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Literature review on service quality - Patients Perception of Service Quality of Health Care Services in IndiaJournal of Health Management- Auditi Pramanik, 2016

Table 2 A brief description of the most important contributions of these researchers will be presented in the following. Backman and Veldkamp 1995 tested the REQUAL scale and found that the scale was a valid tool of measurement in the recreational field.

The instrument was tested in Korean sports centres and is similar to the SERVQUAL model as it focuses on gaining results from the difference between customers expectations and perceptions.

They classified the using this criteria and SERVQUAL model is framed in the category of formative models. Service quality measurement with minimum attributes SERVQUAL-MA technique upgrade by human resource development.

International Journal Management Business Research 2 351-361. But there is some evidence that few public, private and foreign banks do not give importance to their retail customer relating to maintenance of service quality and customer satisfaction. Although other models have been proposed which directly measure service quality in fitness centres they have not received the same support that the SERVPERF scale has.

SQ in the sport and fitness industries evolved into a credible research stream from the late 1980s. Human resource development in management is an art.

10 Thus, since 1978, when one of the first service quality models was developed, a variety of other models tried to explain the factors that determine the quality of services and to measure the service quality dimensions in order to satisfy its customers. Barrutia University of the Basque Country, Spain, Universidad del Pa s Vasco Euskal Herriko Unibersitatea, Spain, University of Oxford, UK and Ainhize Gilsanz University of the Basque Country, Spain, Universidad del Pa s Vasco Euskal Herriko Unibersitatea, Spain Download link provided immediately after order completion AbstractThe development of new orientations and focuses for the and measurement of electronic service quality henceforth, e-SQ is demonstrably necessary.

900 states that when employees perceive quality is low, the average duration of employment falls. The presence of service quality and customer satisfaction in banks may vary in other banking services contexts including technology service, mobile banking service, E-banking and digital divide service and so forth.

Furthermore, articles were categorised based on an author, year, application area, the nationality of the author, technique, a number of criteria, research purpose, gap and research problem, results and outcome. The most intense criticism of the scale has come from Cronin and Taylor 1992, suggesting that the SERVQUAL model is based on very little theoretical and empirical evidence. Much of the initial work in developing a model to assess service quality came from Parasuraman et al 1985 who noticed that discrepancies existed between organisations and customer perceptions of the service quality delivered.

The outcome of this study will help Indian healthcare practitioners and quality experts to take initiative in implementing hospital SQ dimensions in their organisations as well as may propose a framework model for enhanced performance. International Journal of Business and Management 5 117-124.

Journal of Business Economics and Management 12 278-300. For example we can produce premium high-end expensive chocolate for exclusive purposes and special sugar-free chocolate for diabetics. Hence, it can be an existing idea to address the issue of service quality and customer satisfaction of public and private banks situated in foreign countries anomaly through analysing the public and private sector banks situated in India. Каждый смог насладиться дружественной, творческой атмосферой теплого вечера, который сопровождался приятным чаепитием.

K 2011, Patients Perceptions of Outpatient Service Quality- A Case Study of a Private Hospital in South India, International Journal of Research in Commerce and Management, Vol. 2011, Public Health Management-A Study of Reproductive Child Health Programme in Gujarat, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India.

In Quality Management for IT Services Perspectives on Business and Process Performance, ed.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. 2013, study shows that India lags behind in regard of health improvement as compared to U. After two stages of purification, the SERVQUAL scale was adapted from a model with ten dimensions to five tangibles, reliability, assurance and empathy Parasuraman et al, 1988. Private hospitals like the other service organizations are focusing on their patients demands and developing themselves in order to provide maximum healthcare facilities to their patients.

Development of the customized scale for measuring the service quality for a particular cultural or country context at that particular time is warranted. Consumers always want the best therefore the managers of fitness centres will have difficulty in improving these scores and providing the perfect service for each customer. This provokes an inquiry into discovering which method is most appropriate for producing internal service quality information. Vijay Anand S, Selvaraj M 2012 The impact of service quality on customer satisfaction and loyalty in Indian banking sector An empirical study through servperf.

235, papers had to be categorised between 1 e-SQ and 2 other related constructs such as Website satisfaction e. Exploring service quality a critical review of literature 1Department of Marketing, Indian Institute of Management, IIM Rohtak, M. When analyzed through the prism eye, within India there are large disparities amongst states in achieving health outcomes as well. Many authors have struggled to find a positive fit between the quality measured through the SERVQUAL scale and overall quality measured directly through a single-item scale Babakus and Mangold 1989, Fin and Lamb 1991. Quality management and vocabulary MSD 2 Quality Management. The qualitative study revealed 4 categories of importance for patients satisfaction desire to regain health, need to be met in a professional way as a unique person, perspective on life, and need to have balance between privacy and companionship. Direct association with the service quality, satisfaction of customers and corporate image has been reviewed. Background paper for the United Nations Millennium Project Task Force on Poverty and Economic Development, U.

Ibrahim, Dean, MCBS, and the two anonymous reviewers for their constructive comments and valuable ideas on earlier versions of the manuscript. in 1 year ago This is helpful for people who has to know about service quality of private and public sector hospitals.

International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology, 1 3, 322 327. Abstract The purpose of this paper is to appraise various service quality models and identify issues for future research based on the analysis of literature.

Also, the differences in the relevance and importance of the dimensions, due to the change in the cultural and country contexts, have been brought to the forefront.

Secondly, there is absolutly necesarry to distinguish the performance from global judgements about the service as disparate entities, with divergent meaning, antecedents and consequences.

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