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I love that aspect of the book, and it plays right along with the religious hypocrisy too. She is intelligent and precocious, preferring the make believe world of books to the harsh and often unsympathetic world of reality. Through that the gate I departed it, too, I shut and now I was out of Thornfield Where she first lives as a governess and meets Mr. I learned so much about minute social customs that way! I have to admit, I ve not made it all the way through JE but this blog and subsequent posts make me think I may pick it up again.

Jane Eyre is also encompasses the difficulty experienced by females who were intelligent and had a desire for knowledge. 5 pages Strong Essays- Christianity in Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte addresses the theme of Christianity in the novel Jane Eyre. I will h-old to the principles received by men when I was sane, and not mad-as I am now, laws and principles are not for the times when there is no temptation they are for such moments as this, when body and soul rise in mutiny against their rigor stringent are they inviolate they shall be.

I also understand that of course a movie can t be as rich or textured as a book, but what I ve always wished is that they would just call it something else, so that those of us who love and understand our characters can live in peace!

I also thought that version made their home a bit too filled with domestic bliss, missing that Austen was intensely critical of Lizzie s parents and family. How he got the film, I don t know, but I suspect it was because of Eat Drink Man Woman, which was in English. Fairfax is a comforting mother-figure, but Jane is not yet able to be Rochester s wife. Through pain, suffering and losing his eyesight he learns his lessons and get Jane back to take care of him and give the birth to their son as his wife. tags Jane Eyre Essays 3 Works Cited 1630 words 4. What can I say, but that I love the Victorian era too.

He leaves me rather cold, actually, but that s probably because I ve seen Shame, which is depressing and miserable and amazing, but not a movie to leave you warm and fuzzy about the lead! What do the Gothic elements contribute to the novel? tags Jane Eyre Essays 4 Works Cited 1804 words 5. It is a great essay Chat with other Teen Ink members Teen Ink s chat is available to Teen Ink members only. You re right Hollywood doesn t understand this book. Jane Eye needs true love, and she overcomes the obstacles in the process of pursing true love.

We cannot distinguish whether a man is of nobleness or humbleness, but as there are great differences in our souls, and from that we can know that whether a man is noble or ordinary, and even obscure, that is, whether he is beautiful or not.

They did not have publishing in mind when writing. What do the characters learn from dreams and visions? Thank you for being so in-depth as well- it is much appreciated. In what way Jane Eyre s difficult life at Lowood School shaped her character? I think we all bond with Jane, and see ourselves our best selves in her. The actress actually prayed out loud to God for help to resist Rochester s charms affection.

Rochester is disguised as the gypsy and tells the ladies these mysterious fortunes, it in cases hurts some mentally, but more importantly in Jane s case it leads to distrust of Mr.

She describes a beautiful, stately room with an unlit fireplace and grand furniture and mirror but to her it represents more of a tomb the place her Uncle Reed spent his last days and died. Rochester gained full sight and was able to see his first child born. Strangely, I read it often and see different sides to it each time.

Her personal progress through the story is used as a teaching tool in order to prepare for the next experience. I find the film adaptations of Wuthering Heights even worse though. As time passes by, it unwraps its cocoon and goes through metamorphosis. Although some of the characters are seemed to have gothic elements Jane Eyre herself does not seem to be a typical gothic novel character, she is not a women in distress and is not seen crying or screaming.

Rochester attempts to turn Jane into a high class kept woman without a vocation of her own or the freedom to leave him. Jane has thought through her situation, as well as felt its wrongs. Once the caterpillar grows into a fully developed butterfly, it has lost its innocence and purity forever. But I think most of us would be willing to accept some messing around with perfection if the main ideas stayed true., I can t imagine reading it that young, but I do remember that in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Maya Angelou says she read it at that age.

you have a fan in me and I will be following your blog closely. They will be surprised, and pleasantly, to discover many goodies the films can never recreate! The most convincing evidence of Jane s strength and independence, however, is her narrative voice. Read more But this isn t entirely to criticise Woolf.

I liked Mia, actually, though she s still too pretty but hey, as I ve said, I can deal with that. These gradations of glory assert Jane s value as a woman and virtually depict the worth of all women. Jane Eyre lived a hard life, filled with hatred and anger. Much of this impulsive, passionate behavior is caused from Jane knowing she is not loved and also from realizing that she will never be able to please Mrs. The sultan adorns the slave so that he can display her as valuable property an object. This can be seen through the bullying of Helen by Mrs. He may even have produced that version, so perhaps that helped. I first read JE as a middle school assignment HATED it with a passion my fav reading in that day was Sweet Valley High The Babysitters Club not exactly deep reading. He s not a damn bit like Rochester, but you know, whatever. Jane declares I am not talking to you now through the medium of custom, nor even of mortal flesh it is as if we stood at God s feet, equal as we are! A job as a governess was one of the only few respectable positions available to the educated but impoverished single women.

Membership includes a 10 discount on all editing orders. Jane Eyre s love is the other aspect this paper will talk about. After Miss Temple, a considerably close mentor and friend of Jane s, marries and leaves, this urge for departure is tremendously magnified in her mind and even more importantly in her heart 76. I ve not watched a single one of those films, but have read the book hundreds of times.

Each of these factors affects the way that the protagonist, Jane Eyre, grows as a person. Once the reader is able to see beyond his riches, the essence of Mr. All things considered, explain whether or not she is a likable character.

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