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Thesis about work performance - Basic assumptions of service employees Influence on employee job outcomes

On the other hand, 15 people have mentioned that they are dissatisfied in some cases with the actual job itself. Besides that, this chapter also discusses about the theory of work performance and the literature on the work performance. For current study, focus was on two purposes the extra behavior and in-role behaviors. For example, during the review of literature, the researcher had identified that motivation by managers and or leaders is an important to ensure job satisfaction and thus work performance of the employees.

As it is both my pleasure and obligation to acknowledge generous people who have provided me with the guidance and inspired to make this thesis.

Thus, the author would like to mention that this chapter will be able to cover all relevant issues and concepts regarding conclusions and of the research project in respect to the investigation and evaluation of the effect of job satisfaction of the employee s work performance within an organization, case study of Grange Hotels, UK. The measurement level of a variable that is, whether the variable is nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio has a bearing on which measures of central tendency and dispersion will be appropriate for it Parasuraman, 2004. Veal 2006 has defined the as to the probability that the results of the research findings apply to other subjects, other groups, and other conditions.

the relationships with the supervisor the working environment and its quality degree of fulfilment in the working place etc. Moreover, the employee must exercise reasonable care and skill in the performance of the work in other words, the employee has the duty to be efficient and to avoid negligence in doing the work.

But they have mentioned that in some cases, the organization is using following tools and techniques to measure the work performance of the employees- Application of balanced scorecard Conducting survey on employee performance Carry out customer survey on their satisfaction on employee performance and Conducting interviews with employees etc.

Since this thesis is a literature research and is thus based on the research of others, references are provided at results, statements and conclusions of others. What are the organizational commitments and what is the service chain model within the case studied organization, Grange Hotels, UK and how these are affecting the job satisfaction and work performance will be explored and analysed by the researcher. Combining tasks that influences skills variety and task identity b. The researcher will try to find the application and implementation any models for the purpose of identifying relationships of job satisfaction with work performance within the case studied organization, Grange Hotels, UK. Thus, from the organizational workplace diversity and opportunities within the case studied organization, it can be concluded that this aspect is very appropriate and effective to ensure better job satisfaction and thus work performance of the employees. Although this sounds like a very appealing idea, the results of empirical literature are too mixed to support the hypothesis that job satisfaction leads to better performance or even that there is a reliable positive correlation between these two variables.

Interview Q-12 The researcher has find that all interviewees 3 people are agreed and strongly agreed with the role of better organizational structure and culture to increase job satisfaction and thus work performance of the employees within an organization, such as Grange Hotels, UK.

The Individual differences include stable traits or values that create persistent variation among individuals.

Employee relation or industrial relation is basically relation between employees and employer collectively.

Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. 2 AIM AND OBJECTIVES RESEARCH QUESTIONS HYPOTHESIS 1. Survey Q-07 The researcher, thus, would like to opine that there should be proper wages and or salaries and working environment for the general employees as main factor in relation to increase job satisfaction, along with other things such as co-operation support, better organizational structure culture, job design job description within the organization. The major tools and techniques include- financial and non-financial reward system empowerment and power delegation and involvement of employee into decision making process etc.

They care about such things as employee privacy and employee rights.

Because secondary data have been collected for purposes other than the problem at hand, their usefulness to the current problem may be limited in several important ways, including relevance and accuracy. Organ 1988 also found that the job performance and job satisfaction relationship follows the social exchange theory employees performance is giving back to the organization from which they get their satisfaction. Pay level also is related with aggregate pay satisfaction.

How the job satisfaction can increase work performance of the employees within the organization company, such as Grange Hotels, UK?

The survey questions has been designated through focusing research aims, objectives and research questions by putting both open-ended and closed-ended questions, mostly using Likert scale. Intrinsic rewards on the other hand, are those rewards that can be termed psychological rewards and examples are opportunity to use one s ability, a sense of challenge and achievement, receiving appreciation, positive recognition, and being treated in a caring and considerate manner. In this research both primary and secondary data were collected considering the aims and objectives of the research.

The organization believes that the Grange Hotels can satisfy every requirement of the customers and visitors Grange Hotels, 2011. And what is the role of employees on organizational performance if they are well rewarded and satisfied by the organizations?

He has developed following equation for the purpose of measuring worker efficiency- Efficiency 100 actual output standard output.

This is confirmed by the range of methods for direct communication and recognising individual employee contribution that HR departments now implement and operate. The survey results represent that 30 people are dissatisfied in some cases, 15 people are dissatisfied and 25 people are very much dissatisfied with the level of participation of employees in decision making within the organization. There are several approaches such as rating scales, global measures, facet measure, interviews, psychometric tools, balanced scorecard etc.

It has been hypothesized that if above average performance is rewarded on the job, and then the correlation between job satisfaction and job performance would be higher Jacobs and Solomon, 1977. are vital issue and matter that should consider by the organization in relation to job satisfaction and work performance of the employees within the organization, like Grange Hotels, UK.

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