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Phd computer science thesis - Ph.D. Candidates for 2017-2018 Computer Science Engineering

Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol.

Sp rck-Jones 1985-10-01 1990-03-01 1991-06-01 Charles W Restivo Deductive synthesis and planning Dr W.

The exam covers a syllabus of material related to the student s thesis area the precise syllabus is determined by the student s research advisor. Each student should identify a research area of interest and a suitable thesis adviser during their first year.

However, if the paper has joint authorship, the other authors must submit written documentation identifying those sections of the paper that were written by the candidate. Copyright 2017 Clemson University School of Computing 100 McAdams Hall, Clemson, S.

Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol.

thesis that reports the results of their research program and defend that thesis in a final, public, oral defense. edu Copyright 2016 University of Washington- Seattle- Paul G.

Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol. The Thesis Office will require you to complete and sign the.

For additional information on campus fellowship and assistantship policies, please refer to the Note Grads on fellowships should pay close attention to the dates located in point 7 here in the.

Your thesis might end up not attracting attention in the academic circles.

Clocksin 1992-10-01 1995-10-01 1996-01-01 Noha Adly Management of replicated data in large scale systems 1992-01-01 1995-09-01 1995-11-01 Uwe Nimscheck Rendering for free form deformations 1992-10-01 1995-07-01 1995-10-01 Simon Andr Crosby Performance management in ATM networks 1990-10-01 1995-05-01 1995-10-01 Oliver Michael Castle Synthetic image generation for a multiple-view autostereo display Dr N. Wiseman 1986-10-01 1991-03-01 1991-06-01 Juanito Camilleri Priority in process calculi 1987-10-01 1991-03-01 1991-05-01 Cosmos Nicolaou A Distributed Architecture for Multimedia Communication Systems 1987-01-01 1991-01-01 1991-05-01 KwokYam Lam A new approach for improving system availability Prof. Although not required, students are strongly encouraged to submit the paper to a conference or workshop. For such submissions, the student may be the sole author or may be a co-author with other faculty and or other students. degree is intended for students planning to pursue a career in computer science research and education. Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol. Wiseman 1988-10-01 1991-12-01 1992-05-01 Mads Rosendahl Abstract interpretation and attribute grammars 1987-01-01 1991-12-01 1992-04-01 Chaoying Ma Designing a universal name service Prof. Rao and Maya Cakmak RESEARCH AREA Human-Robot Interaction DISSERTATION TOPIC Designing and Evaluating Information Gathering Robots EMPLOYMENT PREFERENCE Academia Research, Industry Research, Industry Development ADVISORS James Fogarty, Sean Munson HCDE RESEARCH AREA Human DISSERTATION TOPIC Everyday Personal Informatics EMPLOYMENT PREFERENCE Academia- Research, Industry- Research EXPECTED GRADUATION QUARTER Spring 2018 ADVISOR Pedro Domingos RESEARCH AREA Machine Learning DISSERTATION TOPIC The Sum-Product Theorem and its Applications EMPLOYMENT PREFERENCE Industry Research EXPECTED GRADUATION QUARTER Autumn 2017 ADVISOR Bill Howe RESEARCH AREA Machine Learning and Open Science DISSERTATION TOPIC Computational Curation of Open Science Data EMPLOYMENT PREFERENCE Industry- Research, Industry- Development EXPECTED GRADUATION QUARTER Winter 2018 ADVISOR Luke Zettlemoyer RESEARCH AREA Natural Language Processing DISSERTATION TOPIC Annotating, Learning, and Exploiting Shallow Semantic Structure may be subject to change EMPLOYMENT PREFERENCE Industry- Research EXPECTED GRADUATION QUARTER Summer 2018 ADVISOR Maya Cakmak RESEARCH AREA Human-Robot Interaction DISSERTATION TOPIC Robot programming of mobile manipulators for non-experts EMPLOYMENT PREFERENCE Industry- Research, Industry- Development EXPECTED GRADUATION QUARTER WInter 2018 ADVISOR Larry Ruzzo RESEARCH AREA Computational biology DISSERTATION TOPIC Comprehensive analysis of RNA sequencing experiments EMPLOYMENT PREFERENCE Academia Research, Industry Research ADVISOR Thomas Anderson RESEARCH AREA Operating Systems and Networks DISSERTATION TOPIC High-speed network packet processing with NIC-software co-design EMPLOYMENT PREFERENCE Academia- Research EXPECTED GRADUATION QUARTER Summer 2018 ADVISOR Luke Zettlemoyer RESEARCH AREA Natural Language Processing DISSERTATION TOPIC End-to-end Neural Structured Prediction EMPLOYMENT PREFERENCE Industry- Research EXPECTED GRADUATION QUARTER Autumn 2017 ADVISOR Shwetak Patel RESEARCH AREA Ubicomp, Human-Computer Interaction, Internet of Things DISSERTATION TOPIC Enabling Sensing and Interaction with Everyday Objects EMPLOYMENT PREFERENCE Industry- Research EXPECTED GRADUATION QUARTER Summer 2018 ADVISORS Linda Shapiro and Ira RESEARCH AREA Computer Vision, Graphics DISSERTATION TOPIC Virtualize Me Personalized 3D Head Reconstruction EMPLOYMENT PREFERENCE Industry- Research, Industry- Development EXPECTED GRADUATION QUARTER Spring 2018 ADVISOR Michael D.

Wiseman 1987-10-01 1990-03-01 1990-07-01 Stuart Philip Hawkins Video replay in computer animation Dr N. Consult Your Supervisors The supervisory committee is at your disposal for consultation purposes.

College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences PhD in Computer Science The objective of this program is to prepare exceptionally qualified individuals for research careers in academia and industry.

The dissertation proposal is a document presented to the student s thesis Advisory Committee.

Clocksin 1988-10-01 1992-10-01 1993-01-01 Lee Fedder Generating natural language text from the output of an application program Dr S. A student must have completed the 24 credit hours of courses in computer science as specified in the Computer Science Course Requirements before taking the qualifying exam.

Once a student decides which courses they plan to take they file a plan of study GS2 with the graduate school.

Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol. External examiner Before selecting a proposed External Examiner, the supervisor should consult the university s for an External Examiner.

Wiseman 1990-10-01 1994-05-01 1994-05-01 Narm Hee Lee Routing in high speed integrated services networks Prof. An external minor awarded by another Indiana University department or graduate program that is approved by the Computer Science Program. You must type in the information on the TDA form and cannot hand-write any information on the form. Arranging a PhD defense Candidates are required to submit paperwork to have the defense committee approved no later than 7 weeks prior to the defense date or sooner. students must pass an oral qualifying examination before the end of their seventh semester in the Ph. Wiseman 1989-10-01 1992-05-01 1992-07-01 Ian Benson Reasoning About Contingent Events In Distributed Systems Dr W. Clocksin 1998-01-01 2000-10-13 2001-05-08 Andrew J Penrose Extending lossless image compression 1996-10-01 2000-09-25 2001-01-23 Radina Stefanova Power in radio networks 1996-10-01 2000-08-08 2002-08-16 Christian Urban Classical logic and computation Dr G.

Hand 2006-10-01 2010-05-11 2010-10-12, Unspecified quantification 2006-10-01 2010-04-27 2010-10-12, Daniel Greenfield Rentian locality in chip 2006-04-17 2010-04-16 2010-07-01 Grammatical error prediction 2006-10-01 2010-04-01 2010-07-01, Active attacks on secure hardware 2003-10-01 2010-03-19 2010-07-01, Mohan Ganesalingam The Language of Mathematics 2007-10-01 2010-02-26 2010-07-01 Thomas Cashman subdivision surfaces 2006-10-01 2010-01-22 2010-03-02 Richard Van der Wath Computational modelling of hematopoietic stem cell division and regulation dynamics 2005-10-01 2010-01-01 2010-03-02 Daniel O Keeffe Distributed complex event detection for pervasive computing 2003-10-01 2009-12-18 2010-03-02 Pradipta Biswas Inclusive user modelling 2006-10-01 2009-12-16 2010-03-02 learning for biomedical information extraction 2006-10-01 2009-12-10 2010-04-20 Chung Kil Hur Categorical equational systems algebraic models and equational reasoning 2004-10-01 2009-11-12 2010-03-02 Sriram Srinivasan Kilim A server framework with lightweight actors, isolation types and Zero-copy messaging 2005-10-01 2009-11-11 2010-01-19 John Billings Specifying and compiling Internet routing protocols 2005-10-01 2009-10-16 2010-01-19 Yan Wu Propagation modelling for wireless sensor networks deployed to perform civil infrastructure monitoring 2006-10-01 2009-10-05 2010-01-19 Wei Li Toward online behavioural traffic classification 2007-10-01 2009-10-02 2009-12-01 Controlling the dissemination and disclosure of healthcare events 2005-10-01 2009-09-30 2009-12-01 Olexiy Gotsman Logics and analyses for concurrent programs 2005-10-01 2009-09-30 2009-10-06 Anthony Hylick Managing energy consumption of hard disk drives by optimizing system interaction 2005-10-01 2009-08-30 2010-04-20 Behzad Bastani Open evolvable systems design by modeling 2003-10-01 2009-08-28 2009-12-01 Matthew Lakin An executable meta-language for inductive definitions with binders 2005-10-01 2009-08-14 2009-12-01 Saar Drimer Security for volatile FPGAs 2005-10-01 2009-08-14 2009-10-06 Cecily Morrison investigating technology usage in co-present group interaction 2006-10-01 2009-08-13 2009-12-01 Aaron Coble Anonymity, information and proof 2005-10-01 2009-08-05 2009-12-01, Julian Smith Towards robust inexact geometric computation 2003-10-01 2009-07-31 2009-12-01, Ranald Clouston Equational logic for names and binders 2005-10-01 2009-06-18 2009-12-01 Daniel Bernhardt Emotion inference from human body motion 2005-10-01 2009-06-17 2009-10-06 Alexander Gurney Construction and verification of routing algebras 2005-10-01 2009-04-30 2009-12-01 Rok Strnisa Formalising, improving, and reusing the Java module system 2005-10-01 2009-04-16 2009-10-06 Min Lin Channel modelling for wireless sensor networks 2004-10-01 2009-04-14 2009-10-06 William Carson Performance modelling and design of coded modulation 2005-10-01 2009-04-09 2009-05-26 Grzegorz Milos Efficient and effective sharing of memory in virtual machine monitors Dr S.

The following sections provide a high-level overview of the degree requirements for a computer science Ph. Needham 1984-10-01 1989-04-01 1989-05-01 Peter Newman Design of a multicast fast packet switch Prof. Cheriton School of Computer Science University of Waterloo Waterloo, Ontario Canada N2L 3G1 Phone 519-888-4567 ext. An internal minor at least 9 computer science credits, in courses other than reading and research, and in an area other than the student s

Sp rck-Jones 1992-10-01 1998-04-01 1998-10-01 Giles J Nelson Context-aware and location systems 1993-10-01 1998-04-01 1998-06-01 John Rooney The structure of open ATM control architectures 1995-01-01 1998-02-01 1998-06-01 Peter J C Brown Selective mesh refinement for rendering 1994-10-01 1998-02-01 1998-05-01 M Jennifer Li Kam Wa A approach to flow control in ATM networks 1993-10-01 1998-01-01 1998-07-01 PrologPF parallel logic and functions on the Delphi Machine Dr W. Clocksin 1995-04-01 1998-01-01 1998-06-01 The user-safe device I O architecture 1993-10-01 1997-09-01 1999-02-01 Hyun S Park The Korean Core Language Engine Dr S.

We have an excellent selection of courses and laboratories supporting graduate studies in algorithms, artificial intelligence and intelligent systems, computer architecture, distributed systems, graphics and visualization, networks, computer vision, distributed systems, expert systems, formal verification, human-computer interface, image processing, pattern recognition, robotics, software engineering, computer and network security, software security, and VLSI design and CAD.

Although not required, students are strongly encouraged to submit the paper to a conference or workshop. Gardner 1997-10-01 2001-11-05 2002-06-18 Internet traffic engineering 1997-10-01 2001-11-01 2002-04-24 Agathoniki Trigoni Semantic optimization of OQL queries 1998-10-01 2001-10-19 2002-01-15 Kerry Rodden Evaluating visualisations as interfaces for image browsing 1995-10-01 2001-10-11 2002-01-15 Richard R Watts The development of an uncertain reasoning system 1997-10-01 2001-09-30 2002-04-30 Aline Villavicencio The acquisition of a generalised categorial grammar 1997-10-01 2001-09-12 2002-03-12 acquisition 1997-10-01 2001-09-12 2002-02-06 Daryl J Stewart A uniform sematics for Verilog and VHDL suitable for both simulation and verification 1997-10-01 2001-09-05 2002-05-20 David C Abensour Finite state and statistical methods for natural language processing Dr S.

Needham 1988-10-01 1992-08-01 1992-10-01 John Michael Levine A flexible bidirectional dialogue system Dr S.

Weld and Mausam RESEARCH AREA Artificial Intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction DISSERTATION TOPIC Intelligent Management of Human-Machine Collaboration EMPLOYMENT PREFERENCE Academia- Research, Industry- Research, Industry- Development EXPECTED GRADUATION QUARTER Spring 2018 ADVISOR Su-In Lee RESEARCH AREA Computational Biology, Machine Learning DISSERTATION TOPIC machine learning techniques for integrative analysis of heterogeneous molecular data EMPLOYMENT PREFERENCE Academia Research, Academia Teaching, Industry Research, Industry Development EXPECTED GRADUATION QUARTER Summer 2018 ADVISORS Rajesh P. Wiseman 1988-10-01 1991-11-01 1992-01-01 Glenford E Mapp An approach to virtual memory management 1988-01-01 1991-11-01 1991-12-01 Stephen M V Hailes The Design And Implementation Of Troy, A Distributed Object-Based Language Dr S.

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