim PA, Joseph Gerald Nii Tetteh Nyanyofio 2015 Empirical study of the use of Automated Teller Machine ATM among bank customers in Dhaka city, Bangladesh. this is cause for further exploration.

Recognising this distinction, a number of studies Brady and Cronin, 2001 Martinez and Martinez, 2010 have emphasised the need for developing industry specific SQ models.

Depending on the type of industry surveyed SERPERF s reliability ranges between. Age differences in mobile service perceptions Comparison of generation Y and baby boomers. Sharmila 2013, study indicates that service quality in private hospitals is meeting patients satisfactions and private hospitals are delivering better healthcare services. com news industry 51140295 In case of interest, please contact- Mr.

But still number of geographical regions have been uncovered in the above studies i. Abdul Kadir H, Rahmani N, Masinaei R 2011 Impacts of service quality on customer satisfaction Study of Online banking and ATM services in Malaysia. The perception of customers towards the service of private banking sector is good when compared to the customers of public sector bank.

Zeithamal states that our results are incompatible with both the one dimensional view of expectations and the gap formation for service quality. 10 Thus, since 1978, when one of the first service quality models was developed, a variety of other models tried to explain the factors that determine the quality of services and to measure the service quality dimensions in order to satisfy its customers.

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The orientation of this study aims to reduce the efforts of researchers who desire to enter this field. So, appropriate and measurement are crucial for the effective management of electronic service quality henceforth, e-SQ and a major issue on the market research agenda e. They suggested that when the perceived experience is less than the expected experience, it implies less than satisfactory service quality.

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Although this concept may seem relatively straight forward, the way in which customer responses relating to their service encounter are measured, has been adapted using service tools by a variety of different researchers. For this reason it all relevant dimensioins should be included in the model. He founds out that for health related problems, community members first discuss with family members and other influential persons of their caste community and accordingly take decision regarding where to seek care and or treatment.

Quyet TV 2015 Service quality effects on customer satisfaction in banking industry. Service quality measurement with minimum attributes SERVQUAL-MA technique upgrade by human resource development. Journal of contemporary research in business 5 488-504.

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