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TRH Agreed- I have added text to this effect It could also increase review quality, as the thought of their words being made publicly available could motivate reviewers to be more thorough in their review activities. Last Updated May 22, 2017 12 01 PM URL Without javascript some functions will not work, including question submission via the form. Journal for Nurses in Professional Development33 2 102-104, March April 2017. From the perspective of our archive of knowledge, the speed in which the archive is updated, while not trivial, is far less of a concern than accuracy and the quality of the material.

sup style font-family 1 sup span span br style font-family font-size 13. TB p10 I think open pre-review manuscripts is the wrong name for what the author is describing. The process is considered essential, but has also been criticized as slow, ineffective and misunderstood. Peer reviewers naturally vary in their rigour and style, but too many approach the process as a challenge to pick as many holes and to suggest as many new experiments as possible. After a pre-screening, manuscripts are published as discussion papers for public comment for a period of eight weeks. Science is a communal effort in reducing our shared ignorance.

No matter how they re defined, there s a large area of overlap between them. RW P8 It might be worth mentioning that some publishers like Frontiers favor a system of Open Peer Review which publishes reviewers names, only when articles are accepted, thereby avoiding the risk of by critical reviewers. TRH I ve changed the structure of this sentence to be less confusing Sixty-eight percent n 83 of the 122 definitions identified were explicitly stated, 37.

Bahar Mehmani, Global Publishing Development department, Elsevier, RELX Group, Amsterdam, Netherlands DOI Tony provides an overview of different definitions of Open Peer Review, acknowledging the ambiguity of the term open peer review and the probable impact of such ambiguity on evaluation of the efficiency of open peer review.

It s been shown time and time again that anything at all, even meaningless spoofs, can easily be published in a peer-reviewed journal. This doesn t seem to be solving the issue he raises at in beginning. At some journals the role is just advisory, but at others the range from reviewing papers to making editorial decisions.

Everyone attending the manuscript meeting is asked to declare relevant competing interests at the start, and anyone with an important competing interest will either leave the room or speak last when the relevant article is being discussed depending on the nature and extent of their interest. seeks to address the problem of incentive in peer review by turning peer review into measurable research outputs. It is just that, as a deliberate strategy that I would recommend to any young scholar, I do not commit nasty comments to memory.

Generally if the article is an editorial, brief news item or short communication, it s not been through the full peer-review process.

Back in 2003, the editors of Nature Immunology lamented the expectation in the popular press that peer review is a process by which fraudulent data is detected before publication. According to Keith Collier, over 15 million hours are lost each year to redundant peer review, as papers get rejected from one journal and are subsequently submitted to a less prestigious journal where they are reviewed again.

Yes Competing Interests I am a consultant for Frontiers Media SA, an Open Access publisher with its own system of Open Peer Review I have read this submission. TRH This is an important point- I have added a sentence to the section on final version commenting In this sense, peer review can be decoupled not only from the journal, but also from any particular platform.

It would also be useful to point out that 110 122 references in his survey talk about Open Identities and 72 talk about Open Reports. I often find it very difficult to create an anonymous version of my own manuscripts. I would like, nonetheless to suggest some possibilities for improvement.

People of all ages and or levels of knowledge could read these.

Goettingen, Germany Richard Walker This is a useful, well-written article that helps to clarify some of the fuzziness concerning the concept of Open Peer Review. An extremely detailed description of how to conduct peer review effectively is presented in the paper How I Review an Original Scientific Article written by Frederic G. To me they are distinct, and it is merely digital technology that assists us in allowing OPR to unfold., requires an ORCID profile with at least five published articles. Peer-reviewed articles and journals are regarded as being more scholarly and authoritative than article and journals that are not peer-reviewed.

The recently released Open Peer Review Module for repositories, developed by Open Scholar in association with OpenAIRE, is an open source software plug-in which adds overlay peer review to repositories using the DSpace software. Sometimes publications will include this information in only a single issue a year. All referees will tell you that they are open minded, write gently and are on the lookout for work of fabulous creativity. However, the method of calculating acceptance rates varies among journals. Some critics believe that peer review has a built-in bias against highly original works and results because reviewers as do people in general tend to be more tolerant of works and results that are consistent with their own views and more critical of those that contradict them.

Would like to point out that while I understand the lack of a definition in my authored article Defining Characterizing Open Peer Review- 2013 is problematic, it was never my intent to fully describe it, but I had to use a scope for my systematic review, and that scope was identity disclosure. In publishing terms a platform is where you publish articles, and the author is here discussing an aspect of how you get to the point of publication, and in particular peer review services which as far as I can tell de facto meet only rather limited criteria of openness.

Additionally, there is an article not included in your data set was it out of scope? Authors names, credentials and even addresses are almost always included so that interested researchers can correspond. How Fake Papers Are Flooding Academia. Without a journal system, the ideas of that person might have no chance at all.

p11 I don t think open platforms is the right term either. Perhaps producing a concise taxonomy suitable for all disciplines and easily understood by all researchers could be an output of peer review week? Retrieved from in the submission and peer-review process.

F1000Research 2017, 6 588 doi NOTE it is important to ensure the information in square brackets after the title is included in this citation.

Just to clarify, you re saying that at some journals individual editorial boiard members can decide an article should be accepted or rejected without the journal s editor being involved?

co yPzwDr9VPG The mission of the Society for Scholarly Publishing SSP is to advance scholarly publishing and communication, and the professional development of its members through education, collaboration, and networking.

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