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Thesis in english language - MA Thesis Abstracts Teaching English as a Foreign Language

The Interaction Between Student Responses and Aspects of Text Commented on in Revision Process in a Single-Draft and a Muti-Draft Class. For this purpose, scoring rubrics for speaking skills and teachers and students perception of the rubrics are investigated by means of a student and a teacher questionnaire, as well as a teacher interview. Much research has been devoted to the validity and the reliability of Cloze tests.

Table 2 Distribution of Respondents According to Gender Gender Frequency Percent Male 12 41.

62 TOTAL 29 100 Table 2 clearly shows that female outnumbered the male having a frequency of 17 or56. Formulating the research question is one of the most important components of research because this question forms the basis for all further activities.

Muehleisen 07-Sep-2001 Makiko Mukai 24-Nov-2006 Sibansu Mukhopadhyay 07-Jun-2006 Eiman Mohamed Mustafawi 19-Jun-2006 Rosemarie F.

The test developer control over the types of the words deleted suchas functional words, verbs or nouns, and thus the language traits measured.- DEVELOPING PRESENTATION SKILLS WITH SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS IN ARMENIA By Anahit Melkonyan Teaching how to develop oral presentation skills based on integrating other English language skills into communicative classes and interactions in the final grade of secondary school in Armenia is the main purpose of this study. Thesis Reader Liliana Edilian By Arevik Aboyan The question whether or not the students mother tongue L1 should be used in the EFL classroom has been an important issue for a long time.

By Keywords To browse the list of honours year academic exercises, do a keyword search for english literature and academic exercise and national university of singapore. The study also describes the benefits and limitations of teaching the course.

in Computational Linguistics 3. Armenian from Yerevan and Dilijan, and Americans from Michigan, USA, took part in this study. The thesis must be written in English and should be of about 80-100 pages one standard page is 2300 characters.

- Production and perception of challenging English phonemes by learners of English Projects on a topic in this area will try to address a lack of research on the phonetics and phonology of German learner English. The Cloze test procedure can easily adjust Strongly 4. Please visit METU Graduate School of Social Sciences website for further information on application procedures and specific application requirements for programs METU Faculty of Education, Department of Foreign Language Education, niversiteler Mah. on America s Definition of Success Rombes, Madeline 2016 PLAYING WITH POWER Subjectivity and Subversion in the Poems of Emily Dickinson Smith, Kayla C. Please note that your supervisor will not read your thesis or give feedback between mid-July to mid-August.

Affective Factors in EFL Learning at the Hazirlik Programs of the Turkish Universities.

Assessing progress and achievement in the language classroom 2. The total number of analyzed questionnaires was 60 30 Armenian questionnaires and 30 English Learning styles and language learning strategies are key factors that influence the process of language learning. Nce, EFL learners perceptions of educational podcasting? The instruments that were used for collecting data were four Mini Projects written during the course Advanced Methodology and a questionnaire.

Metacognitive Knowledge and Control in the Use of Reading Comprehension Strategies by Freshman EFL Students at Ankara University.

Furthermore, the results of the analysis of the questionnaire and the interview confirmed that learners had positive attitude towards the program, as it provided a learning environment that was fun, enjoyable, stress free and effective for improving their speaking skills.

Add to Collection Burrus, Jillian Master s thesis, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In the first analysis when the participants of the study were grouped with 0. Teachers should always try out something themselves so they can use this practical experience to argue in favor of any desired approach changes.

The qualitative data for this study were collected by administering four questionnaires to 24 students to see their attitude towards preferences for completing different types of tasks during the course by interviewing the students from both groups to explore further their approaches to the types of tasks accomplished via a wiki in one group and on paper on the other group by observing classes in both groups in order to get in-depth information about the classroom phenomena such as motivation of the students, activities used in the classroom, interactions, instructions, classroom behavior, etc. Initial stage period 3 First orientation meeting with your supervisor on the basis of your one-pager. Identification of Motives for Language Study at the Police Academy.

The data collected from the pre and post tests and the writing assignments were analyzed using the Mann-Whitney and Wilcoxon tests, in order to see the difference between the percentages of errors made by the students of two groups, as well as the difference between the percentages of errors made in the pretests sand posttests. Questions of style will only become relevant at a later stage.

- The Impact of Using L1 in EFL Instruction Thesis Supervisor Robert Agajeenian, Ph. The first stage of the research was the development and operation of the strategy training courses in the classroom. An Investigation of Listening Comprehension Strategies in Intermediate Level Turkish EFL Students.

The instructors attitudinal survey investigated how the instructors address the grammar issue and how they interpret the students need for grammar.

Some of its modifications were undertaken to adapt on the research problem and scope ofthe study. As is standard, every fifth word is removed andreplaced by a blank space, in this assignment there were 20 blanks in the selection. For the within group comparison, the parametric paired sample and the non parametric Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Tests were implemented. Elisabeth s Yoder, Keri 1996 Opening Divine Doors Hildegard s Spiritual Feminine Theology Bruner, Christopher M. Frandsen, Amanda Kae Fronk, Meredith Leigh Packard Gravett, Caitlin Jolley, Jae-Song Lee, Peter Lindes, Charisse Alaine Major, Cory S. I am available as a supervisor for BEd, MEd and MA theses, and welcome candidates who would like to work on topics in the areas of English as a Lingua Franca, World Englishes New Englishes, and the empirical study of the syntax and phonetics phonology of learner English. Need to convince your boss to budget for Two groups were involved in the study, the experimental and the comparison. The overall impression was that the use of the students mother tongue is not an effective tool in learning a foreign language.

Expounded in language learning, the case is that the higher the higher ability to complete the broken passage.

Thus, the purpose of this study was to explore whether the addition of computer assisted language learning hereinafter CALL to traditional instruction would have a positive effect on Armenian EFL contexts. Keep in mind that information which could not be included in the thesis itself might come in handy during the defence.

1998 The Interpretive Power of Solitude The Relationship Between the Self and Landscape in the Work of William Wordsworth, Rainer Maria-Rilke, and T.

Jeffrey Parker Committee Brian Joseph and Andrea Sims After receiving his MA in Linguistics, Jeffrey Parker transferred back to the, where he is currently finishing his dissertation before taking up a faculty position in the Department of Linguistics and English Language at Brigham Young University.

Rye 1982 explains that Cloze procedure is essentially a cognitive task.

Neocolonial Project in National Geographic, 1898-1920 Kang, Michael 2008 Balancing the Image Collective Experience and Alienation in Don DeLillo s Mao II, Libra, and Underworld Kang the Image Collective Experience and Alientation in Don Delillo s Mao II Libra and Underworld.

The study was carried out in three primary higher educational institutions of Yerevan via observations of actual extensive reading lessons, completions of open-ended and interviews with the learners.- 2005 A Study of Attitudes towards Grammar Instruction in an Academic English Program by Liliana Edilyan The present thesis examines the reasons for the attitudes underlying the expressed need of the IEP students for more grammar.

The data collected from the pre- and post-tests were analyzed by implementing the Mann-Whitney and Wilcoxon tests, in order to compare the test results of both groups.

Summary This study aims to know the effectiveness of cloze test as in reading comprehension at Laguna State Polytechnic University, San PabloCity Campus, Academic Year, 2012-2013. 05 significant Table 8 clearly shows that all of the assessment related variables are interpreted as Significant since their p values are less than 0. The Effect of Teaching Methods on Learners Cognitive Style Field Hermansen 14-Sep-2001 Dylan Herrick 16-Apr-2004 Hunkeler Herv 31-Aug-2005 Helga Hilmisdottir 22-Sep-2007 Daniel Hintz 08-Apr-2008 Imran Ho-Abdullah 30-Jan-2004 Lihe Huang 06-Oct-2016 Chad Hyde 12-Jan-2003 Larry Ichimura 30-Aug-2006 Gulden Ilin 08-Jan-2004 Tania Ionin 19-Aug-2003 Fatma Ali Ish-Shihri 10-Mar-2009 Reka Jablonkai 06-Sep-2013 Pascale Jacq 29-Apr-2005 Daniel Scott Janik 22-Jan-2004 Derib Ado Jekale 30-Aug-2012 Kim Ebensgaard Jensen 21-Jun-2013 Christer Johansson 17-Sep-2001 Robert Edward Jones 30-Aug-2001 Meredith Pugh Josey 05-Feb-2004 Sergio Duarte Juliao da Silva 02-Mar-2012 Tom S Juzek 14-Feb-2016 Moses K. This research reports on a study regarding the effects of blogging on students writing performance. To shed some light on the issue the current research was designed to investigate the effect of the teacher s role as a facilitator and controller on students achievement and their motivation to learn.

Ali Teachers and Students Perceptions about the Benefits of and Barriers to TELL at Koya University igdem Alparda, The Role of Learner Training in the Effectiveness of CALL G lsen Altun The Differences between Novice and Experienced Teachers in Terms of Questioning Techniques Rebin A Aziz, and the Oral Performance of Koya University EFL Students Hatice Altun Evci, International English Teachers Perceptions of English as an International Language Hakan Cangir, The Influence of Learning Styles on the Effectiveness of CALL Instruction Hawraz Q. Direct quotes from the English original and Czech translations should constitute less than 20 per cent of the text. Language of examination English Grading scale Course grades are awarded on a descending scale from A to E for a pass and F for a fail. A Descriptive Study of First-Year University Students Reactions to Teachers Written Feedback.

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