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How to write a good comment - How To Write Comments- The Blog Herald

Can t remember reading such a helpful post dedicated to the humble art of the comment. i need to know that how frequently we should comment on other blogs. My students are very receptive to other teachers comments on our blog, also learn from students comments from outside of our class and are learning communication skills beyond what I ve seen in previous classes. Thank you for the great comment, well wishes, and great question, Alison.

One inviolable rule whoever comments on my blog, gets a return visit although after my drive-by commentator today, that ll have to be amended to, whoever leaves a meaningful comment on my blog, gets a return visit You bring up some interesting points to consider. I did like the honest approach in the article accepting that we are all trying to promote our blog or business, we want to promote but at the same time add value. It s so interesting how this shift to adding value resonates wtih issues of personal growth and even meditationthe more you relax and stop struggling the more good things come back, but it takes courage to do that.

When this blog launched in early 2006, within a couple of months it had about 30 readers. From here, you may want to read about Python s to provide you with more resources to properly document your Python projects.

I am also conscious that I could spend hours a day commenting on blogs when I should actually be concentrating on my business itself. I once had a comment refer to me by the wrong name, and discuss his her favorite food. This makes commentators be more familiar with you it helps you when building relationship with top bloggers.

However, when you re dealing with a blog having a standard commenting system then sticking to your name only is the better way around.

By the way, if you haven t yet, check out this Like Loading. and all the teams try to raise their game when they play them? I feel like that sometimes when you leave me comments. I m going to mosey on over to your blog and take a look under the hood. Good point about kids not realizing the strong points of their writing.

create or replace function plsqldoc pName varchar2, pType varchar2 return varchar2 is This function will attempt to extract the prefacing comments for the parameterised programming unit. Erent levels of fluency in the team Write for your audience- including the future team, and especially on a team Don t mix jargon from di? Knowing when and what to comment can be tricky, so here are a couple rules of thumb to help you comment more frequently and usefully Always document hacky code.

Because there s not enough time to pack an entire screenwriting course into a small package such as this. What I like to do is open a blank word processing document like Notepad, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc. From a usability standpoint, any interface that warns but doesn t inform is a faux pas, too. I mean, how hard is it to scroll up and get the person s name?

Say what s in your heart and mind and people always appreciate what you have to say. It looks like there might be an issue playing videos in this browser. as I have been looking for this information since long time. In fact, many students find these comments vague and confusing and sometimes abrupt or harsh.

It s not quite recently the fundamental kuwento of a couple and there s paramour who destroyed their family. Which is why I hate seeing blogs that haven t optimized their blog comment sections for SEO. I am the author of High Performance MySQL and lots of open-source software for performance analysis, monitoring, and system Commenting on others blog is good from gaining traffic perspective. Your article will go a long way in helping those who are looking out for blog commenting.

I really like your blog commenting tips thank you very much. Post author Yeah, Tongue Sandwich said the same thing. If the value changes, the comment will need to change as well. It will make the code maintainable and any other programmer who looks at the code will find it easy to understand the logic you have implemented. Finally he sunk his two-foot putt for the win and eternal glory including a red cape. Write a comment that others find value in, and that encourages others to check out your blog, follow you on Twitter, etc. for i in select min line line from user source where name pName and type pType and upper text like PROCEDURE pName or upper text like FUNCTION pName loop vStart i.

Do not use commenting as a means to leave in old, unused code. Teena mentioned something similiar in an earlier comment. I do know that Google look for unnatural links so those in the first two spammers categories above should watch out but that they don t have a problem with genuine comments. Miss Stenhouse I really really think that if we read these rules we will have the best comment! You have read about the author and the topic, even better!

When using lots of loosely coupled React components, things get unmaintainable pretty soon, if this information is hidden in tickets and pull request comments. Here s a better take on the same idea This was awesome!

is a writer and author of 39 unpublished books and three screenplays.

You have knowledge on the field you are commenting on, great! Information about both is crucial for helping them improve their writing. instagram takip i sat n almak i in en do ru adres bu sitedir.

You have a precious medium through which you can share your thoughts for free with virtually no barriers to entry, save the spam folder.

Elvis has caused me to miss a notification or two or ten, too. It is nice to look around and see the progress I ve made, but I know I have much, much, much, MUCH farther to go.

Bad comments are such a big problem, that most discussion on the subject never gets past how not to write bad comments.

It supports setting conditional breakpoints, stepping through the source code one line at a time, stack inspection, and more.

If someone submits a comment and ending it with lolz, they re going in the spam folder no matter how great the comment is, sorry.

the ideal is how to comment,there are people who even read the content,their comments dont match with content others just leave one word like wow,thank you, the chances for them being approved is quite low Great way to start looking into blog commenting. I m glad you found me here on Quips Tips, Japinder, and look forward to connecting with you more! Conclusion Using comments within your Python programs helps to make your programs more readable for humans, including your future self. You will be asked for your name you can use a nickname and email address this is not published 4.

15 Thank Readers for Their Support Out of the 8000 replies I ve made to individuals, I d venture to say I ve included some type of thank-you in at least 7000 of them. My initial idea was going to have great comments be one of several topics discussed in the post. However, it is essential to communicate to students before they turn in their papers which aspects of the writing you are going to focus on in your feedback at which points in the semester and why. This article is really very interesting and effective. The strong emphasis on developing quality commenting skills is an important reason why teachers like, and achieve great results blogging with their students.

I particularly agree with your points about taking the trouble to read the post and the opposite just regurgitating what was said.

I think I ve learnt a lot in the past week and would like to thank you for indirectly being a mentor.

The Internet is a communal effort to share and expand on ideas and knowledge.

It was such an affective way back then before Google introduced the Penguin and Panda updates. I am really happy to say it s an interesting post to read. Write unit tests instead 24 PeterHilton 7 sins of bad comments 25 PeterHilton 1. Chris is a nice guy, but gets hundreds of emails a day, so it s tough for him to reply to everyone, esp someone he doesn t know. This tutorial will go over how to work with the Python interactive console and leverage it as a programming tool. Hi harsh, Can you suggest any effective caching pluginn other than autoptimize.

Each topic will list the most popular blogs in that particular niche. I love how you shared the examples of many commenters visually. On the web, we barely make it through a post as we ve grown fond of scanning and skimming. I have no talents or skills and I am forced to make a living by selling SEO tools. Greeting a blogger with a Hi Ryan and signing off with your name sets a personal, authentic, pleasant tone for the comment. If you spend a little more time and research and write a well written blog comment you may get a few clicks through to your page, but is it worth it? But, like all things worth doing in this world, great comments don t come easy.

I d leave comments on his blog but again, comments that add value, not just leaving comments to leave comments. There s no good way for a computer to tell the difference between beef jerky and something like you jerk! Provide a brief summary of 1 what you understood from the paper and 2 any difficulties you encountered. And thank you so much for sharing it on social media. Comments require review, rewrites and refactoring, just like code.

I swear I ve read comments like I ve never worked with chocolate before, but I think 29 degrees would be better than 28 degrees. It can be a time-consuming task, and the reward seems worth it from reading this article. You can now find the file-related videos in the final chapters of this series. That said, I doubt spammers would take the time to read my blog or actually google how to write a good spam comment. We hope this article helped you learn how to write a good blog comment and hopefully your comments will bypass the spam filters.

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