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Examples of single case study research - Essays- Definition and Examples, best case study design- Writing And Editing Services

As we have seen throughout the book, group research involves combining data across participants. a nation-state, revolution, political party, election, or person observed at a single point in time or over some delimited period of time 2004 342. The methodological differences between these two views are revealed by the different rationales underlying the replication as opposed to sampling design Replication logic not sampling logic Multiple cases resemble multiple experiments.

The growth of the firm- a case study the Hercules powder company. A case study is relevant the more your research questions seek to explain some present circumstances how and why some social phenomenon works or if your research questions require an in-depth sedcription of some social phenomenon. This web site created and hosted by the Scholarly Communication Center- Rutgers University Libraries. 1959 Some Social Requisites of Democracy Economic Development and Political Legitimacy, The American Political Science Review, 53, 1, 69-105.

They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead. A further goal is tob ring the case study to closure by writing a compelling report or book. I agree that in Single-Subject designs the removal of an intervention that appears to be making a meaningful and positive difference is potentially unethical. Generate one hypothesis suggested by the case study that might be interesting to test in a systematic single-subject or group study. The participant could then be returned to a baseline phase before reintroducing each treatment perhaps in the reverse order as a way of controlling for carryover effects.

Eisenhardt and Graebner 2007 argue that it is one of the best if not the best bridges between rich qualitative evidence and mainstream deductive research.

The information is mainly biographical and relates to events in the individual s past i. Key Takeaways Single-subject research which involves testing a small number of participants and focusing intensively on the behavior of each individual is an important alternative to group research in psychology.

or Organize and save your favorite lessons with Custom Courses Custom Courses are courses that you create from Study. li ul ul li sometimes it is easier to define what your case is not!

Because these weaknesses are in part different, we are convinced that multi-method strategies are productive. Single-subject research is particularly good for testing the effectiveness of treatments on individuals when the focus is on strong, consistent, and biologically or socially important effects. Writing a Case Study- Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper- Research Guides at University of Southern California Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper Writing a Case Study The purpose of this guide is to provide advice on how to develop and organize a research paper in the social sciences.

points out that the more researchers are concerned about understanding the specifics of a phenomenon, the more descriptive they will become and the more flexible they will be in terms of the theories they consider. May not be suitable for journal writing as word limit, but could depend on way it is written into text Potential readers of journal, 1 st, 2 nd marker, external examiner Ask what journal have students chosen? This approach is idiographic, that is, concerned with discrete or unique facts or events e. If we look at the literature we reviewed in this essay, we see that another feature of a social phenomenon seems to dictate what method will be used to study it the use to be made of the study.

This is a derivative of Research Methods in Psychology by a publisher who has requested that they and the original author not receive attribution, which was originally released and is used under CC BY-NC-SA. The most important is to explain the presumed causal links in real-life events that are too complex for the survey or experimental strategies A second application is to describe an intervention and the real-life context in which it occurred.

Practice Find and read a published case study in psychology.

So in general the case study has a general advantage when a how or why question is being asked about a contemporary set of events over which the investigator has little or no control.

Whether or not and how much to protect anonymity Stake, 2005, p. In search of excellence lessons from America s best-run companies. Techniques are for instance pattern matching, explanation building, time-series analysis, logic models, and cross-case synthesis. A good source of articles published in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis can be found at.

Does the case provide important insight or illuminate a previously hidden problem? And assuming time is available to produce a worthy case study, the product may be too lengthy, too detailed, or too involved for busy policy makers and practitioners to read and use. If the aim is exploration cases in are selected on the basis of the information they are expected to provide. While it offers depth and specificity, case study research also offers breadth and diversity in terms of methods of data collection and analytical techniques. Case studies allow a researcher to investigate a topic in far more detail than might be possible if they were trying to deal with a large number of research participants nomothetic approach with the aim of averaging.

they focus on the individual case without reference to a comparison group. In addition, he argues that the quest for external validity and reliability may work against the very biggest benefits that case studies can bring, namely those related to specific and contextual issues that case studies are better at detecting. Case selection is also called, although this word is most frequently used when larger numbers of cases are selected. Writing a Case Study- Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper- Research Guides at University of Southern California Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper Writing a Case Study The purpose of this guide is to provide advice on how to develop and organize a research paper in the social sciences. We know that young people recover better than older people after brain damage.

If the dependent variable is much higher or much lower in one condition than another, this suggests that the treatment had an effect. who learned to fear a white rat along with other furry objects when the researchers made a loud noise while he was playing with the rat. A case may offer you an opportunity to gather evidence that challenges prevailing assumptions about a research problem and provide a new set of applied to practice that have not been tested previously.

Single-subject research, however, would likely reveal these individual differences. As Gerring rightly observes of this potential for falsification a positivist orientation toward the work of social science militates toward a greater appreciation of the case study format, not a denigration of that format, as is usually supposed Gerring, 2007 247, emphasis added.

Palabras-clave Investigaci n en ciencias de la gesti n estudios de casos puntuales metodolog a de la investigaci n m todo cient fico adquisici n de conocimiento INTRODUCTION Case studies constitute an important research tool in the field of management. Exercises Discussion Imagine you have conducted a single-subject study showing a positive effect of a treatment on the behavior of a man with social anxiety disorder. The ability to conduct 6 or 10 case studies, arranged effectively within a multiple-case design, is analogous to the ability to conduct 6 to 10 experiments on related topics. Single cases can be selected because the case is extreme i.

Learning Objectives Describe the basic elements of a single-subject research design. Whilst it will not answer a question completely, it will give some indications and allow further elaboration and creation on a subject. However, whereas the latter obviously tend toward an interpretive basis for meanings, reasons, and understandings quantitative measures appear objective, but only so long as we don t ask questions about where and how the data were produced pure objectivity is not a meaningful concept if the goal is to measure intangibles as these concepts only exist because we can interpret them Berg and Lune, 2010 340. 6 Visual inspection of the data suggests an effective treatment in the top panel but an ineffective treatment in the bottom panel. Researchers themselves are well aware that publication of single-case studies is highly risky.

So you need replication logic, not sampling logic, for multiple-case studies. For example, if the research problem is to identify strategies to improve policies that support girl s access to secondary education in predominantly Muslim nations, you could consider using Azerbaijan as a case study rather than selecting a more obvious nation in the Middle East.

Instead, it depends on the participant s behavior. Up to this point, therefore, the knowledge generated by the case study is greatly confined to the researcher. Tambi n se ofrecen algunas caracter sticas de los especialistas que laboran en esta rea. The treatment is introduced at a different time on each baseline.

best case study design Study methodology for the short article gives a combined strategy firm.

He criticizes the positivist concept of knowledge accumulation mainly for its neglect of experiential knowledge.

Upgrade to Premium to add all these features to your account! sampling The set of sampling procedures is huge. The case study is most useful The case study is useful for in the first phase of a research both generating and testing of process used for generating hypotheses but is not limited to hypotheses. Practice Find and read a published case study in psychology. 5 It is often difficult to summarize and develop general propositions and theories on the basis of specific case studies p., conditions have changed prior studies were conducted long ago, etc. In many cases the target population is not easily accessed. They can help us generate new ideas that might be tested by other methods. group theories family functioning, informal groups etc. Be alert to what the in-depth analysis of the case may reveal about the research problem, including offering a contrarian perspective to what scholars have stated in prior research. For excellent examples of this work, look at any issue of the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior. In the late 1800s, one of psychology s founders, Wilhelm Wundt, studied sensation and consciousness by focusing intensively on each of a small number of research participants.

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