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Using numbers in writing essays - Writing 8 or Eight? Rules of Using Numerals in Text Robin Woods

That was as bad as the Holy Roman Empire, which was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire! 002 You shouldn t use it ever, unless you find yourself in 1889. John decided to go to bed, but then he drank too much coffee and could not fall asleep.

Yet, just as the numbers can be spoken different ways as words, they can also be thought or heard different ways. Also spell out the numbers if you re not including the book and verses in the typical reference style The text he was hunting for was in Luke verses four through eleven of chapter six.

The following example taken from a piece of journalism illustrates this general rule with mention of numbers both below and above one hundred. As I just mentioned to Tina in a similar question up the comment thread a few comments, the use of a 50-a-year increase in crime should be both correct and clear. Can you put what information is supposed to be in each paragraph? You have probably come across more than your fair share of Top 10 lists. They took a right at the mark. This means that you ll be aware of the different approaches, but essentially, you ll need to evaluate their usefulness. In the second half of the nineteenth century, Chicago s population exploded, from just under 30,000 in 1850 to nearly 1.

I ve found Beth s advice to be extremely trustworthy.

However, your instructor may be using a different style as a guide or has different preferences. CMOS adds that It is occasionally acceptable to depart from the general rule for certain types of quantities that are commonly or more conveniently expressed as numerals such a departure, subject to editorial discretion, must be consistently applied for like quantities across a work. They are called limits after all, not indications.

Become a Better Writer Have free writing advice and grammar tips sent straight to your inbox every month. Incorrect She has four brothers aged seven, nine, 12, and 15. Other than that, I really don t have any advice for you.

In the same sentence or paragraph, however, items in one category may be given as numerals and items in another spelled out. They are due back from their holiday on Monday 23 June. For larger numbers we write in numeral form 5, 385, 673 Final Note When in doubt about whether to spell out or write numbers, it is usually best to spell out the numerals.

If a book publisher uses a different style, they will make the changes.

GPO The 6-year-old rode his bike into the pool and emerged from the water smiling. On reading a good first paragraph, examiners will be profoundly reassured that its author is on the right lines, being relevant, analytical and rigorous. Chris, that can be frustrating because you do seem to have followed the APA guidelines. Think flow in the visuals as well as in the words.

If you re called on in class it s going to be really important for the students to be able to answer in kind of a clear, direct, succinct way. Meanwhile, please explore my channel, and be sure to for the latest updates.

3 Citing a Paraphrase Let s imagine we want to reference s general idea about citation as a way to establish credibility, but we don t need to include any of the technical details. I think you should include online resource citation instructions Click on Citing at the top of the page. Wood on July 31, 2013 8 58 pm Concerning Steve Parker Also, I would rarely use full points in abbreviations. The grading of essays is always in relation to what could be said within the limits stated, not what possibly ever could be said about it.

And you re exactly right go with what the character would say. To show zulu time rather than local time, add a Z to the 24-hour time 1100Z or 2330Z.

The hyphens would be there if the implied noun was actually included The three-year-old girl was playing in the street. APA rules for capitalization state Capitalize all words of four letters or more in titles of books and articles in text. The APA Publication Manual has an extensive section devoted to the use of numbers in technical papers. Essays with top grades identify and challenge where appropriate the assumption implicit in a question. My ms deals with time and ages a lot and I m wondering if it will be easier to use the numbers each time I mention ages Is it also okay to use the numbers when I want the reader to see them in their mind? Are the two examples for miles in dialogue as well? I bookmarked it and will be back to read more of your blog!

I am sure that questions such as these must often keep you up at night, and while I d like to tell you I can put your mind at ease by explaining the different rules, I can t.

Incorrect I have 1,250 dollars in my checking account.

Where you have two numbers running together, write the shorter one out in words and use numerals for the longer one. If there s a punctuation mark in the original quote, then you ll have to include it in the citation Harry Harrison, the protagonist, always starts his day by saying, What a beautiful morning!

Numbers Use numerals for large numbers that do not allow for a smooth combination of numbers and words, such as 151.

Avoid beginning a sentence with a number that is not written out. If you are confused on what you should do, you can always safely spell out small numbers and write any two or more digit number like 10, 11, or 1001 No other standard rule for large numbers One of the most confusing thing about writing numbers is that even the expert s do not agree on a standard especially when writing larger number. Place a hyphen after a unit of measure when the unit modifies a noun 10-foot pole, 6-inch rule, 3-year-old horse.

Take the word because the corect abbreviation is cos In the USA, it is cause In the USA cuz is often used in dialogue as short for because.

Some guides recommend that numbers up to nine should be written in words, and those over nine written using numerals.

- English Language Usage Stack Exchange English Language Usage Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for linguists, etymologists, and serious English language enthusiasts. Michael Swan s English Usage 1995, for example, is both approachable and comprehensive.

Only use a block quote if you have a very good reason to include the whole passage.

And when hyphenated modifiers aren t clear, when they cause confusion, definitely rewrite. So and are incorrect. Treat mid as a prefix that is not hyphenated except under certain conditions, also listed in CMOS. Thinking is rarely a pleasant undertaking, and most of us contrive to avoid it most of the time.- And to address one of your earlier examples, we don t put a comma between pounds and ounces or feet and inches doing so would make the two units of measure seem to be separate modifiers, which would be odd.

Yet somehow, even in writing, numbers have found a way to sneak back into our lives.

Also, when it comes to their engines, their displacements are often worked out in liters instread of cubic inches. The APA Publication Manual has an extensive section devoted to the use of numbers in technical papers.

Use first, second, third and so on rather than firstly, secondly, thirdly unless your character would use this odd construction as part of her style. The whole purpose of the essay and the interview is to just get a better understanding of where they re coming from and where they want to go to. This set out a pattern for the numbers of movements within the symphony, and for the general structure of writing within each movement. One could say that the difference between a number and its numerals is like the difference between a person and her name. I wrote a paper and it looks just like your example. Note When numbers are in a list it is best to keep all the numbers in the list consistent, even if numbers are under 10. We give no consent, either implied or otherwise, to copy any or whole parts of our research papers without proper reference and we shall not be responsible for any liability resulting from such unauthorized use of our products. If you found the image as the result of a Google search for something, you might very well end up finding a page that re-uses someone else s picture without appropriately giving credit. Dates and Years School begins on August 27, 2009. For example, the General Motors Corporation exists in both countries, and it is very strong in Ontario in Canada, as well as in the Great Lakes states of the United States. Symbols are a visual but characters need to think and speak the words. This free and useful guide can come in very handy when in doubt see reference at the end for URL. Maintain double spacing throughout the quote, citing it afterwards in parentheses after the final punctuation.

As Serena said, you can use italics, or you could reword slightly. One of the lovely little nuances of the English language and punctuation.

If your question is about Hitler coming to power, you should not end by giving a summary of what he did once in power. The manual is silent about approximations of weeks, decades, or centuries. As for she writes, it s obviously not pointing out spoken words. In the first example, the numerals 50, 3, and 4 would normally be spelled out see section in the second and third examples, 30,000 and 2,000, respectively, would normally be spelled out see section see also section.

Typically papers written in MLA style DO have a conclusion, but it would not be set off in a separate section under the subheading Conclusion. Otherwise you re saying 70 to 80,000 quite a big range. Time We usually spell out the time when it is followed by o clock or when a. APA rules for hyphenation state For compound words not in the dictionary, use hyphens for clarity rather than omit them. Since I used to be a technical writer, I write out the words for numbers one through nine, and use numerals for most other numbers.

JEREMY on January 30, 2014 5 37 pm I have a question concerning the slash marks that run through certain numbers when written, such as the number seven and zero.

A truly informative title will include the general topic, and your precise opinion on that topic. In the next blog in this series, you ll learn about common problems writers have with commas. Another useful tool to support critical writing is the paragraph! Examples We recovered about two-thirds of the stolen cash.

Spell out ordinal numbers through one hundred as well even for military units and street names.

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