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Service quality case study - Service Quality Case Study VG Factor Analysis Customer Satisfaction

Total quality management in European healthcare, International Journal of Healthcare Quality Assurance, 13 2, 74 79.

insurance industry saw a modest increase in 1998, most Zeithaml 1987 explains other service categories such as restaurants, hospitals, Service quality is the consumer s judgment about and banking have continued to decline Lovelock and an entity s overall excellence or superiority. A multiple regression model is constructed with customer satisfaction as the dependent variable and Tangible, Reliability, Assurance, and Prior to regression analysis, correlation analysis is condu cted and the results are presented in T able 6.

However, m any previous studies found Ta ngible as one of significant factors affecting customer satisfaction such as Hossain 2012, Mei et al.

In today s highly competitive environment, health care organizations are increasingly realizing the need to focus on service quality as a measure to improve their competitive position.

It has been proven by some researchers that service quality is related to customer satisfaction. The best Reli Resp Assu Emp Tang Over approach is to retain few rather than many factors, Dimensions assuming they provide a satisfactory interpretation of the data and yield a satisfactory fit to R correlation Reliability Test matrix Johnson and Wichern 1982. Among these three di mensions, Responsiveness which refer to the willingness to serve cust omers, availability to respond to customers requests and flexibility to meet customers dem ands has the st rongest impact on customer satisfaction. The identification and measurement of quality dimensions in health care Focus group interview results, Health Care Management Review, 23 4, 81. Number of 10 contacted Number of Response Banks customers respondents rate 9 8 Bank A Mean A branch 1 160 92 58 7 Bank B A branch 2 160 81 51 6 2006, ASQ 5 A branch 3 160 73 47 Reli Resp Assu Emp Tang Over Dimensions 2006, ASQ B branch 1 160 117 73 B branch 2 160 105 66 follow-up survey 75 responses were received, giving a combined response rate of 46 percent for the first and second follow-up.

762 respectively, indicating that factor 2 is a combination of these variables.

The same year, its name was changed to Birla AT T Communications Limited.

649 rooms, and 3 four-star hotels with 56 3 rooms CBRE, 2012. This paper provides empirical evidence on the impact of output quality on hotel efficiency. Anecdotal and scientific evidence, however, suggests U. It makes sense that bank profits increased 16-fold Reichheld and Sasser 1990. May 2011 PDF, 681 KB A Firstsource Advantage team used Six Sigma to reduce the check return rate for a top client by more than 20 percent over a six-month period.

The company must adopt the price-range which will be affordable by the customers as well as the retailer counters. 64 For all banks, reliability and responsiveness were both significant with R2 0. Meanwhile the group result showed that empathy and reliability were significantly related to service quality reliability and empathy, were significantly related to customer satisfaction but responsiveness was not significantly related to customer satisfaction meanwhile service quality was significantly related to customer satisfaction. For bank A s branch 1, Factor Factor Factor Factor Factor reliability and responsiveness were both significant Variable 1 2 3 4 5 with R2 0. For each item, a difference score Q repre- senting perceived quality along that item was defined as Q P u2013 E, where P and E are the rating on the corre- sponding perception and expectation statements, respectively., 2000 have been developed and extensively used by academ ics and practitioners.

Parameters of the study are Price based factors, Non-Price based factors, Perception and Preference for Idea Services, Effect of Price Reduction, Marketing Mix factors, Integrated Marketing Communication, Company s focus on marketing mix factors, Customer Relationship Management CRM, Switching Subscribers and Overall satisfaction Customers. The organization initiated a Six Sigma project using tools to improve customer service, communication, and In 1993, it was argued that u201cSERVQUAL failed to achieve discriminate validity from its component and the nondifference score measure did not exhibit these problems Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry 1994b.

Idea s service delivery platform is ISO 9001 2008 certified, making it the only operator in the country to have this standard certification for all 22 service areas and the corporate office.

In Emerging Perspectives on Services Marketing, eds.

In addition, we found also the high correlation coefficients between service quality dimensions.

Thus, improving service quality leads to the customer Learning to understand customers needs will allow satisfaction and, ultimately, to customer loyalty. Introduction Idea Cellular s history dates back to the year 1995, when it was incorporated as Birla Communication services, the company entered into a joint venture with Grasim Industries and the global telecom giant AT T.

The MS approach is highly applicable as a balanced scorecard parameter to measure delivery within service centers. PDF, 248 KB As Jeff Balaban established a quality assurance program in the information technology department at Southern California Edison, he was also building a culture of quality. PDF 5 MB An energy company was dismayed to learn that its fire-safety clothing wasn t adequate for workers dealing with potentially deadly gas-line fires. V arious scales and indexes to measure service quality such as Technical and Functional Quality model Gronroos, 1984, SER VQUAL Parasuraman et al. PDF, 184 KB An improvement team used quality tools to develop a handbook that reduced service center supervisors preparation time for one daily activity by 75 percent, a savings of 45 worker-months per year. IDEA Cellular has been recognized as the Most Customer Responsive Company in the Telecom sector, at the prestigious Avaya Global Connect Customer Responsiveness Awards 2010. The company used quality tools and methods to quantify the dangers employees faced and the best ways to protect them.

Written complaints Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry 1985 provide a to banks were up 8.

The results have been so great, they plan to reapply for a Baldrige in five years.

1985 A Conceptual Model of Service Quality and Its Implications for Further Research. The eight dimensions of quality, Healthcare Financial Management, December. Measuring customer satisfaction is, therefore, critical to the process of serving the customer and responding faster and better than the competition. For example, in direct opposition to consumer opinion, bank executives perceive themselves and their companies to be doing an excellent job. Weekly Monthly article feeds Choose the subject area that interest you and we will send you notifications of new preprints at your preferred frequency.

This paper conceptualises service quality within a university environment, teases out the economics of service quality, and determines if there are differences in the way local and international students at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal perceive quality of academic and support services, using the SERVQUAL model for data collection and the Mann-Whitney test.

Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry 1994a, however, contend that the SERVQUAL scale using the expectations performance gaps method is a much richer approach to measuring service quality and augment their earlier assertion Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry 1985 1988 1993 that service quality is a multi- dimensional rather than a unidimensional construct. B esides, further research may deeply examine whether items used in this study are suitable to measure service quality in hotels at other classes such as four-star hotels, five-star hotels.

The same year it launched operations in Delhi and crossed the one million subscriber base in 2005, it crossed the subscriber base of five million.

The activity can be effective at conveying quality tools and concepts for all age groups. Based on those frameworks, researchers found the benefits of service quality include the improvement of customer satisfaction and customer retention, positive word of mouth, the decline in staff tu rnover and operating costs, the enlargem ent of market share, and the growth of profitability Kandampully Suhartanto, 2000 Suresh chandar et al. SERVQUAL was originally used for assessing customer perceptions of service quality in service and retailing organizations Parasuraman 1993. Direct sales executives DSE are not visiting the retail outlets regularly. PDF, 165 KB Xcel Energy s Denver operation reduced accidents by 48 in one year and saved the company an estimated 714,000 over a 24-month period. 1999 The Different Roles of Satisfaction, Trust, and Commitment in Customer Relationships. Summary of empirical studies on hotel service quality Authors Study Survey instruments a nd data collection Main findings www. It also attempts to study the expectations of the customers and the marketing strategies that have been taken by the organization to discharge them. Copy The aim of this study was to evaluate the nature of relationship between service quality and customers satisfaction thorough SERVQUAL model. Journal of Health and Human Services 27, 428 43. For bank A, reliability was significant with R2 0. policies combined with a knowledgeable staff will foster Tracking customers and developing creative strate- a high degree of institutional cohesion and reliability.

2 million in 2012 Associa tion of Southeast Asian nat ions, 2014. The factors that may delight customers tend to be concerned more with the intangible nature of the Assurance service, commitment, attentiveness, friendliness, care, Empathy and courtesy. 10 2015 This scale measures hotel service quality through five distinct dimensions namely Tangible, Reliability, Assurance, and Empathy. Idea Cellular is India s first truly multinational corporation.

November 2010 PDF, 313 KB The Information Technology and Business Integration IT BI Business Unit at Southern California Edison launched a three-year plan to increase visibility, awareness, and focus on continuous improvement efforts to better meet client needs.

0 software, performing descriptive, regression and correlation analysis. A Study on Perceived Service Quality of IDEA Cellular Ltd.

D Souza, Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Management, National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India. These numbers confirm the validi ty of data for exploratory factor analysis.

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