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An essay on moral responsibility zimmerman - Michael J. Zimmerman, An Essay on Moral PhilPapers

In the course of discussing human virtues and their corresponding vices, Aristotle pauses in Nicomachean Ethics III. For our guiding concern in formulating those everyday judgments seems to be not whether the person in question was the unqualified ultimate source of his conduct but, more modestly, whether the person did the right thing for the rights reasons or, if he didn t, whether he had a fair opportunity of doing so.

Paradigmatic exemptions include insanity, immaturity, and uncontrollable urges paradigmatic excuses include coercion, duress, and ignorance.

To see that this is so, consider judgments of

His conception of an organizational internal decision structure is not primarily an empirical concept, but rather a logical one.

With the exception of formal organizations, such as business corporations or nation-states and public bureaucracies, a tremendous variety of groups fall under this heading.

That is, the normative concern for a fair opportunity to avoid blame and sanction may lie behind the felt need to have access to alternatives. Consider the obligation not to cause gratuitous harm to another person, which is something that applies to people generally, regardless of office or station or role. Confused, I read the thirty-two text messages I had received in the span of ten minutes. Michael Zimmerman An Essay On Moral Zimmerman Rowman Littlefield Totowa, NJ 1988 Australian Harvard Citation Zimmerman, Michael J. These attitudes are thought to be constitutive of responses of moralized praise and blame when we praise or blame someone, our response is guided by them. C Wright Mills perceived the relations I have argued for between these concepts in his distinction between fate and power Lukes 1974, p. On the contrary, one can offer an interpretation of the CC that is compatible with the fact of our entanglement in a causally complex world.- 1995- Midwest Studies in Philosophy 20 1 15-35. Causation and Responsibility An Essay in Law, Morals, and Metaphysics, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2009.

In this context, ascriptions of responsibility and judgments of blame are usually triggered by harm caused to one person by another. It will then be clear that the paradox fails to arise in this alternative conception, and I will offer reasons to prefer it over Nagel s.

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But the truth of this contention depends, again, on the assumption that total control is what responsible agency requires.

If this is so, then once more the connection between action and AS that is supposed to be a condition for ascriptions of responsibility is proved to be illusory.

Complete Journals that are no longer published or that have been combined with another title. 36, for I have argued that such problems arise not from the nature of moral judgment itself but from a particular understanding of it that isn t forced upon us as soon as we judge someone responsible for something.

He explains how causing harm is associated with character flaws that are often widely shared. Scan an ISBN with your phone Use the Amazon App to scan ISBNs and compare prices.

The Oxford Handbook of Free Will, Oxford Oxford University Press, 2002. Risser argues that organizations do not have moral rights, and the legal rights they do have serve ideally to protect human interests. That is, it must be up to the agent whether to perform that action or possess the trait it cannot be compelled externally.

Both views on character, particularly Feinberg s, may well discourage a robust sense of individual moral

Order a copy Copyright or permission restrictions may apply. Letters also give people the opportunity to go over what s been suggested or discussed. John Searle refers to organizations and other social objects as ontologically subjective and advises In the case of social objects, however, the grammar of the noun phrases conceals from us the fact that, in such cases, process is prior to product.

Now it is true that there are factors beyond the agent s control that may block attributions of blame, but in the present account this is so only when those factors deprive him of the fair opportunity to avoid wrongdoing. Character, and the Emotions, New York Cambridge University Press Sher, George, 2006. Essays on Aristotle s Ethics, Los Angeles University of California Press. He also implies that the theory of corporate moral agency is associated with a number of constitutional rights, such as the 14 th Amendment in 1886 and more recently, aspects of the 1 st Amendment being extended to corporations., the noumenal conception espoused by Kant and Nagel.

help with writing a paper where can i find someone to write my paper essays help Trice is seen standing in from of the first car in town. Now I have admitted that in my account people can be morally lucky unlucky in precisely the way Nagel thinks is at odds with the nature of moral judgment, and so he would insist that I have missed something important. These features help preserve solidarity and promote a mutual sense of collective destiny., in the face of evidence that our world is possibly deterministic. Velasquez does support the vicarious liability of the corporation itself in cases where there is an absence of punishable individual members or to compensate victims of corporate harm. For example, can a person be morally responsible for her behavior if that behavior can be explained solely by reference to physical states of the universe and the laws governing changes in those physical states, or solely by reference to the existence of a sovereign God who guides the world along a divinely ordained path? Some will be lucky and reach home without an accident, and some will be unlucky and cause harm to others.

Buy An Essay on Moral Responsibility by Michael J. Suppose that the reason why B didn t kill D is that he was, unlike A, causally determined not to do so still, Zimmerman argues, B is still as responsible as A, if he would have freely killed D, had his causal history cooperated 2002, p. 35, it amounts to the threat that causal determinism is sometimes assumed to pose to ascriptions of responsibility if everything we do-including stripped-down acts of the will idem-is causally determined by prior events, it seems that what really explains the occurrence of any action whatsoever is not the agent that constitutes the final link in an infinitely long causal chain, but that chain itself.

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