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Masters degree thesis requirements - Thesis Dissertation- The Graduate School at UMBC- UMBC

References in a thesis may be cited by footnotes, author-year citations, or numbered bibliography. Be sure to quote exactly what you plan to use and in what context.

List of Figures or List of Maps lower case Roman Numerals used for the content page numbers above. The Abstract If it is appropriate for the thesis to be accompanied by an abstract, it will be published in Dissertation Abstracts International.

Expectation for the level of original scholarship at the Master s level varies with the discipline. Any formatting changes requested by the Office of the Registrar can be made after the ETD editors evaluate your document during the submission process. To determine the deadline for the semester in which you plan to graduate, please see the graduate school calendar on our homepage at, or a list of deadlines at, selecting Graduation Requirements, clicking on the appropriate degree, and selecting deadline sheet. To correct this, petition to change your name with the Registrar s Office before the last day of the semester. Here is a list of the major style manuals recommended by the American Library Association, and commonly used by writers in the disciplines noted. The submission of the Completion Confirmation form starts the final audit of the student s program and ultimately leads to the award of the student s degree. Please consult the for samples on how to format your thesis. Make sure you review Graduate Studies web page on before you begin the process. Please initiate all petitions, approval forms and inquiries regarding enrollment with your Director of Graduate Studies or program administrator.

We offer you all the knowledge, creativity, and insight of more than eighty doctoral programs and more than two hundred master s programs. However, it would be prudent to use a trackable courier service like FedEx, DHL, etc as regular mail may be unreliable. The title page counts as page i but does not bear a number. If you would like a personal or departmental copy bound, there are two places in downtown Corvallis B J Bookbinding and Cyrano s.

Links to e-Theses in MacSphere are available through a variety of tools.

ETDs will be reviewed by GEMS advisors as they are received, in the last two-three weeks before the quarter ends, and after the last day of the quarter.

Type and Spacing Standard Typefaces set to print at 10 11 or 12-point font are acceptable. This will be the first page of the electronic thesis dissertation PDF file which you will submit via the. Upload your dissertation to the Upload your Committee Approval Form to the Administrative documents section of the. Internal Department Deadlines As a general guideline, a first draft of all chapters should be submitted to your thesis committee at least 10 weeks prior to the time you expect to file your paperwork for an approved thesis to the Graduate School. Abstract Unsigned and Optional by Department The abstract page should be a separate page and no longer than one page. Thesis Submission Requirements The master s thesis must be formatted as prescribed by the Graduate School and electronically submitted through ScholarWorks UMass Amherst, the University s permanent digital archive for scholarly materials. Field Experience Did you know that some graduate schools remove the thesis requirement for students who complete field experience? You will also be given the option to apply for copyright, but it is not required. Left margin should be one inch if the dissertation will be bound in paper form by ProQuest.

Bibliography, Selected Bibliography, References 11. Submit your thesis or dissertation electronically to ProQuest UMI through the. We must also receive your adviser letter and defense announcement via e-mail. Errors identified after graduation will not be corrected.

Dating the Thesis Because degrees are conferred only at the end of the academic year, the title page of theses completed during the summer or during any month of an academic year must be dated the following May.

Step Three Final Examination Form Master s students whose degree requires the submission of a thesis must obtain a signed at the conclusion of their defense, submit this form to their departmental graduate administrator by the date listed, and proceed with the steps below. THE DIPLOMA The Office of the Registrar s Application to Graduate provides the degree candidate with an opportunity to indicate how the diploma name should appear.

The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. Please also note that the following are standard requirements and procedures for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Theses and dissertations are made available through the Cornell library, and doctoral dissertations are also included in the ProQuest national repository. Widely used as a reference for psychology, education, and other social science disciplines. NOTE If your figures or charts are placed horizontally on the page i. DRUM is an open-access archive that is accessible by everyone.

You must number these preliminary pages using lower case Roman numerals beginning with the number i and continue in sequence to the end of the preliminary pages i, ii, iii, iv, v, etc.

Can t make it to the open lab and have formatting questions? It will be inserted for you before it is bound Copyright 2010 Jane Doe 2010 Jane Doe Copyright 2010 Jane Doe CU faculty and students may copyright their personal, original work. Faculty with adjunct and affiliate ranks are not included.

Author-year citations References within the text may be cited by using the author s or authors last name s and the year of publication and a page number for direct quotations. Binding the thesis Students wishing to have their theses bound should find a bindery service. It often depends on the type of subject you study, but some schools offer both a thesis and a non-thesis route that lets students take more classes in lieu of doing a thesis. Graduate Enrollment Management Services GEMS is also available to help you with this process and can be contacted at 206. Your manuscript is a scholarly presentation of the results of the research you conducted. Graduate School deadlines As an example, the deadline for submitting a signed thesis to the Graduate School for winter 2005 graduation is December 9, 2005 for spring 2006 graduation, it is May 19, 2006.

The PhD dissertation represents independent scholarly work that makes an original contribution to knowledge. Graduate students have the right to use the data they have generated for their thesis.

More information on formatting requirements can be found below. Further information can be found in the signature page section of this document. Sequence of the main components of the thesis The appropriate order of the major sections of the thesis are as follows the title page, the copyright page if any, the approval page, table of contents, the abstract if any, the text, appendices if any, and the references.

edu Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 10 00 AM- 12 00 PM Storrs CampusOak Hall, 236 Alternative Biographies Re telling Feminine Hi stories in Selected 20th-Century Texts by Quebecois Women Writers. Approval of the manuscript format by the Graduate School is a degree requirement.

You may wish to register your copyright, though this step is optional. Despite what you might hear, a thesis isn t always a requirement for completing all graduate school programs. These signatures should not appear on the title page of the document that is uploaded to LIBRA. The IU Seal or Branding should not be used on any portion of the submission. Margins Thesis margins should be 1 inch from all edges. Thesis Guide Graduate School Oregon State University Search Field Exit Search You re here because you have made it to that long-awaited step, formatting and submitting your thesis. Type Type size for the thesis should be between 10pt and 12pt and should be consistent throughout the thesisin text, figure captions, and table titles. These items may be used only with the written permission of the university. Documents are processed and manuscripts are read in the order received. Supplemental Materials If Appropriate Include lists of tables, figures, appendixes, abbreviations, or other supplemental materials, if appropriate. If graphics, tables, or figures are horizontal, place the top of the printed page on the left side of the paper with the page number in the upper right hand corner.

That page, whether part of your full introduction or of your first chapter, should be numbered using the Arabic numeral 1, and every page thereafter should be numbered consecutively until you reach the vita page. An ETD is an electronic version of a thesis or dissertation. A2 If you ve read and followed the current guidelines available on our website, there shouldn t be any problems. The Text Every effort should be made to have the manuscript as perfect as possible in form and appearance.

Master s students completing a terminal project or paper, rather than a formal thesis, should refer to their departments for guidelines and need not adhere to the Graduate School s requirements for submission and format.

Research Protocols If your research activities involve human or animal subjects, you must follow the guidelines and obtain an approved protocol before you begin your research. The thesis title listed in SIS, LIBRA and the student s transcript should be identical. Requests to incorporate material written and or published prior to graduate enrollment at Berkeley will not be considered., AIFF, MIDI, SND, MP3, WMA, QTA note-based digital music composition files e. Graduate School Role The Graduate School certifies that theses and dissertations have been prepared as required. The morning of the presentation, the student must stop by the ME office to pick up their ME warrant. Once your thesis is deposited in the library, you are not allowed to make changes on the final copy. With 1 inch top and bottom margins page lengths usually vary from 24 to 27 lines. You are responsible for observing the and for preparing the thesis in the proper format. Distribute a defendable copy of thesis to your committee.

Do not make handwritten corrections or use correction fluid in the final copy.

- Grad School Hub Prior to entering graduate school, many students might wonder if all graduate students do a thesis. 2 The page number can be left off the first page of a major division or a chapter with more than one page. If you have used live animals, animal tissue, or observational animal work, your IACUC protocol number must appear on the signature page if you were required to obtain one.

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