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Should animal be used for research essay - IELTS Animal Testing Essay- Model Answer

there are too many of them, and 3 animals shouldn t be killed for one human. On the other hand, others feel that there are good arguments against this.

These models will never be perfect but, as any scientist will tell you, no test is. 4 pages Strong Essays- Animals Should be used for Research Testing Animal rights activists continually oppose the medical research that involves animals as test subjects.

New techniques not only help mankind, but testing on animals helps improve animal practices as well. on animals are used by scientist around the world for many purposes, not just in the medical field.

tags diseases, products, pain 4 Works Cited 742 words 2. BTW, what it would be like if the question is different, such as agree disagree?

1 ANZCCART Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research Teaching, Benefits of animal-based science, Animal rights, Issues In Society, vol.

Sources can be outdated, incorrect, biased, or simply not appropriate for your paper. For instance, in the 1880s, Louis Pasteur convincingly demonstrated the germ theory of medicine by inducing anthrax in sheep. There are other ways, the human race isn t dumb,we can figure something out. Animal lovers claim it s very cruel and immoral to do experiments on animals while others argue that such experiments are conducted for the benefits of humanity which shall come first.

But just think how many benefits we have today thanks the biological experiments which were held in the last years. Making human s lives better should not be justification for torturing and exploiting animals. However individuals perceive animals, the fact remains that animals are being exploited by research facilities and cosmetics companies all across the country and all around the world.

People often have this opinion because animals and human are never exactly the same. Physiologist Ajay Chawla of the University of California in reference to testing on mice An important issue that I think most of us have ignored I tell my colleagues, You re modelling human disease and pathology in an organism that is like somebody who is on speed. html Copied to clipboard for more help with APA citations. Furthermore, the Draize test has become practically obsolete because of the development of a synthetic cellular tissue that closely resembles human skin.

First, animals rights are violated when they are used in research. when a drug or other medical treatment is developed, it must be tested in an entire living system. Secondly animal testing standards are acceptable as they are controlled by many laws and regulations. On the other hand, reliable alternatives to animal may not always be available. To curb animal research- including, in special cases, research on monkeys- would impede the flow of treatments to people who need them.

This issue does put me in a dilemma and I don t think we should judge either opinion in a term.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher. Many surgical techniques, such as open heart surgery and heart transplants, rely on methods and equipment that were developed using animals. Animals are subjected to tests that are often painful or cause permanent damage or death, and they are never given the option of not participating in the experiment.

Is it correct to use animals in scientific research? However, as with many other advances in non-animal research, this was never classified as alternatives research. How Animal Experiments Paved the Way for the CIA s Torture Program. However, the use of animals in scientific and medical research has been a subject of heated debate for many years in the UK. We know, for example, from scientific research published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals, that and that, but they are still used and abused by the millions in various types of research and are not protected by the Federal Animal Protection Act in the U. If these atrocious acts were committed outside laboratories, they would be felonies. By claiming potential clinical applications, a slippery slope is created that allows any and all animal research to be justified in spite of contrary evidence to its applications for humans.

Animals are not part of this moral community created by these social processes, therefore, human moral obligations do not extend to cover them. Shocking animal rights expos s by newspapers were nothing of the kind. I am engaged and live with my fiancee in Morgantown. At the time it was not standard procedure to give pregnant animals drugs before clinical use. Thanks for the info I am writing a persuasive essay on this topic. It was found in 2009 that over 300 violations of the AWA occurred at the federally funded New Iberia Research Center. The main reason we are able to contemplate ethics in animal testing, is because we lead increasingly healthy lives.

Some say that saving people from suffering is no excuse for the death of laboratory animals.

If they are one of the animals that are being researched on, they are put into a habitat that s acceptable in size and temperature. Even with genetic engineering, animals are still proving to be poor models for humans. 2110 words- 8 pages Animals should not be kept in captivity for any reason unless they have been harmed and need to receive treatment but they should be released as soon as they are healthy and capable of taking care of themselves again. Though the article provides valuable information, keep in mind that blog posts may not be appropriate for all research papers. Second is that it would be much more cruel to test new drugs on people or children, or to let people die because there was not enough information about a drug. Even though many people may believe that is morally wrong, animal research should continue because it is critical to helping heal human lives. 2056 words- 8 pages Should animals be PAGE MERGEFORMAT 8 Running head SHOULD ANIMALS BE USED IN RESEARCH? I can understand even more about how animals are treated. Testing for makeup is a bad thing, but if it s for a vaccine or medicine needed to treat humans, then we should test.

The AEC prevents animals from being treated in an inhumane way. The former CEO of the Medical Research Council, Prof Colin Blakemore, stated that primates are used only when no other species and no alternative approach can provide the answers to questions about such conditions as Alzheimer s, stroke, Parkinson s, spinal injury, hormone disorders, and vaccines for HIV Albert Sabin, who developed the Polio vaccine said, Without animal research, polio would still be claiming thousands of lives each year.

Terminally ill patients don t care whether a cancer drug works on a mouse, or that some disease can be cured in another species. Lab animals are also used to help train doctors and veterinarians to be able to practice doing operations before doing the operation on a person.

On the one hand, the people who support these experiments say that we must do tests on animals.

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