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Business model innovation master thesis - Business model innovation a journey across managers attention and inter organizational networks- PhD Projects- PhD in Management- Doctoral Programme- Erasmus Research Institute of Management- ERIM

, ISPIM Americas Innovation Forum Montreal, Canada 2014 Lizarralde, I. 2016 Business Models for Sustainability Origins, Present Research, and Future Avenues, Organization Environment, Vol.

Consequently, the suggested evolutionary method of business model innovation relies upon prognosis of a development trajectory of the value conception and corresponding value creation principles. Share Your Research on Business Models for Sustainability BMfS!

There is no central application period at our chair and students can apply at any point in time. 2015 Product Service Systems PSS business models and tactics a systematic literature review, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol.

capital market restructuring and the 1984 recovery hit companies with real costs and focused attention on lean processes and the supply chain Means Schneider, 2000, L. 2014 Analysing Barriers to Sustainable Business Model Innovations Innovation Systems Approach, in Huizingh, K. The student should give an overview about the current industry 4. 2013 New Business Models in Austria Forerunners in Sustainable Economics. Undertaken as a private academic initiative with no special funding the research had primarily been based on an author s professional network and her working experience of more than 15 years in the industry in Russia companies both of the luxury and premium apparel market sectors.

It appeared that both scientists and practitioners are for some time in the need of a holistic framework to deal with the enterprise as a system for value creation. The supervision of the master s thesis is organized individually by each chair. 2011 An Exploratory Study of Social Purpose Business Models in the United States, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Vol. Bachelor Thesis, 79 Pages The Joint Venture Between C. In both cases the concept of firm maximising behaviour is questioned, though, on different grounds. 2014 Green Business Model Design How a Situated Robot Would Help? A second area of his research is on creativity, including the effects of leadership on creativity, creativity in online settings, and group creativity. some existing enterprise, but the authors do not actually offer any means to build up a new or improved business model or guidelines and criteria to evaluate its timeliness, adequacy, and its place inferiority or superiority as regards to other enterprises of the industry business models.

If you are unsure or you have an idea for a proposal yourself, please contact our MSc Thesis coordinator. A key concept to explore is Customer Lifecycle Value CLV and customer equity the latter is an extension of the first. Jan van den Ende Jan van den Ende is professor of management of technology and innovation at RSM.

Note final project report, accompanied by 5 sub-reports, Curtius, H.

2013 Introductory Approach to Business Model Design for Strategic Sustainable Development. 2013 Integrating Business Model and Strategy, in Busco, C. Business Model Innovation within the Norwegian energy sectorA comparative case study of business model innovation applied by ABB and DNVGL to adapt to the energy change in Norway dc. 2011 Photovoltaic business models threat or opportunity for utilities? 2005 Sustainable Development How Social Entrepreneurs Make it Happen. Location The programmes take place at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Bayle J Building, Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam.

Sugested themes Smart and sustainable business models For more information please contact.

2014 Model Behavior 20 Business Model Innovations for Proceedings of EcoDesign 2011 7th International Symposium on Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing.

Estimating these effects will be building on research within the field of return on quality Rust, Zahorik and Keiningham 1995 and later works pertaining to customer equity see for example Hogan, Lemon and Rust, 2002 Rust, Lemon and Zeithaml, 2004. An evolutionary approach to business model innovation Publish your master s thesis, bachelor s thesis, essay or term paper Our newsletter keeps you up to date with all new papers in your subjects Get information via e-mail An evolutionary approach to business model innovation Scientific Essay, 2014 32 Pages, Grade 4-th year of PhD Format PDF, ePUB and MOBI for PC, Kindle, tablet, mobile Abstract In the article it is asserted that business model innovation potential has not yet been fully released first because of a lack of business model definition and a consistent methodological framework, second because, on a more general plan, the whole system of assumptions on which innovation activity of this kind has been based possibly needs re-evaluation. Business Models and Multiple Value Creation, Corporate Responsibility Research Conference, 12-13 September 2013, University of Graz, Austria. 2015 An Solution of Sustainable Mobility for Economic Growth and CO 2 Emissions Reduction, Vol. Under archieved you may also take a look at thesis already written about Service Innovation. These approaches as well as implicit approaches known to the author examples can be met e. This approach promotes testing, learning and pivoting throughout the innovation process.

While authors of neoclassical approaches admit outside factors influence on the business model, these factors remain conceptually isolated from the business model. 2014 New business models that support resource efficiency.

What are the challenges and critical success factors in doing this Service design is the cornerstone of service innovation, covering not only the process of developing a new service, but the whole way of approaching a firm s delivery of customer value added.

In the article it is asserted that which impede present approaches application arise due to peculiarities of mainstream economics basic assumptions upon which these approaches have implicitly been built. Johnson, Christensen, and Kagermann 2008 2011 cite results of Economist Intelligence Unit 2005 survey reported that over 50 of executives believe business model innovation will become even more important for success than product or service innovation pp. This is despite understanding the need to have a consistent and viable methodological framework to unleash the potential of business model innovation. By clicking or by continuing to use this website, you are giving consent for us to set cookies when visiting this website. However, both research and practical experience implies that Culture eats strategy for breakfast, and that organizations often are reluctant to be caught in the competency trap after periods of growth and success.

2010 The Embeddedness of Social Understanding Variation Across Local Communities.

Competitive advantage can be enhanced through service, i. 2016 Business Models for Sustainability A Analysis of Sustainable Innovation, and Organization Environment, Vol. By clicking or by continuing to use this website, you are giving consent for us to set cookies when visiting this website., International Journal of Innovation Management, Vol. Please be aware of the application periods for the research seminar modules, which can be found on the chairs websites. L neburg Centre for Sustainability Management CSM.

2015 Business Model Innovation in a Circular Economy Reasons for Non-Acceptance of Circular Business Models, Open Journal of Business Model Innovation, in press Rauter, R. This approach once again emphasize the importance of organizational culture, and the relationship between organizational culture and innovation. Masters of Environmental Studies Graduate Diploma in Business Environment, York University, Faculty of Environmental Studies and Schulich School of Business. 2009 Sustainability Innovation Cube A Framework to Evaluate Innovations, International Journal of Innovation Management, Vol. This website uses cookies for analytics purposes only without any commercial intent. 2012 Business Models of Social Enterprise A Design Approach to Hybridity, ACRN Journal of Perspectives, Vol.

During this thesis, the student gets in touch with KPMG and the work is used in current research projects between KPMG and KIT.

2014 Business Model Innovation as Lever of Organizational The Journal of Technology Transfer, January 2014, pp.

2014 Green Business Model Design How a Situated Robot Would Help?

- Which conditions should a business model tool fulfill to demand the requirements of Industry 4.

Drawing on powerful research, the three-day Business Model Innovation programme by RSM Executive Education will inspire you to bring practices into your business. The case of IOU Project, Textiles and Clothing Vol. Cost reductions and customer acquisitions due to Word of mouth are also introduced as additional drivers for profit.

van Drimmelen, Renate 2013 New Business Models for Sustainable Development, Handbook of Sustainable Engineering, pp. with KPMG Subject Business Model Innovation in the age of Industry 4. Sindakis, Stavros Walter, Christian 02 2015 Business Model Innovation as Lever of Organizational Journal of Technology Transfer, Vol. Hans graduated with honours at Tilburg University in 1996. The findings indicate that technology is both the core competence for the firm as well as the dominant factor for BMI. Other authors call our attention to a coincidence of raise of publications on the business model concept in the middle of the 1990s with the birth of the internet Zott et al. The new needs have been facilitated by the advent of the personal computer and the spreadsheet, which provide a technical means for generation and testing different business structures, processes, and scenarios.

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