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Different types of case study analysis - Understanding the Different Types of Case Studies UniversalClass

192 having stated that MAYRING s approach is the only one so far in 1999 GL SER LAUDEL, 1999, Abstract. Research Notebook ld be a list of questions the researcher must be able to answer. Defining the case Carefully formulated research question s, informed by the existing literature and a prior appreciation of the theoretical issues and setting s, are all important in appropriately and succinctly defining the case

115 proclaims the need for a content analytical theory of errors in order to establish a systematic compilation of quality criteria.

How many miles of road are there in the United States? 4 Windsurfing masts Length 3 weeks Introductory lecture and presentation session Level 2nd year Sports and Materials Science course Aim To demonstrate the application of theo- retical concepts in an item of sporting equipment and to encourage students to carry out independent research and study on the topic Key skills Group work, presentation skills, independent research Assessment Group Report and presentation and peer assessment This case study requires students to work together in groups of 5-6 to investigate materials selection and construction for windsurfing masts. Laboratory Case cases or cases with a lab component place laboratory experiments in a setting that make them both more relevant and engaging for students. Once you have decided on these, you can find in the cells of the following table the most often used methods of analysis for each approach. Besides, different indices which correlate two separate measurements and contingencies, more complex procedures can also be used for analysis TITSCHER et al.

3 Integration of context One of the key features of qualitative content analysis in contrast to classical quantitative content analysis is that the context is also central to the interpretation and analysis of the material.

Das Potential einer qualitativen You can use a computer program for storing and manipulating video strips, but it cannot do analysis.

This will include looking at the traditional Materials Science and Engineering courses as well as the more courses e. As has already been mentioned, many experts in the field of research suggest using and combining several methods so-called triangulation or in order to obtain more valid results see Sections 1.

It should therefore be considered when an experimental design is either inappropriate to answer the research questions posed or impossible to undertake.

They are advantageous when the research goal is to describe the prevalence of a certain phenomenon or to be predictive of a certain outcome. Ensuring that there is progression of learning skills development e. 19, 33-39 Construct validity internal validity external validity reliability.

We have had to consider how many credits marks should be allocated to our case studies. If a multiple case study on vets was done with vets from the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, and the Iraq War, and it was determined the vets from Vietnam had much less PTSD, what could be inferred? Once you have decided upon your approach, you can write out a research design, i. An additional ingredient could be The case study will also show why the simple replacement of key persons was not sufficient for successful implementation Keep in mind that this second statement presents the nutshell of a rival theory. 2 Philipp MAYRING s approach This section offers a short introduction to the main points of MAYRING s qualitative content analysis. 2 Aim, structure and scope of the paper This paper aims at exploring and discussing the possibilities of applying qualitative content analysis as a text interpretation method in case study research.

Evaluating Your Teaching It is all very well to promote case studies as a good form of teaching, but how do you evaluate whether they are meeting the objectives set for them in terms of increasing student enjoyment motivation, content coverage and depth of learning?

Alternatives to having the students prepare the testimony include using the transcript of an actual public hearing or a script developed by the instructor for a particular scenario, which the students then role-play. Critical instance This examines a single instance of unique interest, or serves as a critical test of an assertion about a program, problem or strategy. The outcome of providing this information might be that the emotive burden associated with participation, or the organisational disruption associated with supporting the fieldwork, is considered so high that the individuals or sites decide against participation.

They ran a competition where undergraduates and postgraduates were invited to submit proposals and a prize of 250 was offered. Our focus was on how the technology was being implemented.

What factors may limit the scope of your research? A fourth possible objection to case studies has seemingly emerged with the renewal emphasis on randomized field trials or true experiments, to establish causal relations. There is no doubt Case studies can be particularly useful for understanding how different elements fit together and how different elements have produced the observed impacts.

According to GILLHAM 2000, the essence of content analysis is identifying substantive statements statements that really say something p.

What approach should I take- qualitative or quantitative? In fact, it is not only the manifest content of the material that is important but also the latent content as well as formal aspects need to be taken into consideration cf. Quantitative and qualitative research further reflections on their integration. In fact, case studies seem to be the preferred strategy when how or why questions are being posed, when the investigator has little control over events, and when the focus is on a contemporary phenomenon within some real-life context YIN, 1981, p.

Yin suggests two or three literal replications i. 2002 state that techniques such as content analysis may be used to transform what is essentially qualitative evidence into some sort of quantitative evidence pp., Essential guide to qualitative methods in organizational research pp.

Bibliography Christensen C R 1981 Teaching and the Case Method Text, Cases and Readings. In a study, you use a combination of methods, such as conducting interviews, reading documents, watching videos, or visiting places and events, to understand the meaning participants place on whatever s being examined.

The Discovery of Grounded Theory Strategies for Qualitative Research.

36 Obviously, classical content analysis is essentially a quantitative method with the core and central tool being its system of categories cf. Supporting data, which can range from data tables to links to URLs, quoted statements or testimony, supporting documents, images, video, or audio. This role of theory has been characterized by YIN 2003a as analytic generalization and has been contrasted with a different way of generalizing results, known as statistical generalization pp.

The session finishes with a role play exercise which requires three volunteer students to act out a telephone conversation that took place between the NASA government and the technical engineers from the company Morton Thiokol.

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