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Custom reports analytics - 9 Google Analytics Custom Reports by the Experts and How to Use Them

this simple extension to this custom report provides an enormous extra bonus for little effort. But once you understand how to format that basic report you can really get creative with it.

You ll see how much time you ll save with this if you read how Avinash created it.

Search queries with multiple keywords This one comes from the excellent, and there s more in-depth explanation on his blog.

This report, in conjunction with the Advanced Segmenting above, will give you your long tail keywords and how people interacted with your site off those keywords, including conversions.

Especially if you are new to custom reports this can really help you Figure out how to structure custom reports. A visit, user, pageview or even bounce rate might be computed differently. Then Page Load Time and Bounce Rates interesting contrast, right? However, it is incredibly time-consuming due to the way Google lays out the basic reports. You can create shortcuts that include standard reports or custom reports.

Tracked Portfolio Item Details This tabular report contains current values for Tracked Portfolio Items. The beauty of custom reports is that, once you have this basic report, you can interrogate the data in different ways that suit your business goals.

If you want to see different metrics, or compare them against each other, follow these steps Click the report name to view the graphs of the selected report.

Customer Acquisition Report If you want a simple report that shows you what channels are contributing the most revenue to your business, you can import this report to your Analytics account.

In terms of metrics and dimensions these are the limitations of each type It s good to know the limitations, although I recommend to refrain from trying to build the biggest custom report possible.

Overall I think the changes are a big improvement and outweigh the annoyances. Another example would be looking at search query data by geography.

Lastly, remember the hypothesis that most Social consumption is mobile?

Then, you can drill down to see what social networks do the heavy lifting per landing page Next up, the device analysis tab Let s say you re running social ads.

Select the email option within the report Then configure the settings for the email you want sent.

The problem is not the capability in the web analytics tools we have.

almost 4 years ago Nick- As Graham says we are looking at other ways of adding images to the site, but Imgur is a great image host with some excellent tools, and ultimately Websense is always going to get in the way if your company uses it., Google, referral and you can also at this stage segment this by Medium i. But, even the best analysis of the best data can only help your organization if the decision makers are using it. Much has been written about how to implement custom reports and what to track using custom reports. And of course, you can edit existing reports as needed. A picture of Ian s mum and dad on a happy occasion Ok, Let s move on! Daily news and insights about search engine marketing, SEO and paid search. When you share a Custom Report, only the configuration information is shared.

When looking at average time on page, I notice that users accessing our blog using the Android browser are spending much longer on a page than any other browser user.

Lastly, remember the hypothesis that most Social consumption is mobile?

Click on the template you like and click on File Make a copy.

It s fairly and the metrics can be switched out to suit your configuration Essentially, you ll be able to see how your long tail keywords perform, including how much money they make you. This includes your analytics accounts and the difference between Coke and Pepsi. You re in Google Analytics and you go to transfer a custom report from one view to another. But that s the boring housekeeping stuff, so let s move onto the New Custom Report bit You are faced with this slightly intimidating form with so many blanks to fill in. August 11, 2015 Filed Under Tagged With Just when I thought I m using the full power of custom reporting, you write a post and make me realize I have more work to do. Without this explanation, these are just reports on this website.

He suggests creating a custom report showing conversions per browser and segmenting the report by device mobile, desktop, tablet so as not to skew your numbers.

Custom reports are user based, they are a personal asset based upon the log-in and are not shared across the account. Don t miss a single nugget of performance marketing insight. Changing the reporting time zone setting only affects data going forward, and changes are not applied retroactively. It s very easy to edit a custom report after saving it.

This folder contains some pre-built reports definitions.

After you ve created reports you can select them from the Custom Reports and Custom Site Reports dashlets, and you ll see them on your own or a site dashboard.

These are the types of questions you begin to ask when you truly see how valuable site search is. Now you can go through all of your reports to see the differences in both sources of traffic. Dimensions are essentially groups of similar things on your website that you would like to see information about.

Then the dimensions, the rows of data that will be displayed. SEO dashboard This, from again, shows key organic search metrics performance of brand non-brand keywords, top landing pages and more. Thank you so much I was trying to figure out how to view aggregate traffic by hour data and these instructions were exactly what I needed!

As long as you are correctly analyzing the data and strategically using them, you can benefit from having the information. Custom Report 1 Event Interaction by Category, Action Label With this Custom Report, you can view all events by category, action, and label dimensions, alongside their total and unique numbers. They can be very valuable though, as they allow users to customise views according to their own business needs and the ability to allow others to access reports is great for sharing knowledge.

In this post, we look at some of the features Google Analytics provides for sharing reports with your organization, as well as additional tools for reporting.

To do that, navigate to the Admin page and select the Scheduled Emails item under the View menu.

While the ecommerce conversion rates and number of transactions are all relatively low in this instance, larger differences could signal the cause of missing ecommerce data. If you want to share access to all your data, use the Account level. I m quite experienced in Google Analytics and yet I pick up many nuances I had not considered before. Here s a quick overview from Avinash himself You can get a more detailed explanation of the report.

Ever ponder the question, How is my content doing? 0 as a gift and what can I say, amazing reading I used a similar solution you mentioned in the first custom report as a way to fight with referral spam traffic. Click on a column header to sort the data by that column. VersionOne Sample Reports In the Shared Reports section there is a folder labeled VersionOne Sample Reports.

Map Overlay This type of report replicates look of Geo Reports. Boy do I love Google Analytics but it has gotten more complicated over the years.

Usually, the metrics for new and returning visitors are quite different. For your Campaign Cost Analysis report, if you re interested in using cost data from additional sources, like Bing Ads or Facebook Ads, take a look at my company s new product, Analyze. A starting point for trending revenue or purchases against visits, with a traffic sources breakdown. If you stick to defaults and out-of-the-box you re only getting 30 of what Google Analytics has to offer you.

After all, this is the tool that tells you whether your efforts are actually translating into results. There are four types of Custom Reports Explorer Explorer-type reports allow dimensions drilldowns. Metrics Every report is made up of dimensions and metrics. If your report is missing information, or contains information that you know to be inaccurate, first verify that the Data Mart database was recently loaded. All you have to do is look beyond what comes We always worry about our tweets and posts and reshares when it comes to Social. Scaled Agile Framework and SAFe are trademarks of Scaled Agile, Inc. If we were trying to determine which browsers we should focus on when looking to, we would likely start with those two. Custom Reports- Analytics Platform- Piwik Toggle navigation Close Feedback sent successfully Thank you for your valuable feedback. but seriously, can you shed light upon this odd circumstance?

This allows you to restrict the report to a subset of the total data. This is really good guideance to acheiving the best ROI with campaigns. Another advanced report that may be of use would be looking at the day of the month conversion rate. Clicking on the Source associated with your chosen Medium will display the keywords that brought people to this page. Your report organization categories will be visible on the left hand side of your screen Custom Reports Gallery Do you have a great custom report that you would like to have featured on this page?

I ve heard about DuckDuckGo a few times over the years, mostly as a name uttered in hushed whispers behind closed doors You don t have to use Google.

As with the previous report, it s a creation of Avinash Kaushik. My Device Analysis report has a built in drilldown.

This will tell you if your site is performing poorly on some devices. I recommend to read Avinash s post if you need some more inspiration here.

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