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Small business research reports - Market Research Reports, Business Overview Trends- SBA Clearinghouse

On the basis of this review, this report advances a series of hypotheses that relate to various perceptions of financing gaps that pertain to SMEs. Over 1,900 micro-business owners sounded off on their concerns about the new health care law the Affordable Care Act set to go into full effect in 2014. According to the report, Symantec discovered more than 430 million new unique pieces of malware in 2015, a 36 increase from 2014. March 2015 The federal government has put various programs in place to assist SMEs to access financing and, most notably, the Canada Small Business Financing Program CSBFP.

Get a snapshot of each state s lodging industry and the broad economic contribution it makes to that state and its citizens. 82 of respondents cite social media marketing as core to their business, while 39 report significant ROI from their social campaigns compared to 9 in 2015. Small Businesses in 2017 5-10 11-50 51-100 101-499 Increasing profit 50 Hiring new employees 49 Employee healthcare 54 Hiring new employees 56 Hiring new employees 48 Increasing profit 47 Hiring new employees 53 Employee healthcare 51 Growing revenue 41 Employee healthcare 44 Increasing profit 40 Increasing profit 39 Cash flow 38 Growing revenue 42 Growing revenue 33 Growing revenue 34 Employee healthcare 37 Cash flow 33 Cash flow 33 Cash flow 27 Small business owners say hiring new employees and increasing profit will be their biggest challenges in 2017. Insightful data With 90 percent of the world s data generated in the last two years, small businesses are able to use their own data to gain deeper customer and business insights.

Top threats continue to be zero-day vulnerability exploits, data breaches, phishing, ransomware, and technical support scams.

May 2014 This paper quantifies and assesses the relationship between the business cycle, as measured by the output gap, and chartered bank loans to small, medium-sized and large businesses using aggregate data from the Bank of Canada s Banking and Financial Statistics Database combined with National Account and financial market data covering the 1988 to 2012 period. nonfarm private sector employment SMALL BUSINESS REPORT 50,000 Change in employment among small businesses with 1-49 employees NATIONAL FRANCHISE REPORT 26,600 Change in U.

QuickBooks Financing, for example, enables small businesses to use their own data to demonstrate their credit worthiness to secure loans.

August 2010 This paper investigates the determinants of discouragement for Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs, regarding financing sought. September 2007 The profile shows the general and examines the financing activities of small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs in Ontario in 2004, and compares them with the national averages. March 2000 This report uses Porter s Five Forces Model of Industry to evaluate the status of the angel investment industry. Our tables of data are easily manipulated and downloadable to support your research needs and covers factors from consumer attitudes to market forecasts.

The work in Phase II focussed on employment growth by firm age, the growth of start-ups and firm exits.

Don t just guess use market research to find out. Airbnb Analysis Penn State Report This analysis offers the first, comprehensive national look at the rise of commercial activity on Airbnb, one of the most trafficked short-term rental platforms.

This research informs the Small Business Engagement strategy which is designed to facilitate our interactions with small businesses. Add vendor ratings and notes to make future informed decisions.

Small business information specific to your industry and selected market includes small business population 25 employees average industry small business sales for three years total small business market volume in dollars and as a per cent of the industry small business cessation failure rates This crucial information forms the competitive backdrop to your business or marketing plan.

Agency Affected Department of Defense Status Open Comments In its comments on the draft report, EPA concurred with the recommendation and stated that EPA will work with SBA to develop an alternative methodology for calculating spending requirements.

Articles on how other companies are operating differently, new or different practices, and current issues. BizMiner Street Cred The Street Cred page displays quotes and citations about BizMiner content.

Research shows that this is especially true for local, homegrown small businesses. April 2016 This profile, for the first time in Canada, compares data on co-operatives with those of small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs. Case study February, 2016 Oak Valley Community Bank is a California Central Valley-based bank, with branches in five co. Research will help you uncover the differences and adapt to them. The benefit of the SFGSME is that it provides data on co-operatives whose are rarely studied in Canada.

Tips on productivity, collecting payments and growth delivered straight to your inbox. For example, if there s a large volume of people searching for cat collars and no one is selling them, then there may be gap in the market. data coupled with the insights of senior venture capital VC professionals obtained in interviews conducted over the period December 2004 January 2005.

It assesses how the BDC has responded to the changing needs of its clients and to government priorities. 37 of small businesses use designated business social media accounts to reach their audience. Search this database for reports on industries and markets from the following sources- Business Monitor International BMI Industry Reports, First Research D B, and Just-Series Market Research Report. A rate of five or six interviews per hour is typical, but experienced interviewers may be able to conduct more.

trends like lower-cost, scalable infrastructure to start and grow your business, the ability to build a team with amazing on-demand talent, and data that helps you fuel your business and delight your customers are game changers, said Karen Peacock, senior vice president of small business at Intuit. BizMiner for Startups The for Startups Research Guide offers information on the value of BizMiner content for entrepreneurs and other startup operators. The ADP National Employment Report is published monthly by the ADP Research Institute in close collaboration with Moody s Analytics and its experienced team of labor market researchers.

At the same time, senior managers of 20 of the largest pensions, endowments and funds-of-funds in the U. During that period, Carolina Small Business provided loans to 69 small companies in 34 counties across the state, totaling 6. October 2015 This paper examines the evolving role of intellectual property rights IPR in the context of globalization, where research and development incentives of Canadian firms are framed not only by Canadian IPR, but also by the IPR of Canada s export market. Contains scholarly business and economics journals, business magazines and trade journals Company information, industry reports and country reports from top sources such as Datamonitor and EIU-Over 125 key periodicals and 135 reference books-Case profiles-Over 600 videos with transcripts and related articles from the Harvard Faculty Seminar Series and VatorTV, one of the world s largest social network sites for high-tech entrepreneurs.

March 2016 This report profiles the general of Canada Small Business Financing Program CSBFP borrowers, and compares them to the of non- CSBFP borrowers. June 2007 This profile shows the general and examines the financing activities of small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs in British Columbia in 2004, and compares them with the national averages.

The Industry Market subscription includes both the Industry Market report database and the narrative Competitive Market Analyzer series at all market levels.

Contact the sales departments of these businesses and ask them to send you their media kit, since you re working on a marketing plan for a new product and need information about advertising rates and audience demographics.

QuickBooks Financing, for example, enables small businesses to use their own data to demonstrate their credit worthiness to secure loans. Therefore, with gas prices steadily rising and a recession impending, how is the current economy affecting

Roughly 10 of all businesses, regardless of size, expect declining revenues. It now also includees data and analysis on niche and emerging industries. Agencies are not required to and generally do not track their total administrative costs, so GAO could not determine total spending. October 2006 The aim of this study is to investigate in detail the proposition often found in the literature that small businesses train their employees less than medium-sized and large businesses., France, Germany, Netherlands, the Nordics, Japan, and Australia included respondents in both B2B and B2C roles.

While obtaining VC funding can be a catalyst for an emerging firm, the market for VC funds is highly competitive, with less than one percent of firms receiving VC funding. 2002 July 2002 This study draws on the rich information obtained from the 2000 survey, undertaken by Statistics Canada in collaboration with Industry Canada.

This is a sample representation of the report layout and does not reflect the research included in this report. Wash up on the latest car wash business and car wash franchise trends!

3 percent per year without the need to raise additional financing. The BVCA produces about the early stage venture capital market in the UK British Business Bank plc is the holding company of the group operating under the trading name of British Business Bank. In fact, strategies such as market segmentation identifying specific groups within a market and product creating an identity for a product or service that separates it from those of the competitors are impossible to develop without market research. May 2001 This report provides information with respect to the practices, patterns and perspectives of Canadian informal investors. Mintel s exclusive consumer research covers the market in detail.

Cost-effective online advertising There are countless opportunities for small businesses to deliver their targeted messages to prospective customers around the world. The anonymous survey was conducted via the Internet by Survey Monkey from November 10-18, 2016. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about programs, or on an application! Nearly half said they would not approach the ATO for business tax advice or information at any time at all. Written by industry experts, each report begins with a survey of the current environment followed by a profile of the industry, a discussion of industry trends, an explanation of how the industry operates, key industry ratios and statistics, an invaluable section detailing how to analyze a company in the industry, and concluding with a glossary, industry references and comparative company statistics.

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