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Accounting and finance personal statement - Accounting and Finance MSc- The University of Nottingham

My experience in the field of business has transpired both inside and outside the classroom as I take a proactive approach to all of my assessment.

The first part of the course covers basic mathematical models common across these fields. You don t need to impress us Just tell us why you want to study the course- why you are interested, what aspects of the course are important to you, what you have done or read which has helped you come to the decision to study this subject at university.

Thank you for reading my application and I hope to hear from you soon. Key Skills Functional Skills Level 3 are accepted in place of GCSE Grade B Maths. Through the study on business and management relevant knowledge, I have mastered the foundations of knowledge needed for good business skills including management, strategies, financial management, accounting and more. I think LSE have a web page where they give tips about how to write a good personal statement but here are mine 1 Get yourself clued up on what Accounting and Finance is- Define Accounting, talk about why you like it e. I believe that your esteemed university can offer me an excellent opportunity to further my learning in a more challenging environment and deepen my understanding of the knowledge and skills I already have.

For more help and advice about being a mature student at Bangor, please visit the.

Joint pathway If you specialise on a joint pathway such as the Accounting and Finance you also take a maximum of 80 credits in any one pathway, but you have the freedom to split these between the two disciplines depending on what you d like to study.

You can talk about tasks you got involved in such as working with Sage, Bank Payroll etc. My approach and attitude to learning new concepts relating to the field of finance has ensured I have seen many successes, as reflected by positive academic results. Deferrals Applications for deferred entry are considered equally to other applications up to the point of confirmation.

the logic, the maths, relating numbers to business? Get really, really good at flexibility of time and place programs. Recruiters tend to scan CVs quite quickly so you need to convince them within the first half page of your CV that you have the relevant skills and experience, otherwise they re unlikely to read on and your CV could very well end up in the reject pile. Entry Requirements Qualifications A levels AAA including Maths or Further Maths.

I work extensively on every assignment and take an active part in class discussion, through which my inter-personal communication skills and teamwork ability have greatly improved.

Though I have acquired myself many knowledge abilities and skills in the international business area, I would like to develop my expertise in the specific areas of Business Project Management. I am a pleasant, warm-hearted, and patient person, and I earned the admiration of my classmates and teachers. I hope to take advantage of the age of Mobile Internet and seek a career in those companies that provide B2C cross-border e-commerce on the mobile platform. I want to work for an international company that will allow me to develop a broad portfolio and ensure I am well-respected throughout the industry. I tend not to just focus on lecture notes, but also consider my own thoughts, analysis and criticism on all the subjects I undertake. I have the desire to join the course at the to advance my aptitude with adequate understanding that shall govern my future career and expertise within economic matters. For example, it is better to write about one or two books, reflect on the arguments within these books, say what you agree with and disagree with, etc.

Students with Advanced Standing A student who has passed an Advanced Placement Test will be given six credits for each subject in which a grade 3,4 or 5 is achieved. Acquire advanced theoretical and practical knowledge and master the computational and calculation skills demanded by the industry Gain exemptions from some of the professional accounting examinations, accelerating your progress towards gaining qualifications which are recognised and essential for working in accountancy and finance Specialise in a number of courses including financial accounting, managerial accounting, applied accounting, financial reporting, taxation and auditing Benefit from the opportunity to gain practical work experience, specific to accounting and finance organisations, through an internship essential criteria many recruiters look for in candidates Learn a variety of transferable business skills such as problem solving, analysing, IT and written and oral communication essential criteria for employers Acquire a broad understanding of the accounting, finance and commercial sectors Gain access to top graduate schools, including those in the UK and USA I interned at AGC Partners. Much to the recognition by fellow colleagues, this experience inspire me to not only further my education, but to engage with professionals across a range of industries. I am a diligent, hard-working and obliging student who always goes beyond the boundaries of any role that is set for me.

My first introduction to human resource management came as a result of a work experience that I engaged in.

You can apply for advanced entry on to this course, depending on the number of professional accountancy examinations you have passed.

I am confident that my solid foundation in professional finance knowledge, along with my transferrable skills will enable me to smoothly access the skills needed to enter your programme. I feel that my passion and drive for success will ensure I have a varied and that is something I am very excited about. My academic background makes me an excellent fit for this course.

I wish to learn more about these areas, and this gives me the motivation to enroll in the Finance Organisational programme at the. These course programmes provide a liberal education in Law, or in Law combined with another discipline, to promote such an awareness and to allow those who so wish to progress to careers in the legal professions.

I am fascinated by the way in which the empire was run, and the events that led to its downfall.

We ve developed highly innovative solutions to change the landscape of two important core services payroll and accounting.

You graduate with exemptions from key professional accountancy bodies.

As I was growing up my parents often commented that I should go into accounting. Internships Bangor University runs undergraduate and postgraduate internship schemes twice a year, which allow students to work in a professional environment while learning relevant skills and earning money.

I was one of the top students in my class during my study in China, which provided me with the opportunity to study abroad during my final year. I have demonstrated good analytical skills and presentation skills. Upon the completion of the intended program, I hope to engage myself in corporate scenario proving the necessary support for organisations to thrive given the often volatile economic market.

The amount you will pay may increase each year to take into account the effects of inflation. By taking part in the lectures, seminars, project and group work, I hope to develop a deeper insights of the micro environment for e-Business industries and the essential skills to analyse internal environments for companies in order to make strategic decisions. Internet Technology and E-business Management is what Jack Ma, the Chairman of the e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba, mentions as most important in global development.

I m a student with a good foundation in business.

I ve heard that usually the first few lines of a Personal Statement should be very attention grabbing and I feel mine doesn t exactly meet that requirement as of now. I was successful in promoting the initial ideas, developed visual materials and included a press release, which was all praised by students and teachers alike. I am an optimistic individual with a cheerful personality and strong thirst for knowledge.

I have been fortunate to receive an education that has allowed me to develop analytical skills, business-like thinking and the ability to solve complex problems. I want to study the programme name at university name as it offers me a more flexible and independent learning atmosphere. I believe that under your guidance I will be well prepared for a successful career within a global context. Key Skills Functional Skills Level 2 and the Certificate in Adult Literacy are accepted in place of GCSE Grade C English Language. My recent study experiences have had a big impact on my desire to succeed and do well. In addition, I taught myself simultaneous interpreting and attended quite a few conferences as an intern interpreter, and, I worked as an accompanied interpreter. My positive attitude to study also extends to other subjects, however, and I have gained valuable skills and experience from branching out into other fields. By going through this programme I will deepen my insight on the strategic requirements required for a successful career in this area.

During my broad range of academic studies in recent years, I have gained some valuable skills, those especially that will be beneficial to a career in the laboratory of biological sciences. In addition, I have read a large selections of economic books including Walter Nicholson s Microeconomics Theory Basic Principles and Extensions, Adam Smith s Wealth of Nations, and more. During my time in the classroom, I have engaged with my teachers and fellow students, learning a range of abilities, which can be then transferred to higher levels of study and my future career.

Education Professional Memberships 2012 PRINCE II Practitioner 2010 MBA, University of Accountancy 2009 Chartered Institute of Accountancy CIA 2006 University of Accountancy, 2 1 in Accounting Finance 2004 High School, 2 CSYS Maths A, Chemistry A, 7 Highers Maths A, etc. To study a degree, diploma or certificate course you ll be asked for a minimum of UCAS Tariff points. I am majoring in at the where I have learnt relative courses like Audio and Video Practice, Mark-up languages and Metadata, Webcasting, Networking and more.

Therefore, I hope to learn how to combine a sense of design with sustainable construction. We host a range of on campus and virtual open days throughout the year, giving you the opportunity to discover life at Leeds Beckett University.

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