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Phd thesis on higher education - PhD in Higher Education

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break-point Transfer Credit GSE will, under certain conditions, accept equivalent credit toward the degree. A public, oral presentation of the dissertation is required. program in Higher Education is highly 2009-2010 Muna Amr Dyslexia in the Arabic language graphical features of the Arabic text and reading accuracy in the context of teaching reading in Jordan. John Gray and Darleen Opfer 2013-2014 Fiona Jackson Implementation infidelity or aligned adaptation? 2011-2012 Chun Lok Fung Group work and the learning of critical thinking in liberal studies in Hong Kong secondary schools. Adults Nutrition and Food Studies Angel Naomi 2014 Marita Sturken Before Truth Memory, History and Nation in the Context of Reconciliation in Canada Media, Culture, and Communication Selberg Scott 2013 Marita Sturken See the Person Within Visual Culture and Alzheimer s Disease Media, Culture, and Communication All Past Dissertation Titles 2013-2017 Last Name First Name Degree Chair Dissertation Title Graduation Date Department Donchik Liliana PhD Terry Astuto A Study of Transition Programs Back to School and Community for Incarcerated Youth 5 17 17 Leadership, and Technology Goyal Nupur PhD Teboho Moja The Impact of College Residence Halls on the Student Learning Experiences of International, Undergraduate Students from India, During their First Year 5 17 17 Leadership, and Technology Madhani Naureen PhD Teboho Moja Transnational Academic Partnerships in South African Universities A Multi-Case Study 5 17 17 Leadership, and Technology Song Sue-Yeon PhD Teboho Moja The Patterns of Governance in Higher Education and their Impact on University Restructuring 5 17 17 Leadership, and Technology Selznick Benjamin PhD Matthew Mayhew Higher Education for Undergraduate Innovation 5 17 17 Leadership, and Technology Mangen Denise Ofelia PhD Ricki Goldman Educational Design for Sustainable Resilience A Quisitive Inquiry of Everyday Consupmtion 5 17 17 Leadership, and Technology Singh Sava Saheli PhD W.

And it s something that you will continue to do in a research career. Lincoln Mullen is a PhD candidate at Brandeis University and a historian of religion in early America and the nineteenth century.

2009-2010 Therese Dooley The construction of mathematical insight by pupils in whole-class conversation. Item Type Thesis PhD Qualification Level Doctoral Keywords Active learning, teaching and learning in higher education Subjects Colleges Schools Funder s Name UNSPECIFIED Supervisor s Name Kane, Dr. Dissertation Preparation Capstone Methods Course 3 credits EDSR 889 Research Practicum 3 V. Having initially submitted just before Christmas, and then moved my life and family to Ireland to start a new job at University College Dublin in January, it s a great relief to know that this is behind me! Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, 29 3, 299 309. On the contrary, actively draw attention to them identify them in your conclusion as areas for further investigation.

A small amount of data was also collected using opportunistic sampling in three international settings An-Najah National University, Nablus, occupied Palestinian territories Hawler Medical University, Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq and University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Taking a look at productivity and leveraging contextual indicators, this analysis points to the fact that Pakistan can be benchmarked with emerging and dynamic countries such as those in the BRIC group.

2008-2009 Antonina Tereshchenko Citizenship identity and belonging a study of Ukrainian youth in post-Communist era. I m a night owl and find that I m particularly productive between about 8pm and 11pm find your own optimal time slot.

2008-2009 Xiaoming Sheng A study of parental involvement in children s higher education choice in China habitus, cultural, social and economic capital and educational inequality. Understanding how these online services work can get a little complicated as there are many companies out there that claim on their website that they re suggesting best dissertation writing and editing consulting.

How many of such students are coming back to serve or contribute? The program is highly individualized and students work closely with their academic advisor to draw from courses from the division and from other areas on campus that relate to their area of inquiry.

Item Type Thesis or Dissertation PhD Subjects Library of Congress Subject Headings LCSH College teaching, Learning, Education, Higher, Leadership Official Date March 2014 Dates Date Event March 2014 Submitted Institution University of Warwick Theses Department Institute of Education Thesis Type PhD Publication Status Unpublished Extent vi, 279 leaves charts black and white. These Special Topics courses are offered regularly by program faculty recent such courses have included Advanced Student Development Theory, Contemporary Issues in Student Affairs and Exploring and Understanding Organizational Culture Advanced Topics in Organizational Theory, and Critical Race Theory in Educational Research. Designed for practitioners and administrators from P-12 to higher education, Walden University s online Doctor of Education EdD program offers flexibility and choices to meet your needs even if those needs change along the way. According to Mr Naqvi, There is no destination in this journey.

Jones is Director of Educational Technology at Trinity College. Participants focus on their final research thesis from the third year onwards.

Paul Andrews 2012-2013 Danae Tsapikidou The effects of isolated and integrated form-focused instruction in the primary classroom a study.

Simmons Kelly I Am Because We Are A Portrait of Trans Post-Secondary Educators Experiences in Higher Education 2015 Dr.

He is also co-editing a book for Routledge due out in early 2018 offering new perspectives on the future agenda for in higher education.

The main of this research are i that teachers and students must continue to have dialogue about active learning, what it means, what it looks like and its perceived benefits, ii that teachers should be aware that they can promote active learning in different ways, iii Teachers should adopt teaching strategies which help promote a deep approach to active learning and students should be willing to be reflective and take responsibility for their learning.

Unfortunately the supervisor had meant double-spaced, and the student had written single-spaced.

However, this was pulsating in nature and not sustained activity.

2009-2010 Paula Guardia Gutierrez The effect of linguistic, phonetic and lexical factors on phonological skills and reading acquisition in Spanish a longitudinal study. A number of ways, based on the evidence of this research, are suggested to advance pedagogical research and develop appropriate practice to that end. The reason why companies hide their main business purpose is because Google forbids the advertising of essay writing services through the search engine. Paul Andrews 2011-2012 Rose Dolan A step away from where you used to be the development of teacher educators professional knowledge in an Irish university.

2010-2011 He Li Educational trajectories of rural students in an elite university English learning experience and beyond. 2005-2006 Malcolm Field The influence of ICT on language learning and language use for language learners of English in Japan. Your institution is University of not at Lincoln or, Lincoln. A multiple case study of the identity constructions of mainland Chinese students at one Hong Kong university Diane Reay 2015-2016 Stephen Yip Other learning experiences OLE in the new senior secondary curriculum a survey study investigating the impact of OLE on students approaches to learning in Hong Kong schools John MacBeath 2015-2016 Faye Yung The cultural authenticity effect the rhetoric of an authentic cultural representation in English children s fiction portraying East Asian cultures 2015-2016 Asma Alfadala School leadership within Education for a New Era reform in Qatar Four portraits John Gray 2014-2015 Nayla Aramouni What s the story? Firstly, it takes your work off the screen and onto paper, which is usually easier to proof.

Trenton PhD Pedro Noguera Success at a Price Exploring how a No-Excuses Charter School s Philosophies about Success Inform the Everyday Practices of Teachers and its Implications on Working-Class Students and their Caregivers 5 17 17 Teaching and Learning Garver Rachel PhD Pedro Noguera Subgrouping Opportunity Subgroup Policies and Daily Opportunity Provision in a Segregated School 5 17 17 Teaching and Learning Han Joohee PhD Miriam E. Qualifying Paper and Dissertation After completing coursework, Ph. is especially attractive because it provides you with a DOI, which is a digital version of an ISBN, effectively publishing your work for you. 2011-2012 Maia Chankseliani Mixed-methods study of higher education access in Georgia does location matter? Search with google my account US edition The key to a successful PhD thesis?

Brenda Poggendorf Williams Exploring Predicted vs. 2009-2010 Juexi Ruan Transitions from schooling to higher education and careers a case study of students from two academically elite schools in contemporary China.

Many aspects of leadership activity among academics drew parallels with teacher leadership theory.

The 12 specific quality indicators, individually and collectively were strongly related to the holistic assessment of thesis quality, particularly at the PhD level. Darleen Opfer 2013-2014 Juhi Sidharth Love and longing in Mumbai slums an exploration of the understanding and experience of sexuality among unmarried young women.

Transfer credit paperwork needs to be completed during the students first semester of coursework, please consult the GSE website for the proper forms and procedures.

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