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List of essay topics - 101 Persuasive Essay and Speech Topics Ereading Worksheets

The population growth has resulted mainly from people moving to our area after their retirement, and we must make listeners of these new residents. 6 Examples of the to be analyzed The following appeared in a memo from a vice president of Alta Manufacturing. Immediately exclude topics you can not write about, because you will not be able to fully reveal the question. Due to this demand and the overall increase in clothing prices, we can predict that Sartorian s alpaca overcoats will be more profitable than ever before.

It could be formal or informal, but usually written in a formal manner. I am not clear what topic you are referring to you need to write it in full in your message.

Number of topics in the GRE issue pool on this task 12 152 7. Monarch Books should open its own in-store caf in the space currently devoted to children s books. Who gets the right to decide what levels of physical punishment if any are acceptable? The rubrics for the and the are similar when it comes to the importance of clarity of writing and adherence to standard English grammar, spelling, and punctuation they only really differ when it comes to assessing the specifics of the issue or argument analyses.

Hello mam, i done my best in ielts exam i follow format similar trend which should be followed but unfortunately i overall got 5. It s definitely worth your time to create an outline. Write a response in which you discuss what specific evidence is needed to evaluate the argument and explain how the evidence would weaken or strengthen the argument. See also Get official GRE practice tests, scores within minutes for all three measures and explanations for correct answers! 50 Topic Ideas for Argument Essays Sometimes, the best ideas are sparked by looking at many different options. The following memorandum is from the business manager of Happy Pancake House restaurants. Given our success in selling cereal, we recommend that Bargain Brand now expand its business and begin marketing other low-priced food products as quickly as possible. Write a response in which you discuss one or more alternative explanations that could rival the proposed explanation and explain how your explanation s can plausibly account for the facts presented in the argument.

By reducing crime in this way, we can revitalize the declining neighborhoods in our city. The end of your introduction will be your cause question and thesis. Our system is completely automated and adjusted to the degree of maximum user convenience. What are the problems of accountability that are posed by relying on Although actual readings of water usage before and after the adjustment are not yet available, the change will obviously result in a considerable savings for Sunnyside Corporation, since the corporation must pay for water each month. Others believe that the public has a right to be fully informed. People should undertake risky action only after they have carefully considered its consequences. Are only men to blame for the of women s bodies? The most effective way to understand contemporary culture is to analyze the trends of its youth.

As you will see from the tabbed subject list on our website, we do cover almost every imaginable topic. Firstly, it would require enormous amount of money of tax-payers to support lives of those criminals in prison, and it would also be great injustice to the victim s families, who regularly pay tax to the state. The following appeared in the summary of a study on headaches suffered by the residents of Mentia.

and if any advices you can give it to me regarding my question. 10 Space explorations can lead to physical and environmental hazards. Write a response in which you discuss what questions would need to be answered in order to decide whether the recommendation and the argument on which it is based are reasonable.

Proposal Essay Topics 2 What is the best way to impose and improve parental involvement in children s education? Band score 7 grammar and vocabulary means FEW errors with a range of less common words, good collocations and a range of grammar.

Most argumentative research papers require you to use. Other people believe that technology provides us with new and better ways to communicate and connect with one another. The writer Thomas Mann said, War is only a cowardly escape from the problems of peace.

Common Essay Topics with Subtopics Art censorship of art and artists creativity art at school the benefits of art for individuals and society funding Business Money small vs large business international business family run business management and leadership success in business business and technology skills vs knowledge for business materialism and consumerism Communication Personality technology and communication family and communication face to face vs long distance communication types of communication the development of character and personality innate or developed personalities female male characters Crime Punishment prisons vs rehabilitation capital punishment vs other types of punishment criminals what makes a criminal major vs minor crime crime and technology teenagers and crime role of policemen men and women in law enforcement Economics cash vs credit cards saving vs spending globalisation and economy world economic issues economic progress and success Education children and education relevant subjects education and technology role of teachers discipline and rules in school single-sex schools uniforms funding educational aid to poorer countries Environment animals protection of endangered species zoos environmental problems saving the environment solving problems government vs individual roles Family Children family roles family size the generation gap discipline role models family and education Food health diets education of diet traditional vs modern diets fast food children and diet Health prevention vs cure funding health and education poor countries and rich countries health aid dealing with global epidemics hospitals and treatment obesity exercise and health Language having only one language in the world methods of language learning travel and language the disappearance of languages language and culture Media Advertising censorship, control and freedom of speech advertising methods children and advertising media and technology news reporting Other Common Essay Topics Space Exploration Water and Oceans Change or Moving vs Stability and Constancy Reading paper books vs ebooks children and reading books in education libraries reading and leisure Technology controlling the internet socialising online children and technology safety the change in society letter vs email storing data safety of personal information hacking Transport development of infrastructure comparing forms of transport problems with modern forms of transport environmental issues Travel culture and travel understanding people and travel living in a global world Society overpopulation poverty homeless people crime on the streets modern life styles budget spending public services Sport professionals vs amateurs salary equipment sport and learning sport as a school subject men vs women in sport types of sport Work shift work women in work types of jobs blue collar white collar children and exploitation part time work work and technology employment salary equality IELTS Recent Exam Topics To get a list of recent essay questions as well as recent topics and question from all other sections of the IELTS test, follow this link IELTS Writing Task 2 Get model essays, tips, free video lessons and practice exercises for IELTS writing task 2 100 IELTS Essay Questions Get over 100 IELTS essay questions for free.

Tanner and published by the Atlantic Monthly Press in 1917.

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