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Case studies in advertising - Case studies- Advertising at Nature Research

Consistent and targeted advertising resulted in an average user spending 18 minutes per day in SumoKhan.

Results The campaign went global with countries like Canada, USA, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Bahrain The page gained 6 fans every minute during the first days of the World Cup More than 900,000 people had clicked to go to the page by the campaign s completion 21. Tourism Ireland Tourism Ireland wanted to showcase the exciting experiences their country can offer and theguardian. Winners would be displayed in a photographic exhibition outside the House. This case study looks at the secret to Diamond Candles success.

To differentiate itself in a crowded market, Sony Electronics leveraged a bond James Bond with sister company Sony Pictures. Finance One of Canada s Big 5 Banks was looking to drive traffic to its feature travel rewards credit card information and sign-up landing page. The department also runs a remembrance program that honors veterans and educated young people about remembrance. Disclosure Where possible, Social Fresh adds affiliate codes when discussing social media products and services. Budget Campaign Type Objective Sector Target Audience IPA Effectiveness winner brave brand of the year nominee, Direct Line s brand film is here. Carnival also promoted its new ship, Carnival Magic, by posting videos of the naming ceremony and interviews with the captain that user could interact with. If you have a case study we missed, please let us know with a link in the comments.

Marketing Topics Get unlimited access to all of our exclusive marketing resources Here s how Pioneer Electronics earned amazing click-through rates on its targeted online ads. Passionate about visual marketing, Instagram and the future of digital marketing communication. So, Airbnb s goal was to open the world to travel.

With many phones competing for brand awareness they wanted to cut through the clutter online. But here s how the inn boosted its online visibility. They then did four different Premium Page Ads to put attention on their philanthropic actions and their cereal s health benefits. In no particular order here is the list of few brands whose case studies have been described in their blogs website nominated for award written by blogger analyzed by social media enthusiast. The use of video ads and retargeted follow ups was 2.

Now back to you, let me know in a comment if you know any other successful display ads campaigns and how a specific strategy helped them get the best results. EASTPAK ran three different types of ads highlighting the personalities of different bags. They designed a marvelous product for our organization, for the community and for the world. Case Study A graduate campaign which incorporated collateral from attraction to induction.

To ensure effective measuring, we deployed automatic in-ad surveys. 20th Century Fox Leading up to the release of the film Wall Street Money Never Sleeps, 20th Century Fox wanted to acquire a mass of fans on the Wall Street Facebook Page., My name is grace smith from South Africa i am so very happy to testify about this great spell caster Dr agbebaku that help me cured my HIV disease. Food Services Kim Crawford ran a video campaign to generate awareness of its brand online. Children often feel scared and isolated during their stay in hospital, and can face substantial disruption to their usual schooling program.

The company relies on monthly email marketing to reach its diverse audience and tasked us with handling the job. RED launched a Facebook campaign to spread awareness to and induce engagement in users and businesses on Facebook. A burger brand was gearing up to launch a new line of cheeseburgers, but it needed to raise new product awareness among fast food fans near its many restaurants in the New York metropolitan area. The organization wanted to give teens who are exposed to peer pressure to abuse drugs and alcohol a place to hold quality discussions around the topics. There was also an attempt to use targeting of related demographics and key interests.

They went through a rough time and they thought they were going to close the business.

allowing them to include social actions in allof their ads which they found rapidly developed the durability of their brand with those who were unfamiliar with Fela!

Nokia wanted to reach a wide audience, 13 years and older, in order to enhance awareness and connections with the Ovi app.

com site to channel potential subscribers to a new funnel. The Marketplace Ads used several targeting demographics including Likes and Interests in rugby, large sports events or New Zealand, friends of fans and geographic locations. does this form of advertising not just frustrate you as it appears in the middle fo your feed?

This is why we always recommend our users to try a new approach with their banner ad campaigns. Thanks to Caleb Gray helping compose the summaries of the Facebook Ad Case studies below. Finance One of Canada s Big 5 Banks was looking to drive traffic to its feature travel rewards credit card information and sign-up landing page. The main reasons for all these struggles is that the majority of today s marketers are doing the 2008 digital advertising instead of doing the real 2016 digital advertising. Branding, Advertising, and Design Case Studies BASIC Work BBDakota. 01 10 2017 Advertise your financial services business in the BDJ Focus on Financial Services and get connected with 18,000 UK dental professionals! The challenge LG wanted to promote a new phone in the UK.

The New Orleans Marriott is located less than a mile from one of the most popular convention centers in the nation.

Results 120,000 M M S samples were distributed to fans. eTeacher Group used the Facebook targeting program to target people living in certain locations and what people had in their Likes and Interests. 11 33 of the 2010 fan growth were tied to Facebook ads 27. I d love to see a case study strictly on non profit advertising on FB or Twitter and what they typical donation results Hello let me share this testimony to the world to hear about him too this man really exit I was HIV positive over 9year I have being in medication and I try to look for cure to my problem and I go through internet doctor and I found a tradition doctor named DR. Prigat Prigat is a leading fruit beverage brand in Israel. Facebook users landed on a Like gated tab that teased 6 free song downloads in exchange for liking the page. Time Magazine Publishers can also use banner ads not only to get the user on their website, but also to generate email leads. It then ran a broad targeted Reach Block ad as its final phase. Working with Qantas, we created a photographic journey across Australia, powered by social media and covering 7.

For instance, targeting Chicago residents and Cubs fans with an ad that offered Pants for Wrigley and noted that the pants were bleacher friendly in the copy. 360 Chicago, formerly known as the John Hancock Observatory, was reimagined, renovated, and renamed in 2014. Here are some case studies including two from Twitter that highlight how you can be effective on its simple 140 character network.

Results During the campaign, the Facebook page reached over 1 million fans Connections increased almost 17,000 per day after the Reach Blocks Interactions on the Facebook Page reached over 860,000 The videos posted were viewed in total over 1 million times Brand awareness grew between 8 and 21 in different countries 6.

Watsons decided to build its social media presence, and began a multi-phase program to do just that. Results Baskin Robbins gained over 200,000 likes after using 8,600 Group Scoops were created through the campaign The equivalent of 34,400 were delivered 15. Heath Squier, head of marketing said With placement targeting. They then allowed samplers to share samples with two friends to produce a viral effect. It used Facebook targeting to put its ads out to people who had specific Likes and Interests listed in their profiles. As a result, Patriot Getaways has seen a 250 revenue increase from organic traffic and a 140 increase from PPC they have had two record revenue years. They targeted Facebook users interested in photographers, moms, dancers, and inspiration. The company wanted to increase its brand awareness and connections on its Facebook page.

The retailer created the bonprix Facebook Page in 2009 and in 2010, they were looking to increase the traffic to their online site.

15 of the sales due to Nutella s media were attributed to Facebook.

The Ads featured the trailer and drove people to the movie s Facebook page. They decided to conduct a marketing campaign that included a Promoted Trend.

We decided to pull them together in one place as a resource for Facebook advertisers. WCG continually monitors engagement and optimizes the site to improve the viewer experience and increase the number of subscribers. Children often feel scared and isolated during their stay in hospital, and can face substantial disruption to their usual schooling program. Results The Cheerios Facebook Page increased 1,500 by going from almost 9,000 fans to over 130,000 fans They broke the General Mills s highest record for engagement rate at 0. ZipZipPlay ZipZapPlay is a gaming start-up company. com also allowed consumers to like different products so that the company could know which was the most popular for consumers.

03 10 2017 In September 2017, Amazon mistakenly sent out some very confusing emails, telling a large number of customers that someone had bought an item off their baby registry.

The example below shows how it would have appeared on Twitter. Belgian Tourist Office GNM teamed up with the Belgian Tourist Office to produce a series of innovative Discover Brussels podcasts.

It s helpful to look at incrementality and finding ways to grow. The results The results were significant and provide a glimpse of what can be done on Twitter. Maybelline Canada Maybelline Canada was looking to increase its connections with its 18- to 34-year-old target female demographic.

They also desired new user sign-ups, conversions, orders, and visit value coming from the Giantnerd Facebook Page. The company also used Sponsored Stories to reach friends of fans as well. After the Reach Block, Umbro ran four Like Ads and one Poll Ad. They wanted to create opportunities for engagement from their fans.

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