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How to comment on student essays - Improving student writing through comments Teaching Commons

Read through the paper again with your pencil ready. When they ve finished, the instructor can offer her perspectives and then give the writer a chance to respond.

If you need to take some notes, do so on another piece of paper.

Can you recommended a scaffolding approach to this?

Students who aren t satisfied with their grades can sometimes protest their grades in ways that cause headaches for instructors. If a link is greyed out, click once to enable sharing, once more to share. One is tempted to point out that if students wrote comments like those, most teachers would ask them to be more explicit. Construct a head comment that does the following 1 offers a brief but specific summation of general strengths, and 2 explains the two or three things to work on in a way that frames your remarks in terms of techniques and strategies to improve for subsequent drafts and assignments e. Shortly before the due date, use ten minutes of class time to ask about students progress and discoveries e. Thesis The thesis comes out clearly The thesis needs to be more clearly stated Superior argument extraordinary synthesis of analytic ideas command of course material Very good argument, showing good comprehension and engagement with course material The thesis needs to be strengthened The thesis needs to be more closely related to its supporting points and or textual evidence The essay does not address its chosen topic, but deals partially or entirely with another concern 2. It is not uncommon to correct the same errors on a particular student s work over and over again. If you re not allowing revisions, you re doing it wrong Writing loses its potency when it becomes a onetime event instead of an ongoing process.

Catlin I bought a personal copy of writerkey for myself at the end of last year. While the absence of comments may suggest that my students had few readers, the web statistics tell a very different story.

Overall, a vast majority of the guest student commenters made on my students writing, and while not as in-depth as the two recent alumni commentators the prior year, the level of public engagement by arranged, yet unpaid readers made the exercise worthwhile.

Does anyone have a document that they ve used to ask parents permission to get kids to sign up for one? this strategy puts the emphasis on the evaluative, rather than the teaching, function of grading have each section of an exam graded by only one teaching assistant or grader to ensure consistency across the board have teaching assistants and graders grade student work at the same time in the same place so they can compare their grades on certain sections and arrive at consensus. I m going to suggest it as a selection for my teacher PD summer reading book club. Don t wait till the due date to find out what students problems are by then, they re your problems.

Comment primarily on patterns representative strengths and weaknesses. Bryan Greetham recommends a digital update of his old-school project box approach., the grade on the second paper is worth a greater percentage of the final course grade than the grade on the first paper. Otherwise, the learning that occurs as a result of the writing activity can t be applied anywhere else. Students hate writing them so much that they or them instead. Then when I come to write, I have all of my material. They bring their first drafts to peer review, then have 1 night to make revisions and turn in a clean, proofread essay the next day, BUT they always get 1 week to make revisions and return the essay for the possibility of earning a few more points. Teacher writing, the popular mad men series, and during that clearly describe your student s writing constructive.

If all the comments are negative, the students will either not read them or be depressed by them. I just started using Google docs and your tips are very hepful. It may seem like a small difference, but that adds up when a teacher has 50, 100 or 150 assignments to grade.

More explicit criteria appear in by Stella Deen in the November, 1995, Teaching Concerns.

Read through each essay individually before marking anything. Shanese Caton, The Quest to Racially Integrate African Americans and Higher Education, Educ 300 Education Reform, Past Present, May 3, 2012 cited in Online Articles That May Be of Interest to JBHE Readers, The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, May 9, 2012

Balance your positive and negative comments in terms of volume and specificity.

One thing I noticed is that if I type in my shortcut frag fragment while I am in the suggestions mode on my student s paper, fragment shows up on the paper in green every time. Often, students who are struggling to write clearly are also struggling to clarify what they think about the course material. But do try to find something goodwithout being sarcastic Nice choice of font! This way, I also avoid seeing their major essays for the first time when I grade them. If not, here s my advice and let me know if this does not answer your question. Is the thesis clearly stated near the beginning of the paper? Like the animal, Latino English teachers exist in low numbers.

How to cite Jack Dougherty, Public Writing and Student Privacy, in Web Writing Why and How for Liberal Arts Teaching and Learning, ed. If you receive an F on any assignment particularly if you feel you have given adequate effort, you should speak with me personally.

Distribute the grading criteria to students or post the criteria on the course Web site so that they will know how you will evaluate their work. Present them as examples of possible approaches, not as models or templates.

I assure them that it is fine and I don t expect perfection, but on the inside I m so excited that they re seeing the things I see. Does the essay demonstrate an understanding of a subject, or does it wander from one subject to the next without offering more than superficial remarks?

One study, held at Texas A M Sam Dragga 1985 found that only 6 of the comments on a sample of student papers praised something well done. Typically, a wide range of responses will be acceptable, and every paper unless it is plagiarized will have some merit.

F Below 60 Work does not complete the requirements of the assignment. Instead of leaving comments by highlighting text, clicking Insert and selecting Comment, I use option command m on my keyboard. I say in my feedback that if my specific comments don t say anything about a particular aspect of the assignment, then the student should look to the general comments. Plagiarism is now that if we flunked every kid who did it, we d have a worse attrition rate. Where does the leader draw his power or right to govern from?

I want them to grow, and if that takes a few tries then so be it.

Students are also able to receive prompt feedback.

However much we simplify the process, grading essays will never be as simple as marking multiple choice exams.

I also find that students are much, much more willing to revise and resubmit because we use Google Classroom.

Where is the line that divides instructor comments on students public posts versus the private act of evaluating them? Mark Sample, A Better Blogging Assignment, The Chronicle of Higher Education, ProfHacker, July 3, 2012 Responding to Student Writing Harvard Writing Project PRINCIPLES OF RESPONDING TO STUDENT WRITING Your comments on student writing should clearly reflect the hierarchy of your concerns about the paper.

Crucially, Haswell handed back the checkmarked papers without grades. While you may think that writing lots of comments will convey your interest in helping the student improve, students like all writers can be overwhelmed by copious written comments on their work. Complete Journals that are no longer published or that have been combined with another title.

And we know the low number of Latinos with college degrees in our city.

Students quickly learn that I m doing this differently.

Instead, choose two or three of the most important areas in which the student needs to improve, and present these in order of descending importance. Check out using a credit card or bank account with. The sentence that begins Feeling rejected, the creature wanders away.

I have learned many great things from your site that I look forward to implementing in my classroom.

What else do I need to do before trying out all of these amazing ideas?

40 essays, each 8 pages long you count how much text I must get through, and fast as my deadline for delivering the final marks is approaching very soon. or suggestions for further consideration I was left wondering about these points. Just make sure you are signed into your Gmail, so the document has a place to save. I teach 4th grade and am new to google classroom and google docs so I want to keep it simple for my students. Open questions can be a very effective way to prompt students to think more deeply about the topic, to provide needed evidence, or to clarify language.

The intermixture helps the student accept the criticisms and shows that you have a balanced response to the paper. After all, Mark Zuckerberg s pre-Facebook i don t read sic, and look at him. Sometimes, it s a good idea to express the difficulty with the paper as your own, as reader, letting the student know that communication is not taking place. John Bean s hierarchy of questions from Engaging Ideas provides a useful framework Does the draft follow the assignment? Me,as a Eenglish and Business study educator, teaching to various age groups in three different educational twitter I ve never had a student say no to showing their work.

Choose the three or four most disabling ones, and direct your comments toward helping the students understand what they need to learn to do differently to correct this kind of error. Avoid writing truncated marginal questions meaning? The owner of the post and no one else has to do that. Impeccable spelling and grammar are a must, so proofread your essay before you submit it and check that there are no careless typos computer spell checks don t always pick these up.

For more on, see the Grading section of the Teaching Guide. Those who don t grade drafts argue that grades distract students from the real process of exploring an idea because it s interesting, and not simply because it s required. By reflecting back your understanding of the argument, you let the student see that you took the paper seriously.

Start with positive and keep it balanced Students will react better to feedback if you begin with positive comments. Pencil also allows for erasures, in case you change your mind about a grade, marking, comment, or suggestion. But I still want to know more about HOW the group works to achieve their goals do they sponsor events on campus?

You ll get access to our members-only library of free downloads, including the e-booklet that has helped thousands of teachers save time on grading. Try to quote more selectively and discuss specifically what you want your reader to see in a quotation The arguments would be stronger with more quotation of textual evidence and or examples The essay is well substantiated with judicious examples and or textual evidence The essay makes strong connections between examples evidence and analytic ideas The essay makes good use of examples and or textual evidence 7.

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