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Hi Liz Thank you so much for all the information that you post. Hi Liz What is the difference between To what extent you agree or disagree and To what extent you agree? I meant can we mix the present simple and the present perfect? In my view, it is important for children to develop an independent study habit because this prepares them to work alone as adults. However, according to some, the affluent with good social positions are given more importance.

Too certain ACADEMIC I would suggest this solution to the problem.

Well actually one of my teacher told me to wear only formal clothes like trouser instead of jean but i don t feel comfortable in formal clothes so.

as a introduction personally I would like to speak for this statement. In my experience, the secret to improving in all three areas is planning.

At no time, can you discuss both sides in an opinion essay don t risk it, if you find it confusing. Latest posts by IELTS Material- June 25, 2017- June 23, 2017- June 20, 2017 Written By Improve your IELTS skills with tips, model answers, lessons, free books, and more The more you share, the more you get. It appears that you have disabled your Javascript. It is not advisable for everybody it is by far more challenging and demanding. While there are some strong arguments against the setting of homework, I still believe that it is a necessary aspect of education. Adjective I threw the ball to my friend, who was not ready to catch it. This is especially true in the field of communication these modern means of communication have brought significant changes to our lives at all levels.

Hi Liz, Firstly, I want to thank you for putting up this website. The following is an essay submitted by one of our students. IELTS LESSONS IELTS WRITING ESSAY WRITING GRAPH WRITING LETTER WRITING READING SPEAKING LISTENING VOCABULARY GRAMMAR IELTS FORUM OTHER RESOURCES LIFE SKILLS CONTACT IELTS WRITING EBOOK In the writing clinic today we ll look at how to avoid something that could lead to you getting a band 5 for Task Achievement.

As the above has shown, societies should work to guard their freedom to make decisions unaltered by the interests of large companies. But I just fear that I may suffer from lack of coherence, logically in particular, like I used to I got 9 in reading and 6 in writing last time Thanks very much. In writing task 2 essays, can I have the main ideas in the introductory paragraph while they are developed in the body paragraphs?

There will be some who will not finish their studies or take a long time, thereby increasing the overhead. Comment by Jeffrey feng July 29, 2006 I am sure you will, practice works miracles Comment by August 5, 2006 i am new here,but i feel like in heaven. Gradually, we are learning how humans can survive for long periods in space and even travel to other planets in the future. Thank you Hi Liz, Could you please reply to this doubt as i also have the same question. Advantages and Disadvantages Questions Typical Question Words Discuss the advantages and disadvantages. All the best Liz Hi Liz I noticed in you essay that, you have not endorsed your ides with examples. Do one or two practice tests to make sure that the timing is right, but most of all get yourself organised.

IELTS Sample essays IELTS Writing Task 2 The Writing Task 2 of the IELTS test requires you to write at least 250 words. I can personally guarantee that their methods and techniques are perfect and their team is second to none and this claim is emphasized and reinforced by getting straight 90 s in my very first attempt!

I m unable to select if the answer is false or not given. If you need more help, see my advanced writing task 2 lessons.

hi liz Many thanks for your consideration and help I want to know in writing do we need to speak both sides of question? Is it necessary to give solution in agree disagree essay?

To work on this, go back through your practice essays and try to change every sentence that includes a BE verb as the main verb. All the best Liz Hi Liz I noticed in you essay that, you have not endorsed your ides with examples.

For example, The Times recently reported that 89 of office workers would leave their jobs if they did not need the money. Your writing needs to be clear, but it doesn t have to be perfect. Certainly, drivers age is found to be a factor in many cases of traffic accidents.

If you take the additional step of using official IELTS Writing Task 2 response sheets, you can see how many words you typically write on each page.

I took the PTE Academic exam and with the help of the lovely team of E2Language I got 73. If you are not sure about using the balanced view, don t use it. could you please organise sample essays according to 3 types? Question 2 You don t get penalised for a long essay but it might mean that you have included some irrelevant information which will lower your score.

Get more help with IELTS preparation on the main pages of my site Keep up with me on Facebook- all the updates and even more advice there Or just get all my free lessons by email Dear Dominic, I appreciate your hard work and thanks for this wonderful blog. To achieve this, effective measures must be taken, not by individuals but also by the governance. Others believe that it could be used for the most serious crimes. Individuals also find it comfortable to commit their opinion in a much cleaner and simpler way. This is due to the fact that slums are mostly reservoirs of many epidemic diseases. I passed the exam with the score I need for my immigration purposes! What are the benefits of travelling for the traveller? In the year 2000, cars had been a popular form of transportation and it is recorded that there are 29 millions of cars on British roads alone. person s worth nowadays seems to be judged according to social status and material possessions.

Students spend more time looking at computer screens by themselves than interacting with each other. Should we use two reasons with example each or two reasons and one example. Great teachers, excellent method, easy and intuitive platform, plenty of exercises, warm and welcoming staff! I have myself lost several family members to cancers and heart disease caused by smoking. Communication has become impersonal, they say, and it has actually isolated people instead of bringing them together.

In this task there s not a single example mentioned. Thus, in diverting health spending from treatment to preventative measures, countries should encourage a balanced approach to help extend lifespans and maximise quality of life. And also which type of idioms and phrase I use in task 2 Please see this answer on the main writing task 2 page use of quotes and idioms. Write about the following topic Many people think that the government should pay the tuition fees for all adults who interested in university studies.

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