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Thesis about work performance - Basic assumptions of service employees Influence on employee job outcomes

2 Objectives To explore the ingredients of good employee relation To explore the ingredients of employee performance To explore good relation of employee as an factor of motivation. So, it is clear that the employees would not able to provide any and creativity within the completion of particular tasks and activities. The cost for the additional benefit is 50 per person. How to measure the work performance Work performance measurement is an integral and crucial part within the organization.

Primary data through interviews with management personnel of the case studied organization and questionnaire survey with general employees of the case studied organization and iii.

Moreover, the objective of this study is that to examine the influence between pay level and work performance, and to examine the influence between benefits and work performance, also to examine the relationship between raise satisfaction and work performance and to examine the influence between salary administrative and work performance. Question no-6- Do you think gap between organizational objective and individual due to communication may lead to employee and hence lower performance?

Theoretical framework associated with this research project the effect of job satisfaction on the employee s work performance Theory and or main research issue concept problem opportunity Author of the original work Relevant to this research project job satisfaction and work performance Nature of organizational structure and commitment to equality and fairness for the employees within the organization.

In short, though rewards are important for employee work performance, not much is known about the relationship between these two variables. Interview Q-09 All of the interviewee has agreed that there is no particular system for the purpose of measuring work performance of the employees within the Grange Hotels, UK. Most HR people don t use the term on an everyday basis.

It is because this research s title is aimed to determine the Relationship between reward satisfaction and work performance. Primary data and their analysis The researcher has conducted only 3 interviews with the management personnel, such as with Branch Manager, General Manager and Assistant Manager. Our various surveys of employee attitudes, for example Guest and Conway5, have underlined the link between work-life balance, commitment and performance, and there is strong support by employers for the current legislation giving employees the right to request flexible working? Employer s value and reward excellent reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. organizational commitment, structure of wages and salary, human resource management policies and regulations, job design and description etc. This often leads to more challenging work and greater with attendant increases in pay and other recognition. From the review, it is clear that the job satisfaction has impact on the several issues and concepts such as organizational performance, employee performance, turnover and absenteeism, employee productivity, service quality of employees and human resources management etc.


Sample samples were based on Delhi based 5 star hotels. Last but not least, my sincere thanks to the many friends who provide support and advise me, and who are participating in the process of preparing this paper and give me a support from start until finish, Finally, I am grateful to all who had either directly or indirectly been very supportive and helpful in making this research a success. Answer no-2- TRUE FALSE OPTIONS RESPONSE PERCENTAGE TRUE 10 100 FALSE 0 Above tabulation shows that all the 10 respondents said that good employee relation is motivating factor for the restaurant staff and leads to employee performance.

Survey Q-12 From the results, it can be said that more than half 55 people are dissatisfied either in some cases or very much dissatisfied where remain 45 people are satisfied either in overall satisfaction or satisfied in some cases. Work-life balance Policies on work-life balance are being used by employers to underpin positive workplace behaviours.

These include- field experiment, observation, and other related research methods. Lack of skills and competencies in relation to interview and survey completion The researcher has lack of skills and competencies in relation to conduct and complete survey and interview. from the management personnel of the case studied organization. The lack of available financial resources is also another limiting factor that affects the review of literature activities in relation to collect and gather data and information in relation to research aims and objectives. Registered office Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 7PJ. Part 1 interview results and their analysis The interviews were conducted with 3 management personnel, such as Branch Manager, General Manager and Assistant Manager by using same interview questions to get their own views and perceptions about the particular issue and matter in relation to research topic- the effect of job satisfaction on the employee s work performance within the organization, case study of Grange Hotels, Holborn Branch, UK. Relevant advantages of used research methods, such as interview, questionnaire survey and document review amp analysis Name of research method Relevant advantages to this research project interview To collect real scenario about the organizational job satisfaction and work performance of the employees from the management personnel of the case studied organization and To collect data and information about some organizational aspects such as structure culture, leadership, salary work structure, organizational commitment etc.

Throughout the research project, there were following limitations- i.

Critical literature review structure The researcher has used some books, recent articles, journals, publications and other electronic sources to collect secondary and tertiary data from the critical review of the literature.

Primary data can be collected from various sources and methods that are case studies, observation, questionnaire survey and interview Clark et al, 2003. Some of these issues, concepts, problems and opportunities may need further investigation and thus may conduct as future research project.

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