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Doctoral dissertation in history - Recent Dissertations U-M LSA History

Cohen Dissertation Colonial Rites Custom, Marriage Law and the Making of Difference in Natal, 1830s- c. Themes forced migration resettlement survival displacement assimilation trauma, etc. There probably is a negative impact for dissertations that are particularly narrow and have a small potential audience, but for those that are more general, the effect could work in the opposite direction Publishing online could generate buzz, enlarging rather than shrinking the pool of readers, making book or journal publication more, not less, attractive for publishers. Our commitment to groundbreaking historical investigation is reflected in more than two-thirds of being rated world leading or excellent REF 2014. Population Movements and the Spread of Disease across the Black Sea Frontier, 1768-1830s Advisor Catherine Evtuhov ROTRAMEL, Seth A. The CAGS PROQUEST-UMI Distinguished Dissertation Then check out Canada s Distinguished Dissertation Award 2017 call for nominations. Visiting Professor, Tennessee State University and Visiting Scholar in History, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN through the Mellon Partners Postdoctoral Fellowship William Hardin- PhD May 2013 Dissertation Title Litigating the Lash Quaker Emancipator Robert Pleasants, the Law of Slavery and the Meaning of Manumission in Revolutionary and Early National Virginia Upper School History Teacher at Montgomery Bell Academy, Nashville TN Erica Hayden- PhD May 2013 Dissertation Title Plunged into a Vortex of Iniquity Female Criminality and Punishment in Pennsylvania, 1820-1860 Assistant Professor in History, tenure track, Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, TN Deanna Matheuszik- PhD May 2013 Dissertation Title The Angel Paradox Elizabeth Fry and the Role of Gender and Religion in Britain Visiting Assistant Professor, Modern European History, University of Mississippi, 2014-15 Patrick Jackson- PhD December 2012 Dissertation Title Lost American Evangelicals in the Public Square, 1925-1955 Nationally Competitive Fellowship Advisor, and Assistant Professor of History and Religious Studies at Allegheny College, PA William Bishop- PhD August 2012 Dissertation Title Diplomacy in Black and White America s Contribution to the Search for Zimbabwean Independence, 1965-1980 Upper Division History Teacher, Casady School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Cheryl A.

In addition to these 9 hours 36 in total, the student should have one course of non-topical research HIST 8999, for a total of 12 hours of enrolled credit in each semester. Coursework and the First Two Years Students must complete twelve graded courses of graduate-level work, equivalent to 36 graded credit hours, by the end of the second year.

We have published a variety of titles covering many subject areas to help and inspire you in the creation of your own dissertation. The degree can be earned according to one of the two following plans, both requiring a minimum overall grade point average of 3.

Dissertations with no relevance to understanding human violence and aggression will not be supported.

International students are eligible to baeck institute for the study of the history and culture of several fellowships for german-jewish studies, particularly for students wishing to utilize the leo baeck institute s facility in new y of medicine and fellowships and awards available for fields related to the history of medicine and science.

Evangelou, Gabriel The University of Edinburgh, 2016-06-28 This thesis uses Cicero s letters as evidence for an interpretation of Cicero s that is at variance with his professed views on as well as with the conclusions of modern scholars.

university to conduct dissertation research in Latin America and the Caribbean on topics in the social sciences, physical sciences, technical fields or other disciplines related to grassroots development issues.

Gcse german holiday coursework doctoral dissertation help history. To apply, send a CV, a summary of past academic research of 1-2 pages, and a detailed description of the research you wish to undertake of 2-3 pages. Mills Peter Wronski Combat, Memory and Remembrance in Confederation Era Canada The Hidden History of the Battle of Ridgeway, June 2, 1866 R.

Doctoral Dissertation Help History, Professional Custom Writing Service in San Francisco- nato. The department maintains a list of external support relevant to graduate research and the DGS and graduate secretary provide regular updates via email regarding the deadlines of internal, UVA-funded fellowships and research grants. It s time to rethink this outdated, wasteful plague.

Colloquia and Research Seminars Each year the department will offer 500-level and 600-level colloquia and 700-level research seminars. Applicants must have a well-defined research, study or creative arts project that makes a stay in Scandinavia essential. At minimum, the committee, chaired by the advisor, must consist of three current members of the graduate faculty in History as well as a UVA member of the graduate faculty from another department who serves as the dean s

With these points in mind, doctoral candidates should consult with their dissertation advisor and dissertation committee to come to an agreement about an acceptable final form for the dissertation project.

The third member should also be from the Graduate Group in History, or, if necessary, from another department within Penn or from another university, college, or scholarly institute. consists of four elements Completion of coursework completion of language examination s completion of qualifying oral examinations in three fields preparation of a dissertation. Each student, in cooperation with the student s advisor, advisory committee, and examination committee members, will design a Regional Field, a Topical Field, and a Concentrated Field., Georgetown University Middle East North African History Dissertation Title Domination by Consent The Bureaux Arabes and Public Instruction in Colonial Algeria, 1831-1870 Advisor John Ruedy BELMONTE, Monica L. The breakup of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics USSR in 1991 has had a variety of significant repercussions on Chinese politics, foreign policy, and other aspects. Bergen Jennifer Evans Telling Stories of Food, Community and Meaningful Lives in Post-1945 North Bay, Ontario F. The library offers fellowships to research projects using its collections.

In addition to teaching and research, the duties of Fellows include attendance at the Society s lectures and events as well as active participation in the intellectual life of the Society and of the department with which the Fellow is affiliated. Azfar Moin, PhD in History Advisor Barbara Metcalf Dissertation Islam and the Millennium Sacred Kingship and Popular Imagination in Early Modern India and Iran Assistant Professor, Department of History, Southern Methodist University Minayo Nasiali, PhD in History Advisors Rita Chin Joshua Cole Dissertation Native to the Republic Negotiating Citizenship and Social Welfare in Marseille Immigrant Neighborhoods since 1945 Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Arizona Isabela Quintana, PhD in History Advisors Maria Montoya Philip Deloria Dissertation Neighborhood Borders, National Boundaries Gender, Space and Border Formation in Chinese and Mexican Los Angeles, 1871-1938 Assistant Professor 2013, New Mexico State University Will Redfern, PhD in History Advisor Rudolf Mrazek Victor Lieberman Dissertation Sukarno s Guided Democracy and the Takeovers of Foreign Companies in Indonesia in the 1960s Postdoc, Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies, Department of History, University of Michigan Sam Temple, PhD in History Advisors Joshua Cole Laura Downs Dissertation Mountain, Moor and Marsh The Politics of Environmental Transformation in Southern France, 1850-1950 Lecturer, Expository Writing Program, University of Oklahoma Sudipa Topdar, PhD in History Advisors Tom Trautman Sumathi Ramaswamy Dissertation Knowledge and Governance Political Socialization of the Indian Child within Colonial Schooling and Nationalist Contestations in India 1870-1925 Assistant Professor, Department of History, Illinois State University Lenny Ure a Valerio, PhD in History Advisors Geoff Eley Brian Porter-Sz cs Dissertation The Stakes of Empire Colonial Fantasies, Civilizing Agendas and Biopolitics in the Provinces 1840-1914 Assistant Director for for Latin American Studies, University of Florida Ying Zhang, PhD in History Women s Studies Advisors CS Chang Wang Zheng Dissertation Politics and Morality during the Ming-Qing Dynastic Transition 1570-1670 Associate Professor, Department of History, Ohio State University Allison Abra, PhD in History Advisors Kali Israel Sonya Rose Dissertation On With the Dance Nation, Culture, and Popular Dancing in Britain, 1918-1945 Assistant Professor, History Department, University of Southern Mississippi Nate Andrade, PhD in Greek Roman History Advisors Ray Van Dam David Potter Dissertation Imitation Greeks Being Syrian in the Greco-Roman World 175 BCE- 275 CE Assistant Professor, Department of History, West Virginia University Catherine Cangany, PhD in History Advisor David Hancock Dissertation Frontier Seaport Detroit s Transformation into an Atlantic Entrepot, 1701-1837 Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Notre Dame Victoria Castillo, PhD in History Women s Studies Advisor Sueann Caulfied Dissertation Indigenous Messengers Petitioning for Justice Citizenship and Indigenous Rights in Peru, 1900-1945 Lecturer, Departments of History and Women s Studies, University of Michigan Sherri Charleston, PhD in History Advisors Michelle Mitchell Rebecca Scott Dissertation The Fruits of Citizenship African Americans, Military Service, and the Cause of Cuba Libre, 1898-1914 Law Student, University of Wisconsin Shuang Chen, PhD in History Advisor James Lee Dissertation Where Urban Migrants Met Rural Settlers State Categories, Social Boundaries, and Wealth Stratification in Northeast China, 1815- 1913 Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Iowa Robert Chidester, PhD in Anthropology History Advisor Henry Wright Dissertation Class, Community, and Materiality in a Blue-Collar Baltimore Neighborhood An Archaeology of Faculty Researcher, University of Maryland Principal Investigator for Archaeology, Mannik Smith Group Daniel DeSelm, PhD in History Advisor Paolo Squatriti Dissertation Unwilling Pilgrimage Vikings, Relics, and the Politics of Exile during the Carolingian Era c.

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