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Case studies in psychology schizophrenia - Frontiers Cotard Delusion in the Context of Schizophrenia A Case Report and Review of the Literature Psychology

At a minimum, patients should be permitted to speak about and describe their symptoms in a way that is meaningful to them. I went through a period of depression and OCD symptoms and I was able to escape both by prayer and reading the Bible and trusting in its promises.

The patient met with his psychiatrist approximately once per month and with his psychologist and occupational therapist twice per month. Axis I- Clinical Syndromes Axis II- Personality Disorders Axis III- Medical Disorders Axis IV- Psychosocial Stressors Axis V- Global Assessment of Functioning Paranoid schizophrenia Both positive and negative symptoms Delusions- persecutory delusions, delusion of reference delusion of guilt believed that conspirators secretly produced a film about him and his homosexual experiences believed that the film made over 50 million and the money went towards the Irish Republican Army to buy arms and ammunition holding himself responsible and guilty for deaths that happened in Ireland due to bombings also believed that the conspirators would kill him had they found out he knew about this movie auditory hallucinations frequently heard male voices discussing his sexual behavior and arguments about what punishment he should get Affective flattening- resulted in anhedonia unable to experience pleasure Did not find anything enjoyable Social Withdrawal Odd-Eccentric Personality Disorders- Similar to people with schizophrenia- people may be paranoid, speak in odd ways, difficult to understand, unable to relate to people Paranoid personality disorder Bill felt everyone was plotting against him talking behind his back this made it difficult for him to confide in anyone Schizoid personality disorder Schizotypal personality disorder as a child Bill never had close friends he preferred to be alone or only with his mother he did not enjoy anyone else s company as a child, therefore having the same affect as he grew into an adult as an adult he never spoke to coworkers, still had no friends when he would have sexual encounters with people, a relationship never formed Over protective mother who did not encourage social activity Growing up with no friends socially withdrawn Bad relationship with his father His father dying him living with the regret of their relationship failing Losing his job as an elevator operator due to inability to function properly Inability to form relationships with people in his adult life Homosexual encounters Not being able to trust anyone around him From DSM-IV-TR 43 unable to keep a job no friends hallucinations delusions Predisposing Conditions Precipitating Events Bill s homosexual encounters began after starting the bank job After two years at the bank he resigned and found another job He became an elevator operator After several months he became less friendly and disorganized He started showing poor work ethic as residents complained about him and found him more and more peculiar After a year he got fired His sexual encounters continued, some with men some with women Bill then moved back in with his mother but realized they made each other anxious He then moved in with his sister Colleen, her husband, and their children Youngest of four kids so his mother was very protective She did not encourage social activities with other kids Bill was much closer to his mother than to his father His father did not pay much attention to Bill His parents would fight because of that He later learned that his father was having an affair with another woman Bill grew even more distant from his father and began to hate him When he was 12 his father grew ill, Bill wished for him to die The father died and years later Bill felt guilty for what had happened between them As he grew he only wanted his mothers company instead of the company of other boys his age After high school he could not decide what he wanted to do with his life so he took on his first job as a bank clerk Psychodynamic theory Psychodynamic theorists suggested that schizophrenia when mothers are overprotective or rejecting of their children Psychoanalytic theory provided the first psychological model of psychotic symptoms.

Clearly, his oddities and intelligence were both pre-existent, but they developed into something more serious with time. These reinforcers are exchanged for benefits such as a film or a coffee.

Her diagnosis was schizophrenia, type, chronic.

In this catatonic state, called waxy flexibility, Sally had to be put in the hospital, but her condition quickly returned to normal.

Reflective functioning during the process in brief

Moreover, in developing interventions for improving social functioning in this population, it has been useful to conceptualize communication behavior in terms of social skills and constituent elements of social skills. Others in community were also supportive of him at this time. After reading the case and discussing the questions in small groups, students ev.

There were rumors that blamed disappointed love and the intense rivalry with a younger man Cohen for Nash s breakdown Nasar, 2001, p.

It was Eugen Bleuler who suggested renaming it to schizophrenia due to the fragmented mind characteristic of the disorder. Finally, we expected that the verbalization strategy applied in therapy would result in observable improvements in Case A s verbal fluency. This is attributed to the vast array of symptoms both positive and negative, such as delusions, alogia, and affective flattening to name a few. Nash wanted to be the center of attention, and when he was not getting it in the mathematics field or from his wife, this was likely a stressor and aided in his development of a mental disorder. Can the case-study approach be applied to schizophrenia?

A recent meta-analysis demonstrated that patients with schizophrenia scored significantly lower than did controls across all cognitive tests and domains with largest impairments in processing speed and episodic memory Psychiatric aspects of male genital Out of the 5 levels discussed, level 2 and 3 seem to be the most compatible with the John Nash case. Van Gogh had recurring psychotic episodes in the last two years of his life, and at age 37, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest with a revolver. Talk To Someone The ability to say no is crucial for mental health and

He was among the few rookies to start for coach Vince Lombardi.

But Jamie had heard cruel voices since he was in his early teens. Although there is no known cure at this time for schizophrenia, there are treatments that can assist the patient in ameliorated living. It also prompted significant broader policy interest and debate, including a 2008 review by the Healthcare Commission and a 2010 All Party Parliamentary Mental Health Group report on the implementation of the NICE schizophrenia guidelines. However, she exhibited little emotion, with only a couple smiles and giggles throughout the interview which seemed to occur during her recollection of times she stood up for herself McGraw Hill Higher Education, 2007. Skill training interventions Identify areas of skill deficit person is willing to work on. This problem may affect the part of the brain involved in developing higher functioning skills. This is an interesting theory that may have some merit after all.

Schizophrenia is complex and fastidious to diagnose due to the different types, symptoms, cognitive and emotional dysfunctions, and the etiology how the disorder originates. These issues and stressors appear to have developed into full blown schizophrenia in 1959. However, this study was in the 1970s, before DSM-III improved the reliability of American diagnoses.

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