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Essay on smoking banned in public places - Smoking Should be Banned in all Public Places

Smokers choose to subject themselves to the health risks of smoking. Do we get to know which college accepted a student with such poor writing skills? To them, smoking around them is like choking them eventually the air is going to run out. Essay about Banning Smoking in Public Places Viewed 23614 Rating A smoking section in a bar or restaurant is like having a peeing allowed section in a public swimming pool it spreads Boase.

With the national health plan going into effect, there is certain to be more and more finger pointing and regulation. Another linking error can be found here in critical times as fires, crimes and road casualities.

The biggest argument from individuals who support smoking bans is that they should not have to breathe polluted air just because people near them want to smoke.

So we should stop kidding ourselves that this is a serious health proposal. The carbon monoxide concentration in the smoke is greater than 20,000 ppm. you can t smoke in others health and justify it by its you RIGHT.

Smoking should no longer be allowed in public places as they are for everyone to use and enjoy and everyone has a right to breathe clean, fresh air and have a lower risk of lung cancer.

By smoking in public places all the people that go to those places have got to inhale their smoke although they have a made a choice to not smoke, they dont have a say in whether smoking will be a part in our life or not.

Another thing is that, mobile can be an impressive mode of recreation which assists to reduce our monotonousness on a long journey since it has lots of functions, such as medial player to listen to songs, video to watch films, games to play.

Smoking may also cause other problems like heart attack and respiratory illnesses. They also say that the smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, 50 of which are known to be

However, there are adequate number of reasons why cellular phones should not be restricted in some local sites. However, the decision of whether smoke or not to smoke should be for each individual to make. because that was in the late 1920 s and early to mid 1930 s, police didn t have the numbers they do today nor did that have the ability to control the whole United States not to mention that it was put apon the cities and towns local police force to control the alcohol problem. Banning public smoking prevents the person from the harm caused by smoke. Some people believe that using cell phones in the public areas can cause plenty of disadvantages and therefore should not be allowed, I disagree with this view because of a couple of reasons. By continuing to browse this site, you give consent for cookies to be used. Smoking causes 100,000 premature deaths a year in Britain. Should personal rights be pushed aside to please those around us that disagree with the so called disgusting habit? As per your suggestion, i have rewritten it Please do appraise and suggest me Some people think that the use of mobile cell phone should be banned in public places, such as in libraries, shop and on public transport. Secondly, cell phone can be a source of irritation.

Nor is there a need for a new law against smoking in public places. Likewise, the phone signals can also cause some serious complications in some public places such as hospitals by interfering with delicate instruments or equipment.

the signs don t say no smokers they say no smoking. Even if you are at some public places, like restaurants or bars.

Every time they exhale I then have to walk into a cloud of their smoke. Over 55 of all smokers are aged between 12 and 24, while in the 1960 s only 15 of the total smokers were aged between 12 and 24. These are rightly considered discriminatory and these smoking signs should meet the same fate. The biggest mistake is that people think, that they harm only themselves when they smoke, but smoke harms everybody who are near the smoker. The message you are tryin to get across is good but you just need to make your message more clear and easier to understand. For instance, in libraries, phones usually distract the concentration of readers. Imagine sitting in a restaurant unable to enjoy a meal due to the cloud of smoke coming from a neighbor s table. Me governments have banned smoking in all public places. Not only would this mean a breach of the core rights of individuals, but it could also cause an emergency situation to be neglected. Smoking zones were thus introduced so as to let the smokers enjoy their smoke without being of potential harm to the nonsmokers.

You have written that I believe levying a complete ban would not be an appropriate answer but in your first body paragraph you write the opposite there are two compelling grounds to impose an entire ban. Cigarettes contain 4,000 types of chemicals out of which 43 are carcinogenic.

Moreover, passive smoking is also a major concern today. You know, oral sex is illegal in some places, but I don t think it stops anyone. Their speed and accuracy to grasp information reduces and it becomes difficult to retain it in their mind. Its a positive development and will prove to be a great step in the development of human life. President Clinton is quoted saying that We ve got to do more to protect people in public places and clean up the air that all of us share Rovner 571. So, considering the ill effects of passive smoking on health and environment, smoking has been banned in public places. As a result, cell phone holders can browse many books anywhere and anytime.

Sorry it got so long, thought I could separate it in sentences! For example, when a person works in long shift hours, smoking a cigarette could be the only way out through out the day.

Firstly, it saves the passive smokers from the harm of smoking. Ideas Reasons for Banning Mobile Phones in Public Places Phones can be intrusive.

The function has been increased such as internet surfing, camera etc. The American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation released a statement in 2011 stating that almost 80 of the population lives under some sort of smoking ban.

For example, the chance of lung cancer is increased by 16-19 when in contact with second hand smoke Few Facts. Shout out to all the people who say that everyone has a right or those who are implying that smokers can do whatever they want, when ever they want, where ever they want FOH with you BS! People who smoke subject themselves to deadly diseases, as well as long- and short-term health problems.

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