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Make sure they are credible and not outdated, and you will have yourself some good work to do. 8 Degree of freedom N- 1 Where N 5 N- 1 5-1 4 X2t at 0. It is argued that high performance work systems would involve recruitment practices which aim to attract and select highly committed and flexible people, internal labour markets which reward commitment and training with promotion and job security, and methods of direct communication and team-working Wood and de Menezes, 1998, p. My bank provides me with the supplies required to perform my task efficiently. Investigate in your dissertation how to motivate your employees in difficult times for the organization.

4 of the respondents strongly agree that in their respective organisations, management allows them use their discretion to schedule work and determine how it is to be done 39.

However, it is pertinent to understand that although employee may be greatly capable of performing some work, nothing can be achieved if they is not willing to work.

goal relationship the degree to which individual s goals are satisfied by organizational rewards and the degree to which individual is personally attracted to the rewards. 9 saw their personal issues as obstacles or potential obstacles to their performance at work.

Incentives, they argue are a means to favour certain behaviours in order to reach defined objectives and are important because they can influence key determinants of performance and can encourage people to stay on a job. It also aims to know the extent to which BOK is successful in making its employees satisfied and committed. The highly satisfied employees tend to be highly productive and can help the organisation to be success.

Behaviour is a function of its consequences Griffin and Moorhead,2009.

Management Dissertation Topic 2 Developing innovative and quality products and services are the core business strategy of Apple Inc.

People have two sets of needs that are related to job satisfaction and others to job Nelson and Quick,200.

This research was guided by two key questions What are the factors that can adequately motivate employees in order to improve their performance?

These assumptions are categorised as Theory X and Theory Y. These studies investigated the effect of working conditions on employee performance and productivity Finchmam and Rhodes, 1999. In general, Carter found that the more motivated tourism workers are, the more often they have non-wage demands, such as training, appreciation and better supervision 35. 49 The decision rule will be If x2e x2t accept HO hence 60 9.

Lastly, consensus refers to if the specific exhibited behaviour is unique to the individual or if it has been widespread amongst other individuals Martin, 1998., rid rmt 0, rt 0, ru com journal 2015 04 s IMPACT OF MOTIVATION ON EMPLOYEES u0027 PERFORMANCES A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIAN BANKING INDUSTRY u2013 The WritePass Journal The WritePass Journal, sc 1, st WritePass, th 179, tu q u003dtbn tw 281 clt n, id isu japstav.

It is found that some of employees are not rewarded for their effective performance. Hyptothesis 2 Ho The potentials of the employees are realised when they are satisfactorily motivated. 2 Conclusion This research is an analysis on employee motivation at workplace. Employees are no more seen as only loyal members of the company but they like to be treated with respect and they want their companies to give them opportunities to prove themselves. After entering the rankings given to each factor by each respondent, the sum of all the rankings for that factor was totalled. 2013, with the change in technology Wall mart always try to adopt new technology and process. Hence motivation is an effective instrument in inspiring the work force to achieve organisational goals.

Physiological and safety needs are on the lowest level of the pyramid as they are satisfied externally., rid 5j 4DZmpJKeiPM, rmt 0, rt 0, ru men fox s Dissertation On Motivation Of Employees, sc 1, st Essay, th 158, tu q u003dtbn ANd9GcR qcfByuPgtoc, tw 318 cb 21, cl 3, clt n, cr 6, id isu

168 noted that an individual was now seen to be not only a rationalising but also a rational creature curious, exploratory, and receptive to new ideas. Both have scope for applying a variety of probing or elicitation techniques Creswell, 2009. From his research Herzberg created a list of factors that contribute to satisfaction at work, which he called motivation factors, as well as an entirely separate list of factors that contribute to which he called hygiene factors. 49, therefore the null hypotheses is accepted and the alternative hypotheses is rejected. 1 of the respondents strongly agree that they understand clearly the aims and objectives of their respective companies, while, 44. Constantly provide feedback on what staff has done well and where improvement is needed. 49 The decision rule will be If x2e x2t accept HO hence 35. Discuss in your dissertation whether it s efficient to motivate each employee in separate way.

Job security, promotion and growth, and tactful discipline were also ranked highly. Furthermore, they compare this ratio with those of other employees. There are some negative impact and positive impact of social network on online purchasing behavior of consumers. The Pearson correlation used to measure the significance of linear between the independent and dependent variables thereby achieving the objective of this study. There are three major types of objective outcome measures in an organisation that can be used to guide performance quality of production, money and time.

In this regard, it is highly essential to identify the essential constituents of the effective leadership through conducting this particular research Garvey, 2010. CHAPTER 5 Findings, Conclusion and Recommendation Management of workforce has become a fundamental for companies in this modern business world. To ensure a reward programme that is fair and measurable, managers must create and maintain a distinct balance between an employees basic salary, benefits and other external rewards. Master s Thesis, 82 Pages Am Beispiel des Lindner Par.

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