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Phd thesis on computer science - Computer Science and Engineering Theses, Dissertations, and Student Research Computer Science and Engineering, Department of University of Nebraska- Lincoln

If your preliminary advisory committee had no outside member, you must bring one on board at this time. Pulman 1987-10-01 1993-04-01 1993-07-01 John Carroll Practical Parsing Of Natural Language 1992-02-01 1993-03-01 1993-10-01 J Matthew S Doar Multicast In The Asynchronous Transfer Mode Environment 1989-10-01 1993-02-01 1993-05-01 Kish Shen Studies of and or parallelism in Prolog 1987-01-01 1993-01-01 1993-01-26 P Nicholas Benton Strictness Analysis Of Lazy Functional Programs 1988-10-01 1992-12-01 1993-05-01 Cormac John Sreenan services for digital continuous media Prof. 2010 Disambiguating Identity Web References Using Social Data Rudram, C. OK, you are the Government of a country developing a new Social Welfare system.

Master s candidates Deposit of your thesis or project is required.

In some cases, a student may choose a topic outside the list of topics below provided a staff member is willing to act as supervisor and the Head of Department judges it to be an appropriate thesis or project topic.

The so-called MapReduce from Google is among the most widely used approach. The thesis should be defended at the latest by the end of the fourth semester following the one in which the student passes the.

Wiseman 1985-01-01 1990-07-01 1990-11-01 Richard C Hutchings The computer comprehension of systematic metaphor Prof.

1994 Formal Specification Of VLSI Chutimaskul, W. Wheeler 1984-10-01 1990-07-01 1991-11-01 Michael Luke Tunmer Combinator reduction on networks of small processors Dr A. Comparison against commonly used Euclidean distance for the problem solving will be carried out.

1998 Physically Based Modelling Of Human Limbs Cooper, M. Students are invited to propose a domain and to discuss this with the supervisor.

Kayes In recent years, electronic health services are increasingly used by patients, healthcare providers, healthcare professionals, etc.

2010 High performance agent based modelling on graphics card hardware Roberts, A. Topic 4 Mapping Relational Database RDB Schema to NoSQL Database Schemas and Query Rewriting of SQL to NoSQL Queries With the increasing usage of NoSQL databases in many applications, there is a tendency that existing data stored in RDB to be converted into NoSQL structure. Students are governed by the degree requirements in effect when they enter the Department as degree-seeking students. Brown Graduation date 1992 Thesis title Constructive semantics Advisor Mukkai David Musser Employment after graduation GE TIBCO Student Rupak Biswas Graduation date 1991 Thesis title Parallel and adaptive methods for hyperbolic partial differential systems Advisor Joseph Flaherty Employment after graduation NASA Student M hamed Bouziane Graduation date 1991 Thesis title Metadata modeling and management Advisor Employment after graduation Student David A.

The idea is to identify three basic components of a subject Intended Learning Outcomes ILO, Teach Learning Activities TLA, and Assessment Tasks AT and to integrate them into a cohesive alignment with student learning as the ultimate goal.

By the end of the first year, each student selects a specific area and forms a committee based on the student s research interests.

This project provides scope for students to learn about different facets of dealing with unstructured text data, and in particular, about how clustering and classification techniques can be successfully applied to it.

A QA system converts a user s query into a sequence of key words, conducts web search using the keywords, and identifies the most proper text segment as the answer to the query. 2006 The Role of Static and Dynamic F0 Cues in Concurrent Vowel Segregation Malyala, S.

2003 A method for generating test cases from UML for use with programming Salahuddin, Sarah 2009 Analysing the Impact of Change on Finite State Machine Test Sets Salas Zuniga, M. Each student then focuses on a specific topic of research and begins a preliminary investigation of that topic.

Wiseman 1985-01-01 1988-10-01 1989-03-01 David Tennenhouse Prof. You may need a methods section, a results section and a conclusion section. 1999 Visual-Z A Methodology and Environment for Developing Visual Formal Z Specifications Yap, Chern Nam 2008 Real Time Application Roaming Performance Over Wireless Local Area Network IEE 802.

The research will preferably will be with the Maritime Simulation Lab in La Trobe. This topic is abstract in nature and requires a good aptitude for mathematics and music Topic 4 Scheduling in Biosensors A biosensor is an analytical device for the detection of an analyte that combines a biological component with a detector component.

Wiseman 1989-10-01 1992-05-01 1992-07-01 Ian Benson Reasoning About Contingent Events In Distributed Systems Dr W. 2003 Modelling the recognition of band-pass filtered speech Dahlan, N.

After the defence, the Examining Committee convenes and makes a decision on the acceptability of the oral defence to the GAU.

The aim of the thesis is to study the concept of RESTful web services in depth and to construct a catalogue of patterns for designing data-intensive web services.

V Computer Science Engineering Computer Science Engineering Ph.

Topic 3 Metacognitive Scaffolding Learning Machine Existing machine learning algorithm is always cognitive in nature, where they just consider the issue of how-to-learn.

However, it has been always so hard to find that many of us had to write papers for academia by ourselves and get poor t is important to mention that cheap essay writing help has always been something modern students were looking for and were deeply interested in. Be sure to click the Submit button at the bottom. The outcome of this thesis is to propose mapping rules of RDB to NoSQL database schema. India, via the cheapest provider with acceptable quality. At the same time while they were doing their literature search they may have read a paper or seen something in a related area that might be useful to you. d 2000 Investigations on the Czochralsm Growth and of Acoustic- Optic Te O2 and Bi12 Si,Ge O20 Crystals S Dr. The sychronised sleep pattern scheme proposed in 3 is used in the popular Mica and Telos motes commercially produced by Crossbow. As the work progressed, to test some hypotheses, or to perform some exploratory analysis, new data files often had to be prepared. 2005 Techniques for the Synthesis of Visual Speech Eggink, J.

2011 Timeline Extraction From Hyperlinked Text Corpora Damljanovic, D. So I will add a related work section after introducing and evaluation every approach I proposed. If you have not yet managed to write your title, your research needs to feed into the creation of this. A cloud based backend system will also be developed for control, monitoring, training, and coordination of multiple dogs and human handlers in operations. How to do a Computer Science Thesis Jason and Andy s How to Do a Computer Science Thesis version August 30, 2005 Always two there are a Master and an Apprentice Yoda It s a lot like what Luke went through on Dagobah.

Staton 2008-10-01 2012-09-24 2013-01-22 Compressive sensing for wireless sensor networks 2009-10-01 2012-09-20 2012-12-04 Gregory Chadwick Communication centric, multi-core, fine-grained processor architecture 2008-10-01 2012-09-14 2013-01-22 Lin Sun Automatic induction of verb classes using clustering 2008-10-01 2012-07-23 2012-12-04 Privacy engineering for social networks. Big data enables organizations to store, manage, and manipulate vast amounts of data to gain the right knowledge.

2000 Evolving Visually Guided Neural Network Robot Arm Controllers for Lifetime Learning Refoufi, A. This work will also provide a platform for future research into dog training and development, and dog human collaboration. 1999 Knowing What You Don t Know Roles for Confidence Measures in Automatics Speech Recognition Woods, P.

My view is that the problem may be based upon a knowledge acquisition process which may assisted by taxonomies of the application and measurement domains. Questions may address any aspect of the proposal, including the actual research, the larger problem, your familiarity with previous work, and your expected attack on specific sub-problems.

Note If a Computer Laboratory research student s PhD is not listed here, then it might have been dealt with by the Mathematics Degree Committee this includes any pre-1987 Computer Laboratory PhD or by the Engineering Degree Committee this applies to some early ones in the Digital Technology Group.

Students should try to schedule events well in advance to make sure they meet the spring PAS deadline. Fritzsche Graduation date May 2004 Thesis title Advisor Charles Stewart Employment after graduation West Point Student John Punin Graduation date August 2003 Thesis title Advisor M. is a major problem pervading the information technology industry.

in cases such as natural disasters bush fires, tsunami, etc.

A research supervisor who is not a CS faculty member may be approved as a co-chair along with a co-chair from CS. Specification Systems Topic 14 UNAMBIGUOUS, INFORMAL SPECIFICATION TECHNIQUES Discussions of specification capture raise the issue of a suitable language for system specification of software systems. Varela Employment after graduation National Central University, Taiwan Student James Kilbride Graduation date December 2006 Thesis title Advisor M.

The candidate must prepare one thesis document, including all required revisions, for submission to the School of Graduate Studies via the graduate secretary.

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