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Peer reviewed academic articles - Peer ReviewAcademic Journal- Evaluating Sources- Research Guides at Heidelberg University

On this page This guide will help you identify and evaluate scholarly also known as peer-reviewed journals, magazines, and trade publications both print and online. Criteria Scholarly journals Trade journals Popular magazines Appearance Print plain cover plain paper black white graphics and illustrations pages are usually consecutive throughout the volume Print glossy paper pictures and illustrations in colour each issue starts with page one Print eye-catching cover glossy paper pictures and illustrations in colour each issue starts with page one Audience Researchers, professionals and academics Members of a specific business, industry or organization General public Authors Experts in the field, such as professors Authors named and institutional affiliations given Articles written by staff members, contributing authors or freelance writers Authors usually named Articles written by staff members, journalists, and freelance writers Authors may be anonymous References or bibliographies Bibliographies are always present May include short bibliographies Rarely includes bibliographies Editors Editorial board of outside scholars known as peer review Editors work for publisher Editors work for publisher Publishers Often a scholarly or professional organization or a university press Often a trade organization Commercial, for profit Content Original research, in-depth studies, literary criticism and theory Industry trends, new products or techniques, and organizational news Personalities, news of current events, and general interest articles Writing style and language Uses terminology that is sophisticated and technical Uses terminology and language of trade or industry covered Easy to read, simple language Advertisements print version Few or none usually for books or conferences Moderate all or most are trade-related Heavy for consumer products Examples Portions of this content was adapted from Colorado State University Library and Odum Library, Valdosta State University.

Examining the publication to see if it is peer-reviewed. How resistance arises at the cellular level, how it evolves and spreads, and how we can combat it. How do I find peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles? Are scholarly and peer-reviewed articles the same thing?

Image credit Flickr user NIAID of microdissected developing frog ectoderm, by Jean-Louis Plouhinec, Sof a Medina-Ruiz, Anne Monsoro-Burq and co-workers, yields positional information and gene co-expression patterns, allowing computational retrieval of gene expression relationships relevant to development, cancer, evo-devo and stem cell biology.

- LIFE212, sections 4,5,6,8,10, 12 Rosenberg- Research Guides at Colorado State University Fort Collins How do I find a peer-reviewed journal article?

DOAJ announces the agreement with Scientific Knowledge Services SKS as its exclusive agent in a selection of countries from Published Thu, 19 Oct 2017 at 13 43 It s time to update your index and or ask your discovery service provider to do so!

The manual grouping was repeated until, through a consensus process involving three people, the terms were assessed to be optimally clustered.

Table 1 further demonstrates that the number of searches for literature on an IPSP concept has little correspondence to the number of articles on the concept that are available in the literature. Conclusion On the basis of this study, queries using only one or two textword terms are insufficiently sensitive to find all relevant journal articles about an IPSP concept.

After an author has re-submitted his or her article then either further comments are made, the article is approved for publication, or the article is rejected Usually more than one peer-reviewer assesses each article, and the author of an article is not informed about who reviews his or her article, nor are peer-reviewers given the name of the author. These articles present the best and most authoritative information that disciplines have to offer.

Peer review has been a formal part of scientific communication since the first scientific journals appeared more than 300 years ago.

After the concept synonym groups had been determined, the count of each query term within each of the top 25 concept categories was determined by searching the original pre distillation term list.

United States National Library of Medicine Fact sheet Bibliographic Services Division. Reliable sources and peer-review Reykjavik University Reliable sources and peer-review It is very important to use reliable sources in all project work. If you have used the previous four methods in trying to determine if an article is from a peer-reviewed journal and are still unsure, speak to your instructor. How do you know if the articles in a journal are peer-reviewed?

Material indexed in Academic Search Premier includes both popular and scholarly literature. The publisher of the index may include information on the types of periodicals indexed. Is the author a researcher and scholar, freelance journalist, or professional in the field? Does the author answer the questions he she sets out to answer? A textword search sometimes called a free text search will find words or phrases from the article s title or abstract that exactly match what is entered in the query. 140 Commonwealth Avenue Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3810 The main research library, the Thomas P.

In no case were four or more synonym terms used in the 180 min time bracket around each textword query.

Step Five Write out any minor criticisms of the article.

For example, entering the textword mobiles will find partial listings for cellular telephones, nursery dangling mobiles, baby mobiles baby walkers and auto mobiles entering the textword phrase hot water heater will find articles on tap water temperature, on fires, and on carbon monoxide poisoning. Sometimes publications will include this information in only a single issue a year. A peer-reviewed article is published in a peer-reviewed journal only after it has been subjected to multiple critiques by scholars in that field.

This should tell you whether a journal uses a peer review process before publishing articles. Others see open review as a less honest process, in which politeness or fear of retribution may cause a reviewer to withhold or tone down criticism. Articles in peer-reviewed journals are reviewed by a group of the writer s peers other academics in their field before the articles are published.

Check in and around the masthead to locate the method for submitting articles to the publication. Our Online Catalog allows you to narrow your results to just peer-reviewed journals. Search for the journal title and find the correct entry in the results list there may be multiple versions of the same journal, if print, online and microfilm versions exist, but there also may be two different journals with the same title.

Select, a database that covers many subject areas. Examples The SFU Library subscribes to many popular magazines, for example Trade journals or publications Are written by and for people who work in specific industries such as advertising, education, health care, media, mining, technology, tourism, etc. Ethoscopes are powerful yet accessible, and can be used by scientists and enthusiasts alike.

Health care providers information seeking recent research. Until this resource exists, literature database queries should be conducted with care. Would the general public be able to understand the article, or does it require a higher level of education and knowledge? Does it describe itself as a peer-reviewed publication? Methods All terms used to search SafetyLit a database of scholarly literature selected for its relevance to the IPSP field during the years 2000 2005 were listed and then examined to identify terms that are synonyms for the same concept. If you find information similar to to submit articles, send three copies, the journal is probably peer-reviewed. Use advanced search options in databases When searching for articles in an online database, it is sometimes possible to limit results to those from peer-reviewed journals. How to recognize and access different types of periodicals scholarly, peer-reviewed, popular, trade industry, magazines, newspapers Guide navigation for mobile devices Most of the article databases available through B. Option 3 To see which databases are recommended by librarians for a particular subject area, consult.

A tool is under development that may aid a searcher s efforts to find a list of all synonyms necessary to conduct a comprehensive search for articles on an IPSP concept. Scholarly peer reviewed journals in all areas of natural resources, agriculture, sciences, and more. However, conducting a focused and comprehensive search can be time consuming and difficult even if the searcher is a librarian with specialized training and experience. For example, entering the textword mobiles will find partial listings for cellular telephones, nursery dangling mobiles, baby mobiles baby walkers and auto mobiles entering the textword phrase hot water heater will find articles on tap water temperature, on fires, and on carbon monoxide poisoning. Also look for editorial statements such as articles are evaluated by two to three subject experts or author instructions for example, please submit three copies of the manuscript so that they can be mailed to reviewers.

Judging the usefulness of a journal to the advancement of knowledge requires the reader to be familiar with many journals in their specialization and make their own evaluation. Some databases allow you to limit searches for articles to peer reviewed journals only.

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