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Case studies in advertising - Amazon Advertising

After seeing the success with this promotion, Mazda extended the competition, and it created a new competition that allowed winners to win and drive a Mazda MX-5 for 5 months. Word of mouth, advocacy Only includes cases since 2009. Presuming that you didn t know, Facebook s organic reach is dying! Our findings determined precisely how and where to invest VEI s media dollars for maximum impact.

After you read about these 5 campaigns you will learn how to approach your next display ad campaign and what to optimize on your banner ad to convert more users. Results Within 3 weeks of launching, the SumoKhan user base grew from zero to over 1,500 daily active users. Wallmart Walmart is spends in 6 months more than 3 million on banner advertising.

The new flood of fans to the page has allowed Markafoni to enhance their communication and interaction with customers.

On this page you will find links to read, watch, learn from and search more than 1,200 cases. Results 33,000 people connected to the Umbro Facebook Page the day of its Reach Block, 20,000 people connected in the following weeks, these connections raised the fan count from 55,000 to 120,000 The Reach block generated almost 242,000 engagements, 51.

Process Approach Sourced feedback from each division. Victory ran two ads during the campaign targeting males aged 35 to 54 and whoever had motorcycles listed in their interests. Clorox Green Clorox s relatively new Green Works cleaning products line used Facebook ads to build awareness using a coupon offer connected with a philanthropic initiative.

EASTPAK then went further and targeted friends of people who had clicked through on the ads.

Our goal was to drive transient bookings to the hotel. Star Sports For the Star Sports ICC Event promotions, the Sports Channel brand known for its quirky take in its ad campaigns brought on board the Mauka Guy who dons opposition s jersey against India with every match. The growth was not just seen in the usage of Social Networking sites, there was a massive interest shown by a lot of Indian brands on this platform. Keep up to date with the latest analysis, inspiration and learning from the Econsultancy blog with our free Digital Pulse newsletter.

Keshet used Poll Ads and Marketplace Ads to drive people to the MasterChef Facebook page. The company s website received over 200,000 visits from Facebook.

NextUp is a collaborative community initiative that provides Richmond middle school students with high-quality Out-of-School Time OST activities and programs. To change this, Cadbury came up with a series of campaigns to target the adult group, starting with the Real taste of life campaign, to encourage people to bring out the child in them. Weekly Reader, a publisher of materials for elementary and secondary schools, needed to improve direct mail renewal rates, which had been trending downward. Pedigree used Facebook to connect dog lovers to their philanthropic cause by saying for every like they received, they would donate a bowl of food to animal shelters nationwide.

Belgian Tourist Office GNM teamed up with the Belgian Tourist Office to produce a series of innovative Discover Brussels podcasts.

Stay Current Check out About Social Fresh Social Fresh is a social media marketing education company. Its mission is to connect retailers and shoppers, online and in the Results Optimization doubled CTR and allowed ShopLocal to scale daily clicks per market 2,000 80. Results The Facebook page reached 1 million fans No one country comprises more than 20 of the fan population During the campaign the event reached 70 of its ticket sales target After search engines, Facebook was the number 1 platform to drive people to the Rugby World Cup website The Facebook Ads were seen over 397 million times throughout the 15 separate campaigns run by the event 75.

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Project management software helped our creative, account and digital teams seamlessly work within tight turnarounds. In 2010, the company released a new platform that offered a free download of a map app, Ovi. But many industry observers doubted the effectiveness of Cadbury s efforts and their ability to replace the traditional sweets and the traditional dessert items which had been a long part of the Indian traditions.

we created a new landing page for the Collegiate site to spur leads. The used Facebook ads as a testing phase to gain more connections on their Facebook page by promoting special events and deals. 05 05 2016 When it came to expanding their impact across audiences, GSK and MediaCom turned to DoubleClick s video technology Programmatic Guaranteed to buy video ad inventory on premium websites. The Sudden Lovelys music group They created 25 different ads 5 unique images matched to 5 unique sets of copy and targeted fans of She Him, a similar band with over 150,000 fans. Scott Iason, Clorox Media Investments Group Manager Results 400 entries into the contest More than 20,000 Green Works Facebook fans submitted comments and voted on the program The 3 off Green Works laundry detergent campaign had an engagement rate reached.

Markafoni Markafoni is a large, private shopping website in Turkey. To ensure our messaging targeted the right travelers, we identified four distinct potential parker profiles.

They used Broad Category targeting to send ads to fans of music groups. Case Study Acura TSX Target audience 25-29 year old males Objectives awareness, engage a qualified and receptive audience through their passion points, offer unique experiences They syndicated content created on to our Facebook and MySpace pages. Marketers and their agency partners who are fleet of foot and able to quickly understand the extent to which their campaigns are delivering as planned and who can then take corrective action as needed are realizing improved financial ROI. The flower company used Facebook ads to give fans 15 their purchase and 50 Facebook Credits to be used on Facebook Games. com Elevating the customer experience by rethinking floral gifting Building the Nii Brand Inspiring an audience to Own the Day Redefining the New Era Brand Sports culture goes mainstream UX Digital innovation Improving the healthcare experience Foot Locker Branding Exploring a visual language for Nike basketball AMEX Open App Empowering SMB s to do more business Branding a community An identity for San Diego s emerging district Back to Campus Bringing the REI brand to a millennial audience Partners since 2011 Helping Ubisoft with branding initiatives A design partnership Helping History Channel improve engagement Branding District Circle An identity for a culture of innovation Windows Phone 8 by HTC Building the global retail program Holiday Campaign Helping REI Give the Gift of the Outdoors An agency partnership Bringing various game titles to consumers We collaborate with ambitious brands and people we d love to build something great together. The online travel agency gained a 14 increase in digital booking and achieved a 100x return on ad spend. Blue Chip Marketing Pixability Teaming Up to Drive Media Performance and Agency Account Growth Integrated agency Blue Chip Marketing knew that walled garden video needed to be a critical part of its clients advertising strategies, but finding success on walled gardens requires specialized technology and expertise.

One of the largest ophthalmology practices in the state asked us to create a robust media plan that would drive eye care consumers to its 10 central Virginia locations. The company wanted to build its word-of-mouth marketing and product awareness through its Facebook page.

The board has used a variety of ads including Reach Blocks, Premium Video and Like Ads and Marketplace Video and Like Ads.

Results The Pedigree Adoption Drive Facebook Page fan count grew from 55,000 to more than 1. Artlog looked at location and hours of the event and settled on their demographic based on those facts.

The Facebook ads showed AOT s different promotions like giveaways and local events.

Here are notes from their case study presentations Helen Har, VP of Advertising Sales, Intro We built a highly creative branded profile area for the Diet Coke Plus launch.

They also targeted people who had already liked their other Facebook pages. But they started paying close attention and realized what was going wrong. Our agency also developed a video the organization could use to illustrate its mission to government officials, educators and providers, and to elicit support from potential donors. Results Burth s Bees gained 200,000 new likes during the Reach Block and Sponsored Stories campaign The animated short received 23,000 plays The lip balm s tab on the Burt s Bees s Facebook Page received over 82,000 views during the campaign 22. By the end of its campaign, the page had gained 170,000 fans. Mazda Motors UK Mazda UK began their presence on Facebook with a check-in deal that allowed consumers to take 20 off a Mazda MX-5 Miyako when they checked into a dealership on Facebook. Recruitment advertising, employee engagement and marketing case studies We are DNA- Bristol We use cookies to improve your experience of our website. Learn from others in your industry or simply from the stories of marketing peers who were trying to achieve the same goal as you. Hapa chocolate spread Facebook Hapa is a leading chocolate spread in Norway. It targeted fans, friends of fans, and people living in areas with a P.

It even won a lot of awards for its campaigns which went on to become a huge success like the Real Taste of Life campaign. those who weren t, and a click-thru rate 58 higher than the industry average. 04 01 2017 Facebook video ads delivered a strong increase in ad recall and brand awareness in South Africa for this popular food brand. 04 08 2016 In less than a month, a candle firm managed to boost its search ads return on investment by a whopping 1002 on Bing Ads through smart keyword marketing. But the best thing is, learning with 140 characters.

It also released a new app on its page that allowed fans to take a picture of themselves.

We also created a Travel Office feature, where spectators, competing teams and the media find info on travel packages and VIP events. com Crafting a vision for REI to improve their digital retail efforts Kalla. Auto insurance provider Amazon Advertising Platform campaign outperforms client benchmarks by 3x with 5. 05 10 2017 To celebrate All Hallows Eve, Adobe hosted a little murder mystery challenge for Photoshop users on its Photoshop Facebook page.

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