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Strategy case study questions - Interview preparation tips for Strategy professionals Morgan McKinley Recruitment

1 Openness and ability to deal with complexity One of the strengths of qualitative content analysis is the way it tries to synthesize openness as claimed by the qualitative research paradigm and theory-guided investigation usually demanded by the paradigm. It decreases the influence of rising meat pricesThe hypothesis giving the answer to the SCQ is now formulated as We can restore profits to the level of 2008 by replacing 20 of our menu withvegetable based dishes.

One way in which we have tackled this, in some of our case studies, is to have both coursework and exam assessment on the case study content.

Second was a market sizing the market size for light bars the thing that holds the sirens on top of police cars. On second level, triangulation takes place by applying a method of analysis qualitative content analysis that has not been particularly developed for this purpose to a different research design case study research. We are going back in time to the pen and paper and, your best resource your smart brain.

Therefore, research questions about how and why rather than what or how much are best suited to the case study strategy ibid.

Talk about what YOU achieved, not what WE achieved. Research Question, Aim and Structure of the Paper Cognitive interest and research question Aim, structure and scope of the paper Case Study Research The case study as a research strategy Designing case studies Conducting case studies Collecting evidence Analyzing case study evidence Reporting case studies Content Analysis Classical content analysis Qualitative content analysis Excursus qualitative research Philipp MAYRING s approach Quality criteria and validation issues The Use of Qualitative Content Analysis in Case Study Research Mixed methods and triangulation Case study research and qualitative content analysis Openness and ability to deal with complexity Theory-guided analysis Integration of context Integration of different material evidence Integration of quantitative steps of analysis Limitations of qualitative content analysis Outlook 1.

Rather than answer directly what you would do, give an example of your own when you were faced with such a situation and describe how you dealt with it and how it might apply to the current situation. Strategic advice and evaluation of acquisition of BioFuture, a leading biologicals start-up, by a major global company. If it is a personal interest, such as poker or scuba diving, then respond honestly based on your experiences and skill level.

the results of other methods like test, experiment or observation. The most important thing here is to highlight a few things that you ve learned about the firm you re interviewing with. In fact, it is not only the manifest content of the material that is important but also the latent content as well as formal aspects need to be taken into consideration cf. For example, we now run a case study on joining processes, which contributes to a third of a module in level 2 see case study example 5. Your experience has helped you progress in your career and education keep using that experience to help you succeed in your case interview. Therefore, a case study cannot be defined through its research methods, but rather in terms of its theoretical orientation and interest in individual cases HARTLEY, 2004, p. Additionally, McKinsey MDs enjoy the opportunity for learning and personal development. If you go astray, it will help you get back on track. Break-Even Analysis is often applied when deciding whether to develop a new product or make a capital equipment investment, as well as helping in making decisions around how to price products and service and the number of units to produce.

By asking smart questions, you show off your critical thinking skills and also engage your interviewer in the process.

78 Theory-guided analysis also offers the chance to compare and complement the primary data collected within the research project with secondary data.

Inclusion of quantitative steps of analysis Quantitative analyses are especially important when trying to generalize results.

The presentation will focus on qualitative content analysis as it was developed by Philipp MAYRING in Germany see Section 4.

Overlooked has been the possibility that case studies can offer important evidence to complement experiments.

But if you think you ve gotten tough questions, wait until you see what recent graduates are being asked at management consulting firms. The idea behind this microeconomic analysis is to determine the reasonable cost to win or acquire a customer or to maintain an existing customer, i. Practicing case interview questions and answers, attending case interview workshops and participating in mock interviews will help candidates avoid many common pitfalls. Specific location within the channels Specific areas of a site online Product placement in stores Promotion This aspect which could be called marketing strategy, if only the word marketing started with the letter p is about reaching and attracting the customer client. Although these concepts will not be tested and do not form a major part of general Consulting Case Study interviews, these topics can appear in a general discussion about a particular business situation and you should be able to discuss them at least on a basic level.

You are measuring the existing market of an item in total units or total sales it s important to clarify up front which one it is.

Math-Oriented Interview Questions There are many challenging aspects of Management Consulting interviews, and without a doubt, one such area is the ability to do fairly basic math during the Case Study questions and other quantitative questions that come up. Each group meets with the lecturer and post-graduate assistants for ten minutes to give a five-minute presentation and provide a one-page summary of activity and future plans. No results found We were unable to find a match for searchstring. Flag this 0 as inappropriate Would you like us to review something? Differences between traditional, established Materials Science and Engineering degree courses Type I courses and the newer often Materials related courses Type II courses. She also loves productivity hacks more than candy.

2 Theory-guided analysis We just mentioned theory-guided analysis as one of the special strengths of qualitative content analysis see above, Section 5. This is a method we have not tried, but is an interesting way to develop case studies and one promoted by Smith 1992.

How do you determine the weight of a blue whale without using a scale? Remember, this person may be interviewing 12 people that day, and your job is to impress him or her quickly. According to YIN 2003a one of the most important sources of case study information is the interview most commonly, case study interviews are of an open-ended nature, in which you can ask key respondents about the facts of a matter as well as their opinions about events YIN, 2003a, p.

Our client Dunk produces both branded biscuits and own label biscuits for supermarkets, and Dunk is the third largest biscuit manufacturer in the UK, with a 15 share of the branded biscuit market.

Mongolia s estimated gross domestic product GDP for 2011 was 8. Once the interviewer endorses your framework, stick to it!

Manhole Cover A square manhole cover can be dropped down the hole if turned diagonally to the hole, where round covers can t be dropped down manholes.

A step back question is one the puts the case into context, and gets at the bigger picture beyond the information you were given upfront.

If Google s 2012 revenue increases 10 and its 2012 profit margin increases to 30, what will Google s profit be in 2012? They just invented the cellular phone 3 years ago.

We seek people who strive to lead themselves, their teams, and their communities, and who can foster effective teamwork to drive results. Many came from careers in basic research, where they often worked in isolation and where it can take years to achieve tangible results.

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And the best advice here is The more you practice, the easier it will get.

Remenyi, Dan, Money, Arthur, Price, David, Bannister, Frank 2002.

The Flowertree Hotel in Shanghai has three types of rooms. In addition, the product and cultural of the organization.

Consulting Interviews Same as Case III, but with 15 new cases. Describe your leadership style and the obstacles you faced as the team s leader. Besides, in the course of the last century especially the second half of it, the development of qualitative methods showed impressive advances and results, thus helping to gain more acceptance not only in the field of social research cf.

It can help determine whether a market or company is attractive, whether the client for whom the analysis is being performed is a private equity firm thinking about buying a company, or a major company thinking about entering or exiting a certain market segment. On the first and more obvious level, data is triangulated by integrating different material and evidence see Section 5. The key frameworks that follow should be used directly in certain Case situations, but more broadly they should be used as a way to expand your strategic thinking, which is the critical component of success in the Case Study interview process. 36 Obviously, classical content analysis is essentially a quantitative method with the core and central tool being its system of categories cf. Consultants going in to in-house strategy teams are often seen as the potential future leaders of the business. Case studies are a form of inquiry that does not depend solely on ethnographic or participant observer data.

Case Study Interview Questions About the Customers Future Goals What are the biggest challenges on the horizon for your industry? com w us-en acnmedia Accenture Blogs Images 16 for airlines the market is competitive on pricing, economics of coach vs.

Be specific and include examples from your experiences. 05 of the approximately 400 million households in China will purchase a new Steinway in the next decade.

5 Powerful Content Marketing Case Study Interview Questions 5 Powerful Content Marketing Case Study Interview Questions Nov 25, 2011 Case studies are vital tools because they tell a compelling client story and provide the same authority as, but in a format short enough to capture most prospects attention.

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